Saturday, November 01, 2008

A tiny bit less sniffing

Goodmorning everybody!

Hope your Halloween was a nice time for you. I surely was glad there was no celebration of it here, because I really wasn't up to it. But I had this time a rather good night of sleep. Woke up at about 5.40 in the morning, took something to drink and then about 6.30 I went back again till around 09.00! Still need to have my roll of paper next to me, but I am feeling a bit better. I was really pampered ( a bit) by Jan yesterday, he suddenly got the spirit and took off the dust and even hoovered around. POOHHHHH! That's really something to be mentioned, hahaha.
Just now I had to stand up from the desk to correct my cat Brodski, who was trying to make himself a nice place on some clothes of Jan. He leaves them sometimes on the couch and it seems very attractive to the cats.

Well, for today I have at least a freebie for you left. How nice. Curious what you are going to do with it. I name it "Pillars of Life".
You had quit a freebielist to go through yesterday, isn;t it? There were a lot of blogtrains in it, I think you will need some time for it today too! I must think of another way to put the freebielists upon my blog, perhaps I can figure out how to make another page on it. I think it will be easier to read the blog, when all the"written posts will be following up eachother, without the break everytime of the lists. Another thing to look into.

Well, here is the kit, I must go out for a little wile, to do a few necessary shoppings, must take enough paper with me to clean my nose, walking in the supermarket, hahaha.
Have a very nice Saturday, and I'll be back later with a freebielist, of course.
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efie said...

ik zie jou echt lopen in de supermarkt met een rol keukenpaier in een rugtasje op je nek!!

sorry das leed vermaak,foei efie dat mag niet
ik wens je veel beterschap en een prettig weekend
(oja kippensoep!!! dat helpt!!hihih)

Edna B said...

Thank you so much for the lovely kit. Kyra, you should be in bed resting. Your health is so very important. Stay well,
Hugs, Edna B.