Friday, June 12, 2009

Right about the council, not fun!

Goodmorning everybody!
Well, I did pick up the letter at the postoffice yesterday and it was from a section of the town council and not a nice one! We 3 owners of the 3 appartments in our little block have to do repairs on the outside of the building. As we all have 1/3 of ownership we all 3 have to pay 1/3 of the costs. I fwe don;t do the repais, we get a fee and then the council will do the repairs at our costs. So better we take charge of it, probably we can have them done for a better price! I wonder how the inspection comes to the conclusions of the repairs, cause we never see anyone! It has to be done by the 15th of november, so we have still a bit of time. Now I have to contact the others(they also received this letter) and we must see how to do it. I don;t even know the owner of the top appartment, that's how it works often here. But he'll have to come forward, cause I amd the other owner certainly don;t want to pay for it all! One of the things needed to be done are the windows at the back of the top appartment. They have to be place new ones, cause they are all rotten. Well, one thing for sure: owner2 and me will NOT pay for that, cause when I had my garden doors done I payed for it myself and at the same time offered the possibility to woner 3 to have at least his windows painted, while we had already the painter over and it could have been done at the same time. But no, nothing! Now he is obligated to do it, well , sorry for him. I think it still will be a struggle and if you knew how much I hate these things you had pity on me! Hopefully owner2 (who ownes more houses) has some workers who can do the jobs. But the most annoying thing is that it will cost some money and not talking about a few 100 euro's ! Okay, we'll see if I can get owner 2 on the phone and how we will solve it all.
Having your own house is nice, but sometimes I think that just renting one is a lot easier. If then something is to be done on the house, you will have no trouble of it, how wonderful that must be.

These things always make me nervous, I don;t like it at all. And it's always difficult to deal with because of the 3 owners. Nr.2 is a not to bad chap but I don't know about nr.3, but I know the nt.2 had at some time a bit of contact with nr3, so I hope he will deal with it.

I certainly hope today and the weekend will bring me some nicer things to think of. Don;t ask me what, but it has to be nice!!

Today I have a kit full of passion for you! It's in red and black with some gold and I named it"Sonata Appasionata". Great title, isn;t it?? LOL. Surely hope you can do something nice with it. Well, I have to do some shopping today and some housework and also hope I can go on with a kit started yesterday. And there are still challenges waiting for me to be done, so I hope this will be a fruitful weekend! I wish you all a great weekend, and see you back on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon Kyra:)
I just stopped back in to see what you have been up to.Wow..sounds like a lot of work to be done.You are right..sometimes I think renting would be a better way to go.:) We have to do ALL the repairs and painting and mowing the yard..trimming hedges etc.It really gets to be harder to keep up the older and busier we get.:)
Thank you soo much for sharing your gorgeous kits with me.:) Sounds like you are keeping busy in the forums too.How do you do it? :)

Take care and see you next time.:) Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Kit(s) post on Jun. 12, 2009. Thanks again.

kalinoou said...

beautiful, thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing