Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 1 has passed!

Goodmorning everybody!

Let me start with appologizing for the fact that I might be rambling about Jan's situation. But you ca understand it is important and for the moment a big part of our life. Whoopee, hooray, Jan survived his first day without any beer! I think he never drunk so much coffee and soda before in his life. He even said to me that he might try again some ta now and then! But I know, the first day or even second and third will not be the hardest. But I am proud of him, that he made a start.

For the moment I lack for any inspiration writing, so I think I'll levae it tody to this short post. But not without giving you a new kit. As we are very close to the end of summer(well, for half the world anyway) I made a kit just about that. Just good for the last summer pictures you might have. I really like the colours in it. It seems, that in the moment I am making rather a lot of kits in soft colours. Strange how the colour schemes can change without any plan for it.

Okay, just have fun with it I hope and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Download HERE


vfellows01 said...

Hello Kyra, so glad to see you back on the air again and to hear that there is positive news for your Jan.

On my blog site there is an award that I would like to pass on to you for the outstanding work you do on your site and for the scrapping community.


DeliciousScraps said...

Thank you for the lovely freebie. It's great!

I know it is hard to quit but stqarting is already a huge step! All the best to him on his progress. It's good to find some activities, maybe start up a new hobby to keep mind occupied.


Edna B said...

The colors in this one are so restful and calming. Thank you so much for another gorgeous kit.

Hugs, Edna B.

kimberlyrose01 said...

Poor Jan, not fun to have to make that huge change, but he does seem to have kept a little sense of humor about it. At least it'll start getting easier for him after a little while.