Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sinterklaas is arriving today!

Goodmorning everybody!


Yes. the holiday season for the december month takes off today! For the kids here in Holland and Belgium it is an important day.! Sinterklaas and his Black Peters(Zwarte Pieten) arrive today from Spain! They are surely very nervous this morning but also very happy, because time has come, perhaps Sinterklaas visits them at night and put a little candy or even little present in their shoes. And then the 5th of December is the big evening with ALL the presents. I love to watch a bit the tv, because it's all on tv, the arrival with a big boat and then Sinterklaas takes a tour on his horse, and it's lovely to see the joy and anxiety of all the kiddies.

When I was a kid, I truly believed all the stories about Sinterklaas and his helpers and it was such a great time! My mother had a wonderful fantasy and could let you believe almost anything! I still remember walking on the street with her and she was pointing out some small window in a house or a chimney and whispered to me: "Psssst, Kyra, look there, look well, you can see a Trappedoelie (that was her name for little Black Peters!) behind the window", or ""look, a Trappedolie is just hiding behind that chimney on that roof" and I ACTUALLY SAW THEM! And I was such a ferm believer that even when I was about 9 years I still didn't believe the other kids telling me it all was just a fantasy! No, I thought they just were stupid and they would know when the day of the presents was there: I would receive a lot and they probably nothing. How wonderful that time was, and how sad that you will have to loose it.

On the big evening it also never was obvious to me that when there was banging and ringing on the door, just on that time my father wasn't in the room. I only was very nervous and called for him, that he missed it and that he had to go with me to check the door and he came running out of e.g. the kitchen, all surprised and we went to the door. And there it was: a BIG HUGE basket or sack filled with all kinds of packages! I really cherish those memories, because they are so precious.

Yesterday evening I watched the Domino day( must say the camera work wasn't so good this year, very restless, and hopping around, and lots of commercials in between, very annoying) but the work done there was marvellous again. And... they have the world record back again! Over 4,3 MILLION stones fell in an awesome spectacle. Amazing job.

And the kit for today. It's is a very light nd cheerful looking one in these dark days at almost the end of the year! I named it "Blossoms in Winter". Hope you can make some nice layouts with it.

So have a nice day, be cuatious of what you do, because you NEVER know if a Black Peter or Trappedoelie is around and he will tell all to Sinterklaas, who will write everything down in his BIG BOOK!! Be nice!LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra:)
I LOVE reading about your traditions and the fun you had as a kid.:)Such fun!!
Thank you so much for the wonderful kits you share.:)
I am gonna go Christmas shopping with Christy(DD)today.She is off of work and wants to go shopping at Jim's store.:)He said he has lots of toys and today starts their weekend sale.
I have been one of those busy bees.I was gonna work on some brag books for Christmas..but Christy changed my plans.LOL She has a way of doing that..but it's sooo nice to know your daughter WANTS to spend time with you.KWIM?:)
I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!


Vivayne said...

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Glynis said...

Zalig Kerstfeast ~ I am not sure if that is correct but have a fun time!

Vivayne said...

Yes I love to hear about the traditions too, I also have fond moments of when I was younger, my grandmother really made our holidays magical!! Thank you for reminding me of it. In reading your story, I remembered my own story! Also I really like to read about other traditions (I am American) and it is so interesting how it is celebrated all around the world :) Thanks for posting the pics too :)

Digi Free said...

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Edna B said...

What a beautiful, cheerful kit. Thank you so much. I am really enjoying your holiday story.
Hugs, Edna B.