Thursday, October 01, 2009


Goodmorning everybody!

Today is the day!!! It's the 1 year birthday of Magickal Scraps! Go over there to have a look in the shop . As an extra Snowy and the designers in the shop cooked you a special birthday sale during the whole month! So if you ever wanted a kit, now should be the time to get it!
Plus that there is a hunt to do in the shop for getting free kits we made specially for this occasion! The kit is called "Just Magickal" . There will also be given clues for the hunt, and you can find them at Snowy's blog Each day there will be another one! SO ONLY FOR ONE DAY THERE IS A KIT TO GET FREE!!!!!!!
Here you have a preview of my contribution(and I don't know when Snowy is putting this one up, surprise!) So if you like our kits, you'll have to visit the Snowy's blog and the shop every day!
Come on ladies, and join the fun and let's have a party!
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We all made a kit which has everything to do with magic, faeries, dragons, whatever you can think of has to to with that theme! Each in her own style, but each kit is beautiful, a must have for all who have just a bit affinity with the theme! Then on Saturday the 3rd of October we will start with a Just Magickal blogtrain and we all made you some superlicious quickpages that you just get as freebie! Whoopee, we didn;t lean back in our chairs at the computer desk but made all kind of wonderful things for you for this birthday!! It's so special I even will quit my usual habit of not posting in the weekend!!! This time I will be there on Saturday and post the blogfreebie for you as well as the other links where you can go to.
I hope I made you curious enough to hop over to the shop and have a look.
For the ones with short memory I will put on the add I already had yesterday together with the preview of the kits you can hunt! LOL

You must admit that it all looks great! We had such fun making this, it took some time, but the result is marvellous, yes I dare say! So don;t let us down and party with us!!!

I have more for you! Did you see the new slideshow on top of my blog????? That's the new Daily Download we have for you in the forum, named "Halloween Town". It's all great Halloween stuff, some even real scary BRRRRRRR! LOL!!! So another reason for you to hop to the forum! Also take a look at the add-on kuts for halloween for a tiny small fee! They are also supermarvelicious! Hahahaha! Good word hey?

Well, with all that news I think I just skip the usual rambling, but post right on your freebie for today, another part of the kitchen kit. Have a lovely day you all and..................... see you in the forum, okay?
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Download part 4 HERE


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Oct. 01, 2009. Thanks again.

suruha said...

Hi, Girl,

I had to post something in order to run an ad at "All Free Digi Scraps". LOL They hit a lot of e-mails, so, I wanted to get it out today. I had a QP ready, so, that was what I put up. LOL I still have stuff for the blog train this weekend.