Monday, October 26, 2009

Special day for a "Magickal"friend!

Goodmorning everybody!

So, the weekend rushed by and I suddenly find myself blogging again, LOL. I think it was a rather productive weekend in different ways.

Hmmmm. Where to start? Yes, of course, the chat on Friday night at the forum. As usual we had a great time, We start normally at 23.00 hours (Holland time that is) in the evening, In America I believe it's then 17.00 o'clock?? I am ALWAYS confused with those times zones, LOL. I kept up till about 00.45, not bad hey? but some of them kept one going till way much later!!!!!!!!!

Snowy cooked up for us a chat challenge, that as usual we don;t make during the chat(I should have at least four hands to keep up with everything) so I started it on Saturday. And this is the result of about 2 1/2 hours work:

Just click it to get a better view, then you can read the text better!

And you'll have to go to Snowy's blog to see her contribution and to Edna's to see her terrific one. Oh my God, the ladies have a great sense of humour!

Then I id a bit of designing on kits, Saturday wasan "easy"day, LOL, didn;t do much at the house, thought it couldn't do harm to take a day "off". But yesterday I did a bit on the back room, and it's going to look better an better every time I was busy there. Did ironing on a pile of laundry, with in the mean time another machine turning with a new load! I cleared out a tiny bit of my clothes closet whoopee, now still to do a lot more on that. But, step by step I will succeed, HA!

Oh Saturday I also was busy on a special kit for one of our "magickal"friends, Suruha. She is having a special day today. by dong a Crone ritual. You can read a bit about it on her blog, where she is announcing it, and if you want to know more what it is all about take this link Dor this occasion Snowy came up with the idea that we make all a mini-kit for her and this is mine

So Snowy made her one too and I believe some of the other die-hards of the forum will make her one too. So this is for you Suruha, have a blessed day!

I was already busy searching for a new blog background, yeah! You know I love to change it every month, yes, I am a bit chaotic and like variety in some things, and I think I found a beautiful one! I think I will change it next weekend.

Oh yes, Friday afternoon Heidi came over with Séverine to look at the new durniture and all the changes and we had a nice chat again. We don;t see eachother too much lately, seems we are too busy with all kind of things. Heidi quit working because of her health condition, and now she is home all week, although she does two days a week volontary work at the school of Séverine. But this is much more relaxed for her and no stress and she can do things at her own speed etc. And she loves doing that. She always has to be careful with her health, and spread wel her activities, but she is looking a lot better now.

If the weather allows it, next week Monday, the constructor will start on the roof of the backroom !!!! So everybody cross your fingers by that time that it will be at least dry and not too much wind! It would be ever so nice that it would be ready and done with before real winter comes over. It surely will make a difference in the heating expenses.

Yes. one more thing. I think I will move the "freebielist" I make almost every day to the side bar, where I have the links to all my freebies. It will make the blog easier to read and if you want to go through the freebies you just click that link. I must figure it out still, but it will change may be even today. And I can clean it up every now and then. And yes, I also will remove some of the links to My freebies to keep the list in a reasonable length.

Okay, I think I rambled enough on a Monday morning and will give you your freebie. It's a sweet looking kit, all in light colours, some papers made with lovely roses brushes and I named it "Roses for the Loved Ones. Enjoy it. And have a great day all of you
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Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Kyra!!!!!!
GORGEOUS kit for todau but I'm unable to find the DL link! :(
Will check back later

smiekeltje said...


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the email that you were putting the DL link up!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes its another of those Monday mornings!!!!!!!!! LOL
TY so very much for this MAGNIFICENT kit!!!!!!!!!!!