Monday, November 24, 2008

Some layouts also

Goodmorning everybody!

We actually had snowfall yesterday! It didn't stay long on the ground, but for a moment it looked nice. But I am also happy it is gone today!

Had a chat yesterday with Heidi, she's doing rather fine, but I don;t think all is back to normal yet! However she never tells the whole truth, when you ask, all is always well, hahaha.

I think this Christmas Jan and I will be just the two of us, Heidi told me she already had some invitations which she will follow up. Oh well, I don;t mind, really. I will think of something nice for dinner and thn we will curl up on the couch and zipp along all the channels for all the Christmas programs. We did that once already and had a great time, with lots of nice music and other stuff, I am looking forward to it.

Today I will share with you a two page layout we had to make as a challenge on the chat. Well, I did them the day after, we were offered two sketches and the rest was up to us, although it had the subject: our childhood. So here they are:

Page 1

and PAGE 2

What do you think about them? Isn't it sweet, me in the tutu???? LOL.

And I even have a little kit for you, I made again a ballet one and thought it would be nice to offer it today, in combination with the layout. On one of the pages in the kit, there is incorporated a photograph of Anna Pavlova. Hope you have some use for it, I like the colours of it.

Now as the weather seems a bit better, however still rather cold, I will hurry to do a bit of shopping, not for too long, but sometimes, suddenly the fridge looks so empty and you are missing things. So I will make a quick hop to the supermarket and then back again, Then I think I must let the washingmachine do it's job and probably a tiny bit of house cleaning. The jobs, that are ALWAYS returning!!!!!!

And then I think it will be time to do the freebielist and if I am lucky, I can do also something on the designing, no idea yet what I will make this time. Something will come up, I hope.

So for now, I wish you a nice day, take care!

Download HERE


Edna B said...

What beautiful soft colors, Kyra. Thank you so much.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Moring Kyra:)
Thank you soo much for stopping by again and leaving some luvin for me.:)I am feeling a little better.Enough that I can do a little more house cleaning.I am taking a break from it right now to visit my friends.:)
I LOVE your new kits and thank you soo much.Your handy man one would come in handy for Jim's workshop pics.He hasn't done much in the workshop over the summer.He said it gets too hot..but I bet he gets started after Christmas.:)
Your layouts are wonderful.You were such a cute ballerina.How sweet! I am soo glad you have happy memories of your childhood.:)Me too.!!With two older brothers..I played cowboys and Indians too..Tarzan was a big hit back then.hehe Mom would let us throw blankets over the frame of an old swingset and use clothes pins to shut the openings.We would use the good swing and slide and pretend they were the tree house.The kids in the neigborhood LOVED to play at our house.LOL We had a teeter totter and dogs with puppies and cats etc. We would play hide and seek all around the yard until bed time.hehe No computers for us!!LOL My brothers wanted to raise pidgeons and started with a male and female.We had so many after a while was really too much to handle.hehe
Have a wonderful day! It's back to work for me. :( Bummers!:)


Cat said...

What a sweet picture of you as a little girl..I love it that ur Mother made ur tutu..thanks for sharing ur pictures..I hope there are more to

Kyra, my e mail is acting funny.It won't let me reply to ur e I thought I would answer you here...Yes, I am talking about sorry to hear about ur trouble with it..I downloaded photofiltre, and I can't figure out how to use that too funny??

Have you checked out you can download a 30 day trial of photoshop elements 7..their newest verison..Cost to buy it is $149.99!! Ouch..


Kimberly said...

Your ballet kit is adorable. Is that your grandmother sitting behind you?

Anonymous said...

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