Sunday, January 04, 2009

There is a MAGICKAL birthday today!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, today there is a "magickal" birthday to celebrate! It's from Snowy, from Snowraven's Cave and the Magickal scrap forum. So hop over for a moment to wish her a happy birthday! She will be very cross, that I even mention it on my blog, HAHAHAHAHAHA!! So also on my blog here it comes:


That's done, LOL.
I left you without a freebielist yesterday, isn't it??? I was sooo busy on the computer with several kits, and making previews and all that that I completely forgot about it! Just as I was watching tv yesterday evening, later on the evening already, it popped into my mind. Hereby my sincere appology for not putting it up!
At least I have a new kit for you, today. It's Verde, Colore della Natura, = Green colour of nature. That is something and I will really try to make the list today!

For more exciting news you are on the wrong address, LOL. It was a very ordinary day yesterday, and really nothing happened. So I suppose this will be all for today, no reason to ramble on with nothing catching to write, hey???

Have all a great Sunday and enjoy it to the full!

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snowraven's cave said...

Thank you,lol-I really should have expected this, you are as bad as I am when it comes to this sort of mischievious things. When is yours ? or was it allready ? If not it's got to be soon,lol
Hugs Snowy

Edna B said...

What a very refresing color. Thank you so much.

p.s. Luv your previews!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra:)
I finally got a chance to stop in and say Hi.:)Hi!hehe
Thank you soo much for sharing more of your lovely kits with me.My popup killer won't let me have the yellow one.I will try again later.:)
I don't know when your birthday is..but I wish you a very Happy Birthday anyway!!:)I will be fifty five the end of this month.Whew!! Time flies huh?:)I don't look at it like it is an awful is amazing that the Lord has allowed me to live this long.:)It's a blessing!!I could do without the wrinkles though.LOL
I got my Christmas decorations down and in storage and cleaned up the house some.I still have a backlog of things that need to be caught up..but wanted to stop in for a minute.:)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.!!


♥Eden♥ said...

Thank you Kyra! I just love these colors. Beautiful work. :-)
Hugs Eden

Anonymous said...

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