Sunday, November 16, 2008

I hope for a quiet Sunday.

Goodmorning eveybody!

Yes, I really hope for a less disturbing day today. Something soooo strange happened yesterday. As usual Jan went to check for the post in the hall and came back with an envelope. Addressed to me in big letters, just the Mrs. and name and that was all. In a bit of funny handwriting I couldn't place. So I opened it, of course and in there was a paper with a rather strange poem in it. But not a nice one. It almost sounded like hell and damnation, in a way accusing me of doing something terribly wrong to people and that at the end God would know. Well, that is a bit threatening isn't it? No name or anything on it, just that. I was sitting on my chair, completely perplexed, not knowing what to think about it. But it felt terribly threatening and uneasy, I can say! I just don't understand it! And I think also it is terribly cowerdless to send someone this kind of thing, and not signing it! It wasn't sent by post, so someone dropped it in the mailbox. And when Jan heard the mailbox he just saw a shadow disappear and he was too late to look better at that person. I am not feeling comfortable at all with this. It brought me really to tears for a moment! Jan advised me to not throw it away, but to keep it and put the date of delivery and time on it. Just in case there would follow more. If so, I have something to show the police or so, may be there are fingerprints on it??? But I don't know what to think about it? Who is behind this? It must be someone who knows me well AND knows where I live. I don't like it at all, but for the moment there isn't much we can do. May be the one sending this even knows I have this blog and is enjoying him/herself reading this, but then let be said, that it upsetts me for a while, but that I can put it also away on a very far place in my mind and forget about it. Just let be said I don't like cowards!! If there is anything to be said come forward and look me in the face!

So, that wasn't a nice start of the day. I kept dwelling in my mind, but I tried to forget it. The rest of the day was nice. We watche Sinterklaas, as always so amusing and nice to see. This year they invented the theme, that the big chair from Sinterklaas was broken and that they had to come up quickly with another one! All kinds of silly things were done by a Black Peter, who tried to find a proper new chair for Sinterklaas. Yeah, it was nice.
Then later there was a worldcup speed skating right here in Holland, in Heerenveen, where we have a splendid indoor track. Wow, we had some great competition there! It was really very exciting to watch.
And the evening was filled with watching all kind of detective series on tv. And in between I even did some shopping and also some things on the computer. So a well filled day all together.

And today we start with another Christmas kit I brewed for you! It will be in 3 downloads, first part papers. second part elements and third part again elements and two quickpages! I hope you will like this one, I am very satisfied with it, it came out rather good, I think. I named it "Like A Traditional Christmas"because it's made in traditional Christmascolors and a bit with old fashioned elements. I will give you the preview of the whole kit, so you can see how it looks all together, okay? Although the preview is not doing justice to it, I think.

All together it has become still a rather long post, but never mind of that!
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, with no distressing things, just let it be a normal, but happy day!

Download PART 1 HERE


patriciakay said...

beautiful kit and thank you very much!!

Edna B said...

Your holiday kit it beautiful, thank you so much. I am so sorry that someone has caused such a bad time for you. Some people are just so badly behaved.

Glynis said...

What a horrible person, they must be crazy or jealous of you and your lovely family life. Put the letter in a plastic bag, date it and file it away, hopefully you will not get another but if you do go to the police with them. Thank you for your christmas kit. Enjoy your days, knowing your blogging friends wish you well. x

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra:)
Wow! I am soo sorry someone is being heartless to you and a coward too! You are right...that is very strange.:( Is there any way you can alert your neighbors to be on the look out? I would definitely let the police know about it.
I hope you don't let this bother you too much.If you may be accomplishing exactly what they had intended for it to.To scare you.KWIM?
Anyway...I wanted to thank you so much for part one of your fantastic kit.I love the tradtitionl colors of Christmas.:)You can tell from my blog.:)
Have a wonderful day!


Vivayne said...

Wow freaky event... I would be a little disturbed too :) I'm disturbed for you, lol. Some people can be such freaks. Anyway, lovely kit :) Hope you have a better day.

MiniCooper452 said...

Absolutely lovely. Thank you so much.
I'm sorry you had that scare. How horrible of someone to be so mean.
Thank you for making time for us during your unnerving time.

Kimberly said...

Kyra - Honestly, call the police! I don't know how it works in the Netherlands, but in the US, you'd be able to call the police non-emergency number and make sure there's a record of this. If they know there's a (potential) problem, they can be ready if things get worse.


On a cheerier note, thanks for part 1. It's very generous of you to share so many lovely kits with us.


TerriM said...

Great kit with a lot of goodies, thanks bunches. Hugs -- xoxo! (terri - hawaii)