Saturday, December 06, 2008

A miracle, almost!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, yesterday some small micracles (well, almost miracles to me, hahaha) took place yesterday. I almost did all I wanted to do in the house and so on, and then Danny came by(he was about an hour early!!! I was still in my pyjamas and robe and hears standing to all sides, you know that???) and we chatted a bit about all kind of things. Then he took a look at the connections of the digital modem with the tv, dvd and video. As was obvious something wasn't right, we had to make too many switches before we good look ad the one or other. And so he changed back and forth, at a certain point we didn;t get a screen when dvd was playing, but..... at the end wow!!! all worked as it should (only something with the video is still a little question mark, but he would think that over). It was as a miracle for me!!!!!!!!! And if I understood it well, he was going to look for us for a remote control that could work on everything. He had that one too and it works fabulous, he said. Well, if that will be there also, gosh, we are steps and steps and even miles further in the disovery of this item. LOL LOL LOL!!

Danny is such a nice guy, you know. Sometimes he is a little "busy" stumbling over his own words, but if you ask for any help he is there. And he is not quickly out of mood, when something isn't going right. Well, sometimes, some !!!#####!!**** ... words or expressions are uttered, but mostly he always tries to make a joke of it.

So, I hope today we will start the decorating business. When you are at the point that you actually take action, well, then it isn't a problem anymore. Then you only will have to take some time for it. But to get the courage(how eager you may feel, though) to take all the boxes into the room and unpack it, brrrrrrrrr. And then the fact of decorating and putting all up isn;'t bad at all, but after a few weeks, getting it all fit again in the boxes and clean the "mess", better not think of it now!!!!!

On to part two of Love in colour. What do you think, is it something that you can use or not?? Anyway I will put up the link for the second download and tomorrow there must be another kit, which I have ready, yeah!
Now my second cup of coffee must be poured in, I also hear the "door"of the cat hatch, so soon a cat will come to my chair, begging for a little attention, every day again!! and then I have a little time to do something on the computer and then I hope.........................

I wish you all a wonderful Saturday, don;t go stressing too much over the shopping for Christmas, LOL, if you do every day one ore two things, you will be ready in time. It's mostly the presents that take most of your time, thinking of what might be nice for everyone and then FINDING it, and if possible also for a nice PRICE! It often happens to me, that I better can go into town unprepared, just look around and then I find the most jolly presents, just by stumbling upon something and I think hey, that's something for that or that person. For me it's the best way of shopping and most rewarding. And then what I like most is wrapping up! Making the present look nice, in a beautiful paper, with a nice ribbon and a nice tag, yes, the presentation is important too!
Okay, no more rambling, I see it is cat's time, LOL!!
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Edna B said...

Kyra, I just several minutes writing a comment and this foolish blog thingey ate my comment.

Rather than write it all over again, I just wanted you to know that the kit is quite lovely and I thank you so very much.
Hugs, Edna.

Anonymous said...

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amsangel said...

I love "kitty time" - we have a very independant kitty so there's not much of that here, but the last two days he's been into HUGS!! He stands and puts front paws on me while I'm standing next to the bed, I pick him up and he nuzzles my shoulder. Sweet, dumb kitty!! (Dumb because he wants outside and it's waaaay cold!!) Thanks for this beautiful kit!