Friday, November 28, 2008

Almost December, already!

Goodmorning everybody!

Do you realize that in a few days it's already December?? Where did the year go?? I must be getting old, because each year it seems, the year passes faster and faster and I have the feeling I have no grip on it LOL!

I was very unproductive, yesterday! As I said I did go out to do the shopping, but I did it quick!
Then Jan got himself in the moods to install the digital tv receiver. I tried not to involve myself in it, is better for the peace in the house LOL. And everybody said it is done in a few minutes and SOOOOOO easy. In fact it is, only those damned instruction books! They enclosed some reading and installing and handling information at the size of half a Harry Potter book.! I hate those things! Well, it's done, now we have to do the "fine tuning", some day.

Then I made a wonderful dinner. a hotpot from beef, put on the gaz for 3 hours with onions and mushrooms in it, and some red wine. Than made mashed potatoes. The meat in a ovendish, on te top the mashed potatoes and on top of taht some thin slices of an apple. That for about 15 minutes in the oven and served it with red cabbage. Yammie. I found this recepee in a magazine that is offered free each month in the supermarket. So you can gueas what's up for dinner this evening?? Yeap, I made enough for two days. So I have it easy today.

On the computer I was looking for some new stuff for a new kit, just hopping around visited a lot of websites of all kinds, and just made it to have a start with a kit. But it didn't go as smoothly as I wanted.

Well, today is another day and may be I will get "the spirit"!

Oh boy, Jan is awake already, there goes my "complete quiet and peace" I am enjoying in the morning! Doesn't sound so nice hmmmmmmmm??? But ten he starts mumbling and giving remarks on the news on tv, but just not loud enough I can hear it completely but he expects me giving an answer to that. Do you know that???? And in the mean time I am concentrating on the posting and so. Whooopeeee, I love my husband, but sometimes..................................LOL.

Anyway, here is the second part of "Let's Go Country" for you. Take care of yourself, have fun, ( and having fun can be in the smallest things) and enjoy the day.

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mlmcsjsa said...

Thanks for your beautiful freebies. I'm a newbie with digital scrapbooking. I look forward to using your kits. Merry Christmas =)

Edna B said...

This is such an awesome kit. Thank yo so much, Kyra.

I can't follow those instruction manuals either. They should come with a picture for every step, and a mechanic to do it for you. haha.

Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Shirley said...

Awesome kit!!!! I love it!!!! TY for being so generous & sharing...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra!1
Whew! I don't know who is more stuffed..the turkey or me!!!LOL We had such a big meal yesterday that it only took the one time to fill up.We are invited back this evening to polish off the rest of it.If that is possible.LOL
I absolutly LOVE your new kit.I love country and you did a fantastic job on it.Thank you soo much for sharing.:)
I also LOVE your new look on your blog.How festive!!:) Can you tell me how you get the Santas to come in front of the scrolling? I haven't figured that out yet.:)I am soo slow at figuring html out.I never was good at other languages.LOL
I am gonna have to keep this short..I am gonna see if I can get started on decorating the house for Christmas.:)I know what you mean about being tired afterwards..but it is worth it when the kids come over and see it and ooo and ahhh .:)
Have a wonderful day!Your dinner sounds wonderful...the best part is not having to cook again today.LOL