Saturday, August 30, 2008

Perhaps somebody can help?

Goodmorning everybody!

I start with a question to all you readers. I had this from a visitor of my blog but I cannot answer it. Would you please be so kind to read it and if you know something put it in the comment box. It is ment for Becky. Here is the text of the mail she sent me.

Ok, about the png files in your kits. In these programs I have yours is the only ones that don't show up. I can use other png graphics from other digi art kits and they do show up. That's why I couldn't figure out why your graphics won't show up! Puzzles me when I hit a glitch and just worry myself to death til I figure it out. LOL Ok the program I am using when this happens is "Greeting Card Factory Deluxe versions 6.0 and 7.0" (I have them on two different computers) I also have "Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0" (on both computers) and your png graphics don't show in that either and other peoples png graphics do! Both those products are from Nova Development and their web site is in case you or someone else wants to check it out. I also have "Label Factory Deluxe 3.0" and no one's png graphics show up on that! At least it's consistent with none showing up and I get this message "Unexpected File Format". That is understandable - this program does not recogonize the png file format. Ok - that's solved!Now, I just got a new product from Nova Development and it's called "Print Artist Gold version 22" and YES your png graphics show up in there!!!! Yea!!!! I just don't like the way the cards show up in there but I will go thru it and see which one I like best to use when I make cards with your graphics.

I would be so greatful if anyone could help in this! Becky is a very thoughtful person, very nice and she is a card maker. And I gave her the green light to use my kits in her cardmaking. But then she must be able to use them! I know, one of her programs is working with it, but her favorite doesn't . So it would be wonderful if someone had an solution.

Okay, that is your "task"(LOL) for the week-end.

Already told you Dikkie Dik does his job with the mice. Well, he is performing wonderful . Yesterday he had another one. And may be I was just in time enough to het it out of his mouth to run away. I hope the poor thing wasn't yet damaged too much, I put it in the garden and it still could run a bit. Cross fingers Dikkie didn;t find it again and may be the mouse has survived.

This week-end they announced a real summer with about 25-27C ! But just for 1 1/2 day. Well, better something than nothing. Next week temperature is dropping again to around 20C. With this fine weather here I am thinking about the people in America in Texas and Louisiana. They are awaiting the hurricane Gustav which could become a force 3!!! I hope for them it will not, otherwise it could cause a lot of problems and more!

Hey, I managed to get all the new LP's in the room close to mine. It was a bit of shifting around but I managed to get them all in the same spot. One day out of curiosity I must count them. Now we'll have to listen to a lot of them, because there are artist in it I never heard of !

Over to the new kit. It's a movie related kit, named "Those Old Movies". I kept it in a bit darker, fading colours, to have the illusion of the "older"movies. Hope you will like it.

So today I'll have to do some minor groceries shopping, not much, and if it will not be too hot in our garden, I could sit there for a while with a book(finally again). I hope you will all have a good and pleasant week-end.

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juno said...

Hi smiekeltje!
Sometimes when a program won't OPEN a file with a certain format, you can INSERT it and then work away. Suggest to Becky to look under the Edit dropdown menu and see if there is an option for this. Hope this helps. Would love to see some of Becky's cards here on your blog?

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 30 Aug [LA 12:55am, NY 02:55am, UK 07:55am, OZ 05:55pm] ).

Anonymous said...

Sublime !!


Becky Jo said...

Hi! Kyra, the movie kit is nice - TFS! Ok, I tried juno's suggestion and it works with some things and not with others. Thanks Juno! Bee Happy for example the ribbons work with the insert, but the bees don't. There is a green background on the bees and I will not be able to layer them this way. Click and drag, copy and paste and using the insert work on the new card program - Print Artist. I will just have to go in there and find a card I like and use that program, no problem. I will make cards soon and send to you. Thanks for trying to help with my little problem. Big Hugs!

Edna B said...

This one brings back memories. Those old movies were great. Thank you so much.

Not sure what to say to Becky. A lot of those card programs prefer to use their own graphics. My suggestion is to just go with an international product like Photoshop Elements (much cheaper than Photoshop).

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Good morning Kyra, well evening to you! I had to stop by before we leave today for Yosemite National Park (less than two hours from us!) to meet Robert's brother and SIL for dinner! I am rather excited as we don't get out much and I've not been since I was 19, imagine that and being so close!

Thank you for stopping by Ms. Kyra love! I am STILL without anti-virus protection and a bit nervous, but figure I am safe in places I know!

About Becky's dilemma - I started my digital scrapbooking experience nearly four years ago with another program by Nova Development called, "Photo Explosion"! For the price, I thought it was the coolest but only until I started CT-ing and found it limiting. I, too, had difficulty at times with files and I am inclined to agree with Juno in checking under the EDIT dropdown menu. I vaguely remember having to "play around" to get Photo Explosion to do what I needed it to! However, I do specifically remember that Photo Explosion would open PSD files. While not in separate layers, it would still open the file and you were then able to save it as a JPEG.

Okay, I've rambled on a bit now, haven't I? I'd better run and take care of business so that I will be ready to go as planned!

Sending LOVE and BIG HUGS your way darlin' and the MOVIE KIT is DELIGHTFUL - THANK YOU!

Linda :)