Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still messing around

Goodmorning everybody!

I did my shopping yesterday, after having a nice real warm shower! And my body almost was giggling from pleasure, certainly some muscles in it! It does real good for those, !!!
It was rather nice weather, not bad beaing outside. And I was away from Jan trying to put together his closet! LOL. It isn;t yet ready, poor soul. I think he will try it with some other material today, hope that will succeed because I like to get on with clearing all the mess still lying around in the two rooms! But I need that bookcase to be ready first, and Jan out of the way of one of the rooms. Hmmmm, we'll see ow that will end up today. But I have other things to attend to. I must go to the city council for my ID card. Then I must bring a parcel to the post office, then some usual stuff is also waiting to be done.
Didn;t sleep too well last night. I don;t know why. Perhaps because I am too busy around here and that still goes round in my mind all the time. Possible explanation. Doesn't matter. If my eyes try to strike during the day, I might take a little nap, and if I hold on, I think tonight will be okay.

I already warned you about those pirate sites and just was on Zaza's blog and she found even more. It's really not a nice thing and I can understand she is thinking hard to quit the whole designing, at least for all free. You can read here thoughts yourself on her blog. I will give you again the sites involved in this and the hosts they use for it.

I think the hosts are not to blame, everybody can upload there something if you want. But the pirates often use these. Why cannot do these pirates it a bit different? Show the work of the designers. nothing wrong with that, but give a link to their blogs, so that people can download from there! This way of offering other people work is bad for the freebie business. And the designers are so nice to spend lots of time in making great things and then offer that for free, so that everybody can enjoy the scrapping!

But I am glad that there are still many. many nice people, who just enjoy what is offered and obey the Tou's of the designers and for those we all put our work on for free or for just a very small fee.

Better I now put on the freebie for today, I also will try to do something about a few challenges that are still waiting for me to be done. Must take care of that now, the month is passing quickly!
I have a country themed one for you now, named "Country Life Joy". You all have a nice day and enjoy the scrapping!

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susie said...

This is lovely, as are all your kits, thank you so much.

Edna B said...

This kit looks to be such fun. I love th feel of country in it. Your little film was very interesting, and as for the pirates - what can I say? There are a lot of terrible people out there who just don't really care about the rest of us.

As for Jan's bookcase, tell him to just try one more try, and then put the poor thing out in the trash and get a new one. It is time. I hate to part with favorite old things, but sometimes we just have to.

Have a grand day, hugs, Edna