Monday, December 08, 2008

In the Christmas mood!

Goodmorning everybody!

On posting the freebielist yesterday, I already told you I started the decoration, yeah! Jan started it all by bringing in the stable, made by my father! It must have the age of about 25 years or so. And then we got all the boxes with the Christmas stuff into the room. So I started with the corner with the stable and putting up the nativity set, the lights in it, then next to it the fireplace(which has a gaz heater we never use, cause of the central heating ) and I made it snowy and there they came, all my bears. I put them up their Christmashats and scarfs, the little village, a train of ceramic I have, also some lights. Then the tree was next. All started with Jan putting on the peak on top of it. It's a kind of tradition with us two, that he puts it on the tree and only then I start the decoration. It sounds if it was done in no time, but you probably know yourself, that it takes TIME and after it my muscles in my shoulders and back were a bit protesting! Mostly because you stand (and lie!) in funny positions. So after still some other small things I gave up for that day. So I hope to do some more this afternoon, but probably, it will take some more days to have all as I want to. I have the annoying habit, of looking around and then thinking, hey, that I could hang here or there, or hey, I still forgot to put this up etc.
But a big part is done. I hope, I can make some good pictures of it so that I can show you.

Now I must hurry up a bit, because at about 11.30 o'clock we have the appointment at the hospital for Jan for the "check-up". That always takes some time, it breaks up your whole day.

So here is todays kit, "Souvenir of summer". It's a rather neutral kit, to use for a lot of things. Have fun with it, and have a nice day.
And thanks everybody, for your wonderful visits and comments. It's a pleasure to read it every day!!
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Dana said...

Good morning Kyra! For some reason, Media Fire is not firing today. Love your new kit.

Cat said...

Kyra, Hope you and Jan have a wonderful day...This kit is just beautiful!! How do u do it? A new lovely kit, everyday? And FREE!! You are amazing...


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra:)
Whew! Sounds like you had a busy weekend too!:)
I LOVE your pretty.
So sorry you had to rename the kit.I am surprised there isn't more like that.How many names can a person think of anyway.LOL I think that is why I just name my stuff..Valjs..and the date.LOL
I would LOVE to see some pics of your Christmas Decorating.I bet your home looks wonderful and festive!:)
I usually let the kids decorate for me and then I take it all back down after Christmas...all but the outside lights.I don't go there.LOL
Have a wonderful day and hope there's good news about Jan.:)


Edna B said...

This kit is exquisite. Just lovely! thank you so much.
Hugs, Edna B.

Digi Free said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 08 Dec [LA 09:00pm] - 09 Dec [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

Carol said...

I love your work, your blog etc. This kit is sooo nice & appreciated! Thank you! XOXO