Monday, September 28, 2009

Are there any cauldrons on the fire?

Goodmorning everybody!
After a relaxed weekend a new week full of new things lays ahead of me! I started my "weekend off" with the chat at our forum on Friday night. Oh my God, the whole bunch of ladies was there and it's almost as good like an hour of work-outs for your condition! Why??? Because almost right on from the start th muscles of our stomachs, bellies, and all muscles you use when you have a real good giggle and laugh are used. !!! May be it's not the same as a work out but it sure feels like it! We even at times had some serious chat too in between! As I am the one in time zone who is doing this at a late hour, it sometimes asks a little bit of endurance from me LOL but from the start my time at 23.00 o'clock evening I held out till 00.45 ! Not too bad hey?
I already said it more than once, but it is a real good group there, helpful, supportive, humoristic, we have all kinds of flavors in there character-wise spoken but they fit very well together. Applause for the Magickal Scrap-Raven groupies! LOL

Now what about the title of the post? You already noticed the loglayout change! Yeah a bit early but all in homour of the coming event! (I used my kit Fairy's Dance for it, cool hmmm?) I told you already before the forum has something special in mind for it's one year birthday. Well, as we all feel sometimes a bit like witches in there, we put up the cauldrons on the fire and cooked you some wonderful surprises. So the cauldrons are on the fire for the last finishing touch and very soon I can reveal "the meal"(LOL) that we cooked up for you! So stay tuned!

Oh I can show you what I made of the chat challenge. We were provided with an overlay and a frame, but it was up to us to use it or not. The ground task was to make a layout with several layers, some a bit shining through, using some shadows and smudge tool, whatever was needed to give it a bit of worn and torn look. I always must kind of improvise on these sort of challenges, cause I still don;t work with layers(not in my graphic program) Yes, I know,I already was supposed to have one but I am a kind of lazy in that, however, I will buy me a program that will have that possibility(one day, LOL). But I don;t mind to figure out some things, kind of really challenging it is and okay, this is my result. I once made this picture on one of the walks and I just really loved that bike!

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As I talked already about cooking I thought it should be nice to offer you know a challenge we already made much earlier. It's a kitchen kit, and we hade to make allkind of things for it, it was a whole project. So we had to make 6 papers from each colour of the colour chart, elements like bows, ribbons, frames, recipe cards, utensils for the kitchen and appliances. So all together it became a rather extended kit. I don't have a preview of all the parts together, but we just start with the 1st part and for some days in a row (I have in total 11 parts, not bad or what?????) I give you a part to download. I hope you will like it, it really was fun to make and you can use a lot of it also for different things.

So I will just play a bit one the computer for a little while after I done the posting and then the world of housecleaning and all such is waiting again for me to enter. OH WHOOPEE I ALMOST CANNOT WAIT (GRIN GRIN GRIN)!! I simply named the whole kit "Nella Cuccina"which is italian for "In the kitchen". Have a great start of the week!
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Download Nella Cuccina part 1 HERE


Denise said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Sep. 28, 2009. Thanks again.