Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing much to report.

Goodmorning everybody!
Like the title of the post announced there isn;t very much to report. Only one thing I spotted in the garden. Totally forgot about it.
Already 2 or 3 days ago I went into the garden on my daily "round" and was completely surprised by the look of our little terras! It was covered with A LOT of feathers!!!
Not a very good sign usually, because it means one of the cats got hold of probably a pigeon and that could have ended up all wrong for the poor pigeon! Looking around I couldn;t spota corps, so may be, may be, the pigeon was lucky and could have escaped just in time. But I wonder if it did so completely unharmed!!!
That can happen sometimes, when you have 3 cats around! I don;t like it, but you cannot help it neither. It's in their nature. It's a bit ugly, I know, the more because they hunt just for fun and not because they are in need of food.
But there is not much you can do to avoid it happening.

I am glad it only happens once in a while, not too often.

The kit for today then. It's called "Almost Magic"and I myself just love the colour of it. I hope you do too!
And that's about it for today. Not much interesting, but in a way I am glad to be able to say that, it means their are for the moment no big troubles occuring and I like it. Just let life rimple forth in a quiet way of a small brooklet, it's very reassuring!LOL

Enjoy your day, I will just wet my feet a bit in the water from my brooklet today, oh, how quiet and wonderful that can be!!
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Edna B said...

The colors are so cool an refreshing. Thank you so much for this beautiful kit. How has Mickey been doing lately? It is so sad to watch a beloved pet hurting, and they can't tell us what is wrong. We're hoping she is back to well soon.
Hugs, Ednda B.

Digi Free said...

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crosstown said...

I also love the colours and the theme. Thank you