Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have more muscles than I thought!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Gish, we did work hard yesterday! And how we struggled with the sleeping couch in on of the rooms! That thing is so heavy and unpractical to carry or move, because you cannot get a good grip on it. But...........we finally managed. I am glad I have a husband who is much stronger than he may look! First cleaned up the spot, oops, was necessary, and than put the the other bed in. In parts, God bless, but then the struggle to get it together again. Hahahahaha, but.........done!
Then there still was a smaller closet to move to the other room. So first all he books out of it, on the bed and lucky for us it was in two parts too. It wasa closet Jan had already before he met me, imagine! Okay, not too much trouble to carry it but now the bad thing happened. Just at the end, crack.........................closet fell apart ROFL ROFL. By looking at the construction, I thought it was a miracle it stood still so long at it's place! Imagine what then. Kind of sentimental in this Jan wanted to put it together again. Okay, we tried, but I didn't see much in it to be honest! Till at this moment it still lies in pieces. He will try to make it today, I will try not to be around at that point!!! I think I will clear out the other bedroom first, so that at least one room is as much ready as it can get for the moment! Then also some shopping has to be done.
But, we had a good sleep in the bed! Jan is still sleeping as a baby, I will let him for a while, he worked hard the last couple of days! Oh my, you had to see me sit up in the bed this morning, still rather quick and smoothly, but with somefunny expressions on my face, I suppose! I forgot, that I had so many muscles in my body!!! LOL. Nobody wants to admit it, but you really notice sometimes, that you aren;t in you 30's again, it's true! I even was so pooped out, I didn't cook any dinner, but got some of the snackbar, very unhealthy perhaps but also yummie at times!

Also yesterday we got the offer for the roof-repair and such. Hmmmm, lot of money, but it has to be done. Jan and I will talk it through this week and probably will let the contructor kno by the end of the week. May be they even will do it before winter comes in.
Holy, goodness, it may be so, that by Christmas we are living in an almost new looking house, well for parts of it at least! And then I hope that next year will be not such an expensive year again! On the other hand some of the things we didn't pay much for, and it has a great effect on the comfort of living, so it is worth it. I suppose we will have to look for another closet, where we can put our books in( replacement of the old one) but that shouldn;t take too much money, for sure if we can find it in that special store. Then I think we need a new carpet just in front of the couches, and that would be almost it, I suppose.

So today will be another busy day, and the rest of the week too, a bit to finish all, must go too for the new identity card, to have it in time, a few other things I must really do this week, so I cannot complain that nothing is happening and that I have no changes, etc. LOL
I have a smaller kit for you, in one colour scheme, I named it "Summers Ending", as a kind of goodbye to summer, hahaha. Hope you can do some nice things with it. Now send out a bit of extra energy this way, I could do with some, for sure!

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