Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wow, I did work yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

Still no program installed, today I think no luck for me either, first have to do some other things. But I made a good start yesterday! As you know, I was rather late yesterday so decided I could wait another day with the shopping. So I woke up alowly and then I got the swing! I took some plastic sacs you use for the garbage container and went into the store room where I keep all things for cooking etc. I cleaned it all out, threw away a lot of things as opened packages with rice or flower or old tins way over the consumption time old stuff that was standing there useless, like old pots and pans. Gave a good sweet through it, cleaned the shelves with the sponge and so, re-organized the shelves, (this storage is almost like a little room, so a lot of stuff ends up there!!!) . It looks ever so nice again! But it took me about 3 hours to do it all, also washed a lot of storage cans, standing there empty, but you always need some, so that's all shining again.!!
After that I was a bit pooped off, so I prepared dinner already a bit and took a little time at the computer before making dinner actually! After dinner I could make a cotribution to a new challenge we have at Magickal Scraps and then I hsut it down and installed myself on the couch to watch some tv. But it felt good that I achieved something, that had really to be done!

And I even forgot your freebielist!!!! How a bad girl I am, I will make that up to you today promised!

As you see I had time to change the look of my blog again as a new month arrived today. Gosh April already, it's going fast. You should go over to the blog of my friend Snowy to see the new kit she has in store now with reduction! It's a HUGE kit, but ever so beautiful, she is a really talented lady. And she also gives out beautiful and useful freebies very often. So just take a look.

Today will still be a busy day, I MUST do the shopping today or the cats won;t have anything for dinner and we need some things too! And if I do that quickly enough may be I can do some more tidying up, especially some closets that have to be done. Last week I did already the big one with clothes and bed linen and that stuff, but there's always another one, LOL. But I get these things always better done, when the weather looks nice and the sun is shining friendly, it seems to give me more energy!
Okay, to the freebie now. I think Snowy will make a funny face, because I know it;s NOT in one of her favourite colours, hahaha! It;s all PINK, yeah!! And the name is "Fluffy, Naughty Pink". I hope you can have some fun with it.
Have a nice day, I have plans enough, now I will have to carry them out too!!! Phooh!
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Anonymous said...

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Pinkie said...

Lovely kit!! Thanks so much!!

Edna B said...

Oh, Kyra, you're absolutely right. This is just not the color for Snowy. haha but it is very pretty, thank you.

You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

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