Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I must be a bit quick

Goodmorning everubody!

Well, the internet was still going on and off yesterday. How very unpleasant it was. I was just lucky to have the time to post, because when I started to collect the freebiesites, it stopped again. So there was no freebielist yesterday. Now today I must shake myself and have to be shorter with the post, because I want to do a few things in the house before our friend is coming. And I must go to the bakery for something sweet with the coffee.

Well, today there is my first Halloween kit this year. I think it will be followed by one ore two more next month. You know, I already find such nice things for Christmas kits, I already am assembling them in a specail map, to have them ready for use. I like making Christmas kits, and don't ask me why. Yesterday I bought a few very nice tulip bulbs for a low price. They must be planted this month or even next. And yes, I must spend again some time in the garden, to clean it up again. How fast everything is growing! Aweful, sometimes. Okay, finished with the little talk. Here is the kit "Ghostly Night"and I hope you will enjoy it. Have lots of fun, be happy with another day and spend it as cosy as you can.

Download HERE


Edna B said...

This is terrific, Kyra. I love Halloween. It's one of my two favorite holidays. Thank you so much, hugs, Edna B.

JessicasMa said...

Thank you very nice kit..

Jeannie said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

You continually AMAZE me dear friend with how QUICKLY you put together a scrapkit!!! I wish I could spend an afternoon with you and GLEAN from your expertise!

I am just now putting together my own personal blog roll on my blog and came to copy your URL so I get it right the first time!

Changing your blogger template is VERY easy if you are using one of their templates. You can actually preview what it will look like before making the decision to change it and then you can make any necessary changes such as background color, font type, size and color, etc.

I still have things I wish to do to mine but it will have to wait a bit!

Thank you again for the "friendship" award DEAREST Kyra and I shall try to give public thanks this week but will be behind on passing them on!

Take care love and I, like you, just LOVE this time of the year! Now, if I can just do some serious designing - LOL!

Linda :)