Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yes, there is a kit today!

Goodmorning you all!

Does it happens to you too when you have a bit ackward time inlife? Very often you come to hear about other people's problems they encounter and then, in a quiet moment it passes again your mind and I start to think: "well, it's not my favourite period in life, and we will have to cope with it, but when I compare it to some other problems I have been told, I am still rather well off!" It just happened I had some mail and a phonecall in the last couple of days with such kind of thing and I still consider us not too much in problem. Of course we still have the health concern about Jan and we have to try to get it better, but for the moment you can oversee it and I am sure there will come an improvement. Sometimes Jan and I smile to eachother when somebody comes to us with their problem, and I say to him, "When do we start a social help center here in the house?" I don;t know why people always tell me but to Jan too so often their worries. Perhaps because we try to listen, and let them speak out and also sometimes try to give an advice or at least an opinion, but never force them up to them. Always is best to try to put yourself in their place, however not always possible, of course. But sometimes we experienced a same kind of thing and if we hopefully learned from it, perhaps our view could help a bit. The most helpful always is that somebody REALLY listens to you, whicj sn;t easy all the time! And of course we cannot have the problems of the whole world on our shoulders, but it's nice to be able to make sometimes a little difference on a small scale,isn't it?

And I am fortunate to have a very good friend in Heidi and then I have all of you, who endure my rambling about everything and nothing! So thank you for bearing with me all that time!LOL

Remember I put up some layouts for recipee cards? It's made by my friend Dee ant this is what she wrote to me:

It did not dawn on me until now that perhaps some of your other fans might
want the address of the recipe group. It is called "Scrappin' Yesterday,
Today and Tomorrow" or SYTNT for short. The URL to get there is:

If any one wants to join, they can use that link. If they mention your blog,
I will see that they get into the group so they can also make recipe cards,
family and heritage pages, and scrap booking crafts. Plus they can attend
the live classes we hold every Monday night. We have also started holding
live card classes every Friday night, and soon we will be teaching lessons
on various scrapbook tools.

She did start this group not all too long ago and may be some of you like to join her. Please do so, I am not yet in it, although she asked me several times. But when I join I have to give it proper time and attention and for the moment I don;t think I can. So I will wait still a bit with it.

The same thing with Edna, who has a new forum too:

You will find all sorts of wonderful kits and other goodies in the Shop. There's something for everyone's taste and style, so come join in the fun.

Do yourself a favour to visit it, I think you will find very special things there!

And now here is the kit I finally finished yesterday. It's just a small one but I like the colour of it. I think you even can use it for some pics of Halloween e.g. I named it "Timeless Dragon". I hope you like it a bit, and can do something with it.

Oh yes, I almost did all I wanted yesterday, only not yet the ironing, I know it is a bit weak of me. But I think it will be done, at least for a part this afternoon. Then I also want to make at least a phonecall to Heidi, hearing if all is okay with her. And I want to finish off another kit I already started yesterday, I is larger in size than today's and at the same time have to invent a theme for a new one. That's an neverending story in my life now, hahahaha!!!!

So have all a nice sunday and "see "you again!

Download HERE


Anonymous said...

You're so much nicer than me, Kyra. Since my husband is the only one who really wears clothes that might need to be ironed, I tend to figure that, hey, he knows where the iron and ironing board are kept. :) There's a reason I don't own day-to-day clothes that need ironing!

Thanks for the dragon kit, I absolutely love dragons.

Anne said...

Brilliant thankyou my sons so into dragons