Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We continue with York

Goodmorning everybody!

Jan went yesterday to the hospital for the echo and in stead of the 10th we already go Thirsday to the specialist for the result. Not still happy how all is going with him, I sincerely hope, she come with some solutions. We wait and see.

There isn't much to report today, actually. Heidi and family went on their holiday yesterday, they didn;t go far, somewhere in Belgium. If they have the weather a bit like here, it isn;t so bad. But on the news heard there were some pretty have rainfalls and some waterfloods in France and also Belgium. Hopefully it is not in the area they visite!!
And let's go on with the York trip.

Wednesday 7 may 2003

This should be THE DAY OF THE DAYS, certainly for Josy. We woke up early and first took breakfast. I had a really good one, had far too much, but I needed the enrgy of it for today. Two things are sure in Yorkshire. You can sleep very well and all the time you are hungry! It must be the air around here.

After breakfast we first when to the bakery to get some sandwiches for the evening. Brought them to our room, took foto camera and osome things and on the way to the station to get the train to Malton, where our taxi should be waiting for us. Arrived in Malton(way to early) we walked a bit through town, took a coffee and tried to find the inn, where Josy once has been with her sister-in- law. It had to be near a church, as Josy said, on a kind of little sqaure. And yes, we saw a churchtower so we went to it. The waether got better with the minute so it was a nice walk. Arrived there we saw a restaurant, but it wasn't the one. Pitty, but we walked around the church and were gifted with an extra-ordinary scebery view! But I would not give up, we had to find the location Josy was talking about. In the churchyard there was somebody busy hanging some birdhouses, so I went to him and asked the gentleman if perhaps he knew Josy was talking about. Then it appeared there was another church, St. Michael's, near the market place. So we hobbled to it and yes, we found the inn. It was the King's Head!

So as it was already lunchtime, we went in to have something to eat. Josy took some fish with new potatoes, and I had the homemade vegatable soup with some bread. I couldn't eat more(due to my breakfast!!). With a little time still left, we sat on a bench in front of the church and then went back to the station. We waited just a little while and then somebody addressed us and it was our taxidriver. His name was Chris, a very nice guy, very big and an enthousiastic talker!. Josy already made a route of the placed and spots she wanted to visit just once more. Chris enjoyed the fact, that she almost knew the way better than he did. And he had been a ranger in that area for a while.! I don;t know all the names anymore of the places we visited, but it was a huge list. During the ride Chris talked about everything, and when only Josy mentioned a spot, hopla, then he almost already was there!! We did a lot more than planned at first, even did a whole piece of the moors, which is an amazing view. It is a rough landscape, at the same time so lovely, it also has something wilde about it. Very impressive. Oh, yes, must tell this. Of course we visited also Helmsley, a little town where Josy spent a lot of holidays with Henk in a cottage nearby. So every day or so they went to town for some shopping or so. Well, we stopped there at the market place and Josy told me of every shop there and around it. First she didn't want to visit anyone, because she was afraid we had not enough time. But I dragged her to the vegetable store and the lady was enjoyed that she saw her old customer again. It was a happy meeting.

The town of Helmsley, nestled in the valley. Isn't it romantic???
Little view on the shops in Helmsley.

Josy didn't want to make the trip too long, so off again. But Chris enjoyed himself so much that he just drove on and on. At a certain point he asked Josy, if she had agreed on a certain price. Yes, she did so. Well, he said, when we reach that sum of money, I just turn of the meter and the rest of the time is just free on my account. Wasn't that awefully nice of him? Perhaps he did so, because I told him this would probably be the last visit of Josy to England, a kind of goodbye tour for her. But I think that also he stopped the meter at any place we stopped for a while. Good fellow he was. This day was a more than beautiful one, everything played along to do so. It was very nice weather, we had a very nice taxi driver, splendid scenery, all was well.And then to see the joy in Josy's eyes, was the best! But finaly we had tot turn back to York. Chris brought us to the staion and it was a long goodbye saying before we enetered the stion!By train back to York and fully satisfied returned to our room. Then Josy was very glad to be able to lie down a bit, because for her certainly it had been a tiring day. So I made something to drink. we had our sandwiches and talked about all that happened that day. I think we will sleep very well and hopefully we will have a nice dream this night about the past day!!

So, almost the trip is over , but still two days to go.

Now I will give you a new kit all in one colourscheme, called "Deep Water". It's a bit about the animals living in deeper water, in the sea. Hope you will like this. One of these days I think I will have another kit, which I will have to cut in pieces for the download. It's a kind of different thing, something I stumbled upon in the public domain. Not yet telling you what it is!!

Have a nice day all, I hope all is well with you!



Anonymous said...

Magnifique comme d'habitude !!

Un grand merci


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 05 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Edna B said...

This is a pretty kit. Thank you so much. Your story is very lovely. I've never been to York, but you make it seem so familiar. Thank you.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you so much Kyra.:)
Our family just visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta,Georgia.This will come in real handy.!