Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am much more releaxed

Goodmorning everybody.

As you could read in my Shoutbox already, glad to announce Heidi is home already. She called me yesterday to tell that. From what she told me they did a thourough check on her but couldn;t find anthing really disturbing. She said the infection from the pneumonia had diminished already( have to take her word for it) and that other values important for her were on a rather normal level. But of course she has to be still very carefull, and I hope she will manage that. I know her, you know! Often too soon she is thinking it will be allright, not wanting to miss anything and 8 times out of 10 she is too soon with that. Well, all by all I am glad, they sent her home and that in the end it wasn't as alarming as it sounded.

Have to thank you for all your sweet messages for her.

I will print them out and show them to her. Already had some last Sunday and gae them to her. She was reading them with BIG eyes, didn;t understand anything about it, but was of course, very touched. She asked me from where these messages came and as I told her it was from America and Australia , so from all over the world she was even more stunned! I can understand that, because she has no clou how we are towards eachother here in the scrapland, and had to laugh when I told her she is known all voer the world.

So today I am going over to her to have a little chat and to see if she is still keeping herself inactive enough!

I was able to finish yesterday a nice kit for you, named"Once at Granny's". I think it will be lovely to scrap some pictures from grandparents. I love the doilies in it! I had them from Jeanie from She always has tons of freebies, almost all the time CU freebies. Take a look there, she makes lovely things really!

Now here is the preview, hope you all have a swell day!

Download HERE

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Edna B said...

Glad to that Heidi is doing much better. This kit is lovely. Thank you so much.
Hugs, Edna B.