Thursday, April 30, 2009

Horrible update!

Hi everybody,

Something terrible happened during the tour of the Royal Family! Suddenly a car came driving like crazy on the lane where all was happening in good cheer and crashed on a monument.
There are, as known for the moment, 14 injured people, some of them very badly. Nobody kows yet the cause of this, the car came on a route which wasn't open for traffic, so already that is a mysterie. It happened just when the open bus with the Royal family was very near the monument so they all saw it happening in front of their eyes.
We will have to wait till later today, to have some more news about it all, perhaps we will here why this happened, if it was planned or just a terrible accident.
All activities for the rest of the day are cancelled, which is very understandable, but also so pityful for all the people who worked so hard to make this a joyful memorable day.
Well, memorable it will be, but not in the good sense!!!
That's it for now

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schellie said...

it realy became a sad, sad day this way, devastated, unbelieve, how can one be so down and take so many lives? ride in on innocent people because life sucks? i realy feel so mad about it!
we were out with our grandchildren to celebrate, but it came to an abrupt end because of this sad event.
I don't understand why someone acts this way. My heart goes out to the hurt and to the families who lost their dearest.