Friday, October 24, 2008

It's a short one,(I think)

Goodmorning everybody!
The posting is a bit later, first did some bloghopping to blogs I follow regularly, was trying out another bloglayout, but at the end it didn't please me, so till now it;s the changed one.
Went for a short while to Heidi yesterday, that stupid girl already is doing too much. Well, she will find out herself what she can or not. Hope not it gives here again a fall-back. But at least the pneumonia seems to run off now, however she has still a could and some coughing.

I have the start of a kit for you today. I am still working on it, so I figured I could offer it in parts, gives me a bit more time. HAHAHA. Also yesterday just run into a paper pattern and tried it out for a paper for a kit. I liked it, so now I am in to that kit too! Oh and I will probably be late at the computer today, because I shall hae my first chat ever on a forum, that is to say, if Jan will have his usual evening out, I can attend to it. If he will be home, it will be a little tricky, because he already thinks I am spending too much time on it. He's right, just sometimes, but it's so nice! But normally he leaves me quit to it, so I must have a bit consideration with him too. So if he stays home, no chat, otherwise I will be on Magickal Scaps, the link is to find in the sidebar. Take a look there, they have very nice challenges and downloads! Just register free and you are in. One of the moderators is Snowy, from Snowraven's Cave, she designs really beautiful things! ( hey,a bit of advertising is allowd).

Okay, we will see how the evening will end. Tell you abbout it tomorrow, if I did attend to it.
Now the kit for today, as I said it is in parts, today you get one half of the papers. Look at them and you'll have to say the are adorable, hmmm????? I named it "Say it with Flowers". Really hope you will like it. Then tomorrow another part of the papers( there are 18 in total) and the next day you will have all the elements.
Oops, I thought this to be a short post, LOL. Always come up with something more than intended.

To all of you now : have a terrific and wonderful day!

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra!
First let me tell you how happy I am for your friend.I am sooo glad she is recovering from that awful pnemonia.:) I hope she will take it easy and allow herself to get her strength back.I know you have to be soo happy for her.:)
I want to thank you so much for all you share.I think I have caught back up on your blog.I seem to be doing that a lot lately.:( I am making brag books for gifts for Christmas and Bdays and it sure takes time.Then the trojan virus's kept us busy with the slow computer.Whew!I need to be cloned.!! I would be the one playing with the designs and the other one would do the house work and cook the meals.LOL
Thanks for stopping by to say Hi:)I LOVE your visits!:)


Edna B said...

Oh, Kyra, what a lovely set of papers. This will surely be a winderful kit. thank you so much. I don't know how you do it all. Hugs, Edna B.