Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Almost a new room!

Goodmornig everybody!

So we have our new couch now in the room! Oh, it;s wonderful! And I have more news! When they had brought the couch rather early in the afternoon, yippee) I still asked again if the guys would take the old one with them. When I had asked in the shop, they said I had to make another appointment with their organazation for the picking up. Well, no need, we already got rid of the couch! I know, we have the city council service coming y at Friday. but don;t worry, there will be enough! After putting the couch set in it's place Jan and I went to another shop of that organazation, a bigger one to look around for a new dinner table. And oh boy, were we lucky, they had a splendid table standing there with 4 chairs. It just fits in so well with the kind of wood our closets are made of, unbelievable! And it will be delivered on Saturday morning! All of a sudden we have almost a complete new room for not much money! The only thing that we need really to change still is the smaller carpet we have. That we will have to buy new, okay doesn't have to be a very expensive one either. I am happy as a little child, can you imagine?? I made a few pics of the couch and of course I will show it to you. Now I only need a good picture of me still. But okay, the couch first. One is taken still with a bit of daylight, the other at evening time.

Looks rather nice, doesn't it?

So all together we had another busy day yesterday. I think today we will roam the house to see what stuff we can get rid of to place on the street on Friday. Well, of couse our old dining table and chairs, surely the chairs needed to be replaced. But we have some more, good time to clean up, LOL.

I promised you today a new kit and so it will be. It has happy colours and I named it "Do you remember summer". I think it is a versatile kit. And yes, still this week I will put on a fairy related kit too for you! It may be on Friday. Oh before I end this post I surely want to recommand you to take a look at Snowy's blog, she showed her Christmaskits and are they great!!! Really beautiful ones, it will be heavey downloads, but worth it!
Then Edna started to offer Halloween quickpages, and they are so funny! She has a really special and wonderful kind of humour. Also a special lady of the magickal scraps group!
Okay, I will pout on the preview now for the kit, try to do a little bit of designing(I still have the colour challenge kit to finish for the forum) and I think I can show you tomorrow some LO's I made for other challenges. Now you all enjoy your day, see you later!
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Cat said...

Oh Kyra, your living room looks soo lovely.. Those couches are wonderful.. Hope you and Jan enjoy them.. Thanks for sharing with us..
Hugs to you, my friend..

CreativeBusyHands-Scrapbook Freebies Search said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 2 post on Oct. 07, 2009. Thanks again.