Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small story part and announcement

Goodmorning everybody.

You know what we are looking at for the lat couple of days on tv? The European Championships Soccer for WOMEN! Yes, it exists and I must say the matches are often much more interesting to watch than the ones for men! There are lot of teams that play rather well, they have not bad technique of playing and the teams look much more dedicated and eager to win. Much less offences are made, they play the game as it was intended. Really a great thing to watch. A pity that there isn;t to much attention for it yet, because it's great to watch. For the first time we have a Dutch team competing, yes, and they won their 1st match and sadly enough lost the 2nd. But they still have chances to get to the next round. That already would be a splendid result for them.

I want to do an announcement! Probably Sunday, or next week I will remove some of my freebies. That is to say the ones of 2008 and from the beginning of this year and the Christmas kits. So if you still want some of them, you better grab them now, or they will be gone! I think I will leave the freebies up from starting April. I don;t want the My Freebies all together to become too long!

And now we go on with a little bit of family story again.

Last time I told you a bit about me. So we arrived at the 60's. My father did better and better in his job, started to earn a bit more money and finally he could buy his first car! At that time it was about 4000 guilders( about 1800 euro). Remember the calue of the money was a lot different then! So it was a big expence but he managed and he bought our first car the Citro├źn Deux-Cevaux( normally called the Ugly Duck!)I remember it well, it was soft yellow with a green tartan like cloth for the seats.
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Wow, it was an event. So now we could take a holiday a bit further away. At that time this car was't yet very powerful, so with wind in the back and good weather it reached at the most 90 kms. p/hour!!! Not important, we sat dry and were free to go where ever we anted. So once we went on holiday to Germany. not too far across the border, but it was a voyage! We, means, my parents, my brother and I, plus a bit of luggage, of course. All went well, till we arrived in the neighbourhood of a town, called Padervorn. The road went slowly up a little hill. With SLL the weight in the car, it just road slowly, slowly up against this little hill till about the half of it. And no more power, so we just stood still. What to do?????????"Okay, everybody out and push" said my father. We did so but no effect, you can imagine that, a little girl of about 7, a boy of about 12 and my mother. Also not the heavy weight of the family!Now my father stept out and told my brother to sit at the sterring wheel, so that papa could push. I still see it in front of my eyes!!! And yes, in that way we reached the top of the hill, yippeeeeeeeeeee. Quick everybody inside again and in almost free rear downhill. Much easier.!!!But we always had all kind of smaller and bigger adventures on our many holidays that followed. Well, that are the memories you have to keep in your mind, they make the juice of life.
Now I arrived at a point I already told you on this blog, but it disappeared, as I notived. So later on I still will tell you some more about some things that happened in our family life and I just have to think hard to recall some things that I didn;t already told you. But... I;ll find them I am sure.And even if I tell some things for the second time, I will try to find pictures of that event, so it still will be a bit different.
Yesterday I was a brave girl again, concerning the housekeeping part. Did some stuff, and it felt good. And you know what? I had bought myself a new multo-map and finally put in some important papers from the taxes and such, that I just collected in a big envelope! Yeah I made a start again of putting it all together so that it can be found a lot easier. Still have to look through some papers I put on one big(and I mean BIG) pile to see what has to be kept and what I can throw away. I don;t like this work, although it was a part of my work and there I did that very well and organized. But for myself, chaos all over.! Strange.
Now the freebie I have for you. Yes, I am still holding on to every day a freebie and most of them kits. Sometimes not easy to keep up! But here you have it, in the light of the story telling I made"Priceless Memories". Hope you can use it for some unforgetable family pictures!Perhaps Jan and I will go to the "chepa in price"supermarket today, we'll see how his mood is! if so, it might be a bit later that I put up the freebielist.Anyway, have a fine day, and have some laughs, it makes you feel better!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Page 4 post on Aug. 27, 2009. Thanks again.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning again Kyra:)
Oh your story brought back a memory of when I went with my parents on a help them drive. Jim and I were married and already had one child...Jim was in college so I went without him.We had taken my Dad's van at the time and it ran out of gas or something.The exit on the interstate was uphill and all of us had to get out and push and it sure wasn't easy.On the trip I had to keep stopping to go potty and told my Mom if I didn't know better I would think I was pregnant.Plus..I kept falling asleep and wasn't much of a help with the driving.After the trip I went to the Doc and Yippers...I was expecting Christy.LOL Everyone said..You could have lost that baby by pushing the van uphill like that.:)Needless to say..we weren't expecting her and the there went Jim's semester in College.Oh well..we sure LOVE our daughter and wouldn't change anything!!:)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for the beautiful kit:)


Edna B said...

Kyra, your kit is just beautiful. Your story today put a smile on my face and brought back a lot of memories of my dad and his cars.

Thank you so much my friend, hugs, Edna B.