Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Men are sometimes not just from Mars.

Goodmorning everybody!

I started the day by opening my email and received a lovely message from a visitor with an attachment to it from some work she has done with some of my kits. I first asked her permission to show, so you'll have to wait for it. Now that's a happy start of a day!!
Oh yes, somebody else asked me if she could use my kits for making blog backgrounds and she did two with some of them. Take a look, they look really nice on http://silscreations.blogspot.com/

What about yesterday? Just an ordinary Monday, I went out for a bit, it was nice weather and I had to get my medication again at the pharmacy, I almost run out. I have to go back again, cause they didn;t had the whole lot, but one of these days I;ll be in the neighbourhood again and I can pick them up then. Then I walked quietly through the shopping street, looked around a bit, found me a pair of jeans in stretch for just 10 Euro. I think this one will fit okay, I have a terrible small waist, so sometimes that's a problem, but this one has and "adjustable"one, hoorray! Now I should definately go through the closet again to look through my clothes and put things away I don;t fit anymore, or that are just too old etc. It should give some more space.

Oh boy, who invented the species of MAN???? Sometimes they are uncomprehensible! Like yesterday late at night. There seemed to be a little problem with the video again, don;t ask me exactly what! But Jan wanted to sort it out for once and for all. Good for him, but.......do we want them to start with that at around midnight??? I definately do NOT! I was just preparing to go to bed, but first wanted to watch a comedy serie I follow. I saw about 25 % of it. Hmmmm, suddenly Jan got into the spirit and started the video and shut it down and started it and looked again at the connections and started it and shut it etc. Talked to me about skart cables and other connections, oh how uplifting at 00.30 o'clock ! LOL. So, I was wise and told him that I didn't want to help him(if I ever could) and that I went to bed! I am curious to know what he did and how long he was busy with it but I am sure he will tell me when he awakes. Oh joy of the day!

Today will be the "real"shopping day again, that means the long tour, but hey, a person should keep busy, isn;t it? Also there is some laundry waiting for me, to be washed and some other to iron, but perhaps I will do that tomorrow.

Poor Edna is having really bad times. First the thing with the computer, not yet solved and then the other day she noticed the breaks of her car didn;t work! Oops, so it had to be taken care for in the garage, and oh my God, she has a nice bill for it. Now probably she must look for a newer car, because this one is swallowing much too much money. So for sure she's not having the brightest time of her life! But at least I can talk to her again via MSN, she's on it again and added me again on her list. May be we find time today or so to have a little chat.

Okay, to the kit for today. It's in outspeaking coolours you could say. But also the colours have some nostalgic feeling about them and so I came to this kit"Auntie's Sationary". Have some fun with it.
Enjoy yourselves, and have a wonderful day.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Sep. 22, 2009. Thanks again.