Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Special day in the world?

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, let's start with the breaking news. A new president of America is chosen and it's Obama. I suppose some of my American friends are happy now and others perhaps not. But it still is a kind of historical event that happened. Now I only hope everybody will not expect that changes will be done within a year or so, he is just a man in an important position, but not a miracle maker! The problems are way too big, to get them solved in a short time. So everybody in the world will have to give Barack Obama time. But I truly hope he will gather a real good and trustworthy staff around him to help him in his tremendous job. May be he really will be able to slowly change things for the good.

I usualy don't like to discuss politics, and specially not on my blog, but I thought this was such an important event I just had to spent a few words on.

Yesterday I did my shopping and I bought some bigger shrimps for the dinner. I first marinated them to give them more taste. And oh boy, was I glad we didn;t had any visitors last evening! Because the poor guests would have been blown out of the house by the smell of GARLIC!!! Yummie.

And coming back of the shopping I still didn;t sat down. No, I first cleaned the fridge! And done that I could sit down with a drink and a small sandwich. Now today is staying home day, I suppose, so maybe I will be able to do some more on the designing , because lately it is going slowly! But it is that way because I always want to make them better, and better often means : taking more time.
So therefor I have only a small freebie for you today, it's an extra on the Roses so Lovely kit, made you 3 quickpages and a bragbook page. I hope you can be happy with that.LOL

Well my dear ladies, I wish you all a terrific day and hope to "see" you again tomorrow.
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suruha said...

I just want to thank you for acknowledging the new President of the USA. It has been an exciting day, here - a certain electricity in the air! Yes, it will take time. I sincerely hope that Obama will bring progressive ideas and prosperous hope to this nation. I know I could sure do well with even a tiny bit. LOL

Furthermore - I love your site! Such pretty things.

Peace to you, dear lady.


Edna B said...

These pages are lovely, Kyra. Thank you so much. It is sounding like your cold has mostly gone away. I am so glad for you.
Hugs, Edna B.

DeliciousScraps said...

This is just gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful freebie!


Anonymous said...

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Shirley said...


Becky Jo said...

Thanks for sharing this freebie - beautiful as always. Hugs!!