Wednesday, November 26, 2008

May be a little help for a friend?

Goodmorning everybody!

First of all I want to ask you something. Go to the blog of and give her in some way some encouragement to keep on going with the blog and her designing. She is in a bad period of her life for the moment, I am not giving details, that is up to her, but she certainly can use some uplifting talk!!! And she must know that in scrapland we are there for eachother, even if it is on a distance, but that we care a bit about eachother!! She is giving me far too much credit, the sweet thing, I am all glowing from embarrasment almost. Well, anyway, go to her blog and let her know she is by times in your thoughts. That should help her already to feel better. She is feeling very lonely at the moment. Come on girls, I know you are nice people.!

Yeah, I just had to do this, and well, let's hope it will help a tiny bit.

Yesterday not much happened around here. I did just some boaring things, a bit of cleaning and so and the puter of course! And had a very nice dinner, I must say. I made some chickenbreast filet filled with a slice of ham and salami and some chesse, made the potatoes in the oven and to that a tomatoe salad, and we even had a little dessert too.! Boy, it tasted so good, I really had anoverfull stomach after dinner. Even didn't took a cookie during the evening!!!

What kit I have for you today? Again a bit vintage looking one, I am afraid. How about the colors? Don;t they remind of you of the sugar candy on a stick, you can get on a fair e.g.? I liked that candy as a kid, mostly they were of pink color, and it was a treat when my parents bought me one. And afterwards my whole face was sticky from the candy!!

I gave it the name of "Charming", I think that is rather fitting. Well, do something nice with it and have a splendid day!

Download HERE


Dana said...

I am a fan of your kits and have been for several months. I enjoy hearing about your day and your husband and friends. I also have become a fan of Dawne at ScrappingTilDawn. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to her. Sometimes life has a few speed bumps. You have smoothed the road a bit.

Edna B said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful kit. Will be dropping in on Dawne's blog. Have a greaet day, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

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