Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't talk to me about hospitals!

Goodmorning everybody!

Boy, oh boy, I was sooo unhappy yesterday afternoon with the visit to the hospital My yearly appointment, it should go smooth and quick, but not this time. First had to wait about 20 minutes before she called me in. Then it was about the usual talk, and suddenly she decided she wanted to check my blood. Well, not a too bad thing, to have it done once in a while, but still........... Okay, got the papers for it and she had to write my recipees. First she had the unholy idea of giving me just one with repeat for one time all together just for half a year! She said she could only give me one for that time. As I suggested that was okay, but coudn;t she write TWO prescribtions(as always was done) she saw the light and finally did so. Completely nuts that I as a patient have to tell her how to do it!
As I was in hospital I decided to go straight away for the blood test, what is done is done! Waiting again! More than half an hour! Then the sweet lady, she was, had trouble finding my vain in my left arm, ouch, it hurt, so she had to try the other. Luckely it wnet better, so that was done. Then I went straight to the counter for medication, because I was already short of them. Looking at the recipe I noticed the doctor seemed to have given me the one for only 2x one tablet a day instead of 1 1/2 two times a day. NOOOOOOOOOOOO, that couldn;t be true! Talking to the lady at the counter I explained, then she said to me doctor had written the strenght of the tablet to 300 mg per tablet, and normally I had 200 mg, so in fact it didn;t matter, it was the same portion. She was however so nice to change it to the "Old"portions, so that I could take the medicine as I was used to. Pffffffffffffffffff, I was lucky.
After all this I only got home at about 16.30 o'clock and I left home at 14.00 o'clock!! What a terrible afternoon. Putting my boxes with the medicine at its place I noticed a difference in the package, but, as they change it regularly, I didn;t think much of it.
Just out of frustration I jumped behind the computer to relax a bit, and not 5 minutes later the pharmacy of the hospital called me. The guy had done a control(how good of him!) and had noticed I was prescribed slightly different medicine as usual. To make it as short as I can, he would contact the doctor today to check and probably had to change the medicine but they are so nice to bring that to me and take the other one back. What kind of doctor do I have???? In the time I already have these check-ups, doctors have changed, but not for the better! She is ever so fuzzy, it seems, and this medication she gave me, is probably a bit different, so you could never tell how I would react on it. Can you imagine I am a bit p.............d off now????
So yesterday was not a all together happy day!

Well, I hope today or tomorrow it all will be solved and hopefully they don;t find anything strange in my blood, so I can go on for another year. Golly Gosh, I am finished with it!

As you can tell, I didn;t got much other things done yesterday, just played around a bit on the computer, not all to much. But I have a kit for you! It is an all different one from yesterday, this one has a bit magic in it! Yes, my ladies, just read the name (written as it is in the Wiccan way, ho ho!!) and you will now. I even have a quickpage in it for you. How about that? Here it is, the "MAGICKAL LAND"kit. I hope you really enjoy this one. It's with a lot of fairies and even some gnomes in it!

Have a fine day, mine certainly will be better than yesterday's!!
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Snowraven said...

Lol-was waiting for this kit -will mention it on my blog later. Sorry to hear about all the trouble you had -bloody typical !
Hugs Snowy

anniesmom said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely kits.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Edna B said...

This one is beautiful, Kyra. Thank you so much. I am so sorry to hear of your not so happy day at the hospital. Hopefully, this time the meds are right and you'll b fine. Hugs, Edna B.

suruha said...

Awww! Some days are diamonds, some days are coal. LOL Everything will check out alright with your blood work and other tests. At least, that is behind you for another year.

Thanks for the cool kit! I needed some whimsical. LOL