Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A day as usual

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope you all had a good nights sleep. I can say I had one. Pfffff, I am not used to get up very early in the morning anymore and I had some difficult moments yesterday afternoon ! But I kept strong and din;t go for a little nap, so I slept nice and sound this night. It should be a very normal, uninteresting day today. Always say this with a bit of caution, because you never know what may happen. LOL

The trees are really loosing their leaves quickly now, you can slowly see the end of autumn and then winter will be knocking at our door, brrrrrrrr. It has its nice moments too, but I still remain more a summer person, like it a bit warm, open doors, you can just pop in to some light clothes and go out. In winter it seems always that you need hours to get dressed, with the extra sweater and a legging under the trousers if it's really cold etc. Then to go out, sometimes I turn into a Mars fellow, thick jacket, shawl, bonnet over the ears and forehead, gloves awesome!!!!!

Okay, the kit for today is again a tiny one, but I think it's in a nice colourscheme. Very neutral papers so you can use it for a lot of stuff. It's called "Arietta" ( the small word for Aria, which means "song"of course).

At the moment the neighbour thinks it is necessary to do some serious houserepairing which is his good right, but it's still annoying to hear the hammering all the time. Hope he will finish it soon!

Not much to read for you today, isn't it? Sometimes I am surprised by myself with what I fill every day a post! It seems I can ramble about everything for quit a while! And normally I can be a very quiet person, and keep my mouth shut for hours, but as soon as I fell the typing board under my fingers, somehow a door opens itself and words come tumbling out! Alright, I will stop it now, I have pity on you!

Have a nice day, and keep scrapping!

Download HERE


Becky Jo said...

Kyra - I LOVE THIS KIT! TFS Hugs!!

Edna B said...

Such a lovely, soothing kit. Thank you so much, Kyra. Hugs, Edna B.