Friday, September 25, 2009

Msn sometimes is a great thing LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Okay, we did go to that shop, and came home with a full shopping car! I don;t know how much we took for the cats but it was a load! You'll really have to know the prizes of the stuff but if you do a bit, then you can save a lot of money there! So for the next few weeks, we don;t have to go there anymore.
And I still kept moving around coming home. Unpacking first of course and putting all on it;s place, but after it I even did a quick hoovering in the house, then put on some pears, you know the ones you have to cook and you can eat them as dessert or even with dinner(tastes good with some meat).
Pfff, then I was glad to sit at the computer, but o whee, already in the morning I had a looong msn chat with Snowy, and who popped up again? Yes, Snowy! I don;t know for how much time we chatted yesterday but it must have been hours! Not that I mind. But you can imagine I didn;t get much done on the designing part LOL. And guess what? This evening we have the forum chat, OH LOL! Hope we shall be with a bunch.

I really hope that I will have my new pair of glasses next week. The repaired one is irritating me now a bit. Oh, still happy that I have one, don;t misunderstand me!
What to do today? Not too much, haha! But I have to give Jan a haircut. I am still not a pro in it, but it seems he is satisfied enough with it. And every time I am doing it, it goes a bit easier. Never too old to learn, they say and I must admit, that's true.
The next couple of days the team of our magickal forum( and it is really at times a magickal team) must prepare all for the event next week, our ONE YEAR EXISTENCE CELEBRATION. Yeah there will be short times freebies in the shop, oh my, are they beauties! and we also will have a little blogtrain through our blogs and with freebies too! I will announce the exact date at time so that you will be fully prepared to snatch all the goodies.

And what will be your weekend freebie? It is still way ahead but slowly Halloween is coming towards us. So I have a Halloween kit for you, named it "Spooky Outside".! You cannot get a good look at some of the papers on the preview, I don;t think it is really doing justice. Just tell me what you think of it! I am always as happy as a child to read your comments, really! So behave yourselves and be nice in the next couple of days, then you surely will have a great weekend! LOL!
This afternoon the freebielist and then ........ till Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Sep. 25, 2009. Thanks again.

anniesmom said...

It's never too early for holiday scrapping.!!! Thank you.

Pinkie said...

Thank you for sharing this wondeful kit!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juno said...

Hi Kyra
Just popping by to say Thanks for including my freebies!
I also have a new Printables blog, Cards by Carol. Come by for a visit!
Juno's Place
Cards by Carol