Friday, November 14, 2008

A little "cheer-up"

Goodmorning everybody!

I start with the cheer-up item! I am sure a lot of you know Edna, from Then of course you know her little dog Tootsie. Tootsie wasn't doing so well lately, and still there is hanging the possibility of a surgery above her little head. She has a nasty lump, so far no cancer in it, but if the lump will not be smaller on Monday, they want to remove it with a surgery. Poor thing, she has to go through a rather bad period, and so is Edna! Let;s all cross fingers that the lump will shrink by itself. It breaks your heart to see your pets suffer and you cannot do a lot to help them. So pay a little visit to Edna's blog and give her and Tootsie a bit of your support. They can use it.
I made this quick page to try to cheer them up a bit.

What else to tell? Not very much I am afraid. Oh yes, a bit of funny thing. Yesterday evening I was on the computer(chatting with Edna actually) and Jan suddenly decided he wanted to change the cover for the duvet! Wow. Of course he couldn;t find the right one, so I took one. But then the action!! I knew it would be a struggle and yes, I WAS RIGHT!! The first corner went in well but then the rest of it! HAHAHA. It was a VERY amusing thing to watch!!! I really was laughing to tears, not nice perhaps, but so much fun!! And bad girl as I am sometimes, I first let him struggle with it for a bit, but then I couldn't watch it anymore and finally I did the trick! He meant so well, but the action wasn't exactly how he thought it would be.

So I had the laughing therapy yesterday, it does well to a human being, you know!!

Then all day I stayed home, and wow, was I productive. That is to say, on the computer! I made a whole new Christmas kit, and I am very happy with it. I will post it soon, and it will be in 3 parts. Yes, for my ding I made a rather big one in MB, so to keep the downloads quick and easy I split it up. And I even started with a new kit too. So I was happy with myself yesterday.

Now today I have finally the kit I was struggling with this week, and I surely hope you will like it. It's all about past time fashion, but the evening dress part. Well, you will see for yourself. Simple title: Fashion From a Past Time.

And today I must get out to do some shopping, then there is some speed skating on tv, in the evening there is DOMINO Day( do you see it too out there???). Each year here in Holland they built a huge space full with domino stones, each year another theme is used and each year they try to break the record the last one. It is amazing to see how it is done. They are busy building it for months with A LOT of volunteers, really an outstanding job and marvellous to see, when the stones get falling. If you ever get the chance to see something of it, watch it, you will be astonished!

So you see I have quit some things to do, and also not included was the ironing and some computer, well, we'll see what will be actually done!

Don't forget to give the cheer-up to Edna and Tootsie, it would be great!

Now have all a fantastic day, get on with the scrapping and till next time!

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Dana said...

Hello, or good morning! as it is 5 AM here. The little link does not work today. I always appreciate your sharing, thank you so much. Have a wonderful day!

Glynis said...

I had to smile at the duvet story. Poor Edna and Tootsie. I love the kit, thanks it is great! I haven't seen the dominoes I bet that is fun to watch. take care

Edna B said...

What a beautiful kit, Kyra. Thank you so much. And thank you for that beautiful layout of my little girl. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your kind words and prayers mean so much to us. Hugs, Edna B.

Kimberly said...

Testing to see if I can post without an error message...

Kimberly said...

Yay, I can post here again! Actually, I have no idea how to log into this account properly. Apparently logging into my email account online (gmail) logs me in here.

Anyway, thank you for the Remembrance Day kit and the O Holy Night kit. They're both beautiful. Also glad to hear that things are looking good for Heidi and for Jan. Hope they keep getting better! :)

And I can empathize with Jan over duvet cover challenges. We lived in a furnished flat in London, and getting that duvet cover on and off was an experience.

~KimberlyRose (apparently now posting as Kimberly)

Anonymous said...

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