Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh boy, a tagging to do!

Goodmorning everybody!

My cat Dikkie Dik did it again! He must have been in a fight again, came home with a little wound again. It seems not to be too bad, but I must keep an eye on it. Just as last time he had one on his chest and the time before, having one on his head. He really is becoming a cat with a LOT of scrars!

I was tagged also, but I will take care of that during the week. There are a lot of things I have to fill in for it! So that will be for later.

I did some things I wanted to do yesterday, so that's a good thing. Hmmm. running out of some things it's running around time again today! Well, it gives you a chance to take some air and get your muscles at work.

Oh, yesterday it was the monthly card competition in the cafe again and you know they have a kind of lottery there too. So Jan went there and guess what? He came back with some little prizes. He had 3 photoframes, which are always useful and a weird twisted vase of some length. Not exactly my taste, but perhaps it comes to use anyway or it can make a nice present for someone, who knows.! But still, we had something. I always must laugh when Jan comes home after this adventure! He demonstratively shows the prizes we won and we discuss about the eventual use or not of them. And with it we have a good laugh. It's just funny!

So the new kit for today. It's in a kind of peachy colour, not a very big or extended one, but still with some nice stuff in it, I think. I called it "Morning Dew". Have some fun with it perhaps and also enjoy your day. Let''s see what the day will have in store for me, except for the shopping!
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