Friday, August 22, 2008

Okidoki with the council

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I think I passed the exam from the council. He just was here for a few minutes, was satisfied with what he saw, so I don't think we will hear more about it. Pfff, that is a relief. He made some pics, from appartements from some neighbours, which really don't look good at all. So I am afraid they will get such a nice letter. I must say it was a nice man, but as he was leaving of course he said "goodbye"and I am sometimes such a blabber I immediately answered"I rather don't say goodbye, if you don't mind! Better I see you NOT returning for a loooong time!" (I said it with a little smile). But I don;t think he was offended, he understood how I ment it.

It was a exciting day at the Olympics yesterday. My dear American friends, I have bad news for you.! I have to announce the following result of the waterpolo final for women: The Netherlands against the USA 9-8! We won the golden medal!!! It is a first in the Dutch waterpolo history. It is really unbelievable! I must say the girls gave it all! So I am sorry for you, but sometimes we Dutchies can surprise the world!!!! GRIN....GRIN....GRIN.

Today I should take a bit time to look through my old computer(on which I am still working till now) what I really want to take to the new one. Tomorrow Rob will come to help, and I hope all will be done without too many problems. You'll never quit know with him! I think Jan will try to disappear during the day, when we are busy with it. This kind of thing is working a bit on his nerves, hahahaha. Rob is not the most relaxed person you could have in your house to visit, I always have to slow him down a bit, he sometimes is over-enthousiastic and too quick in pushing the mouse button. I rather do it on an easy pace, and like to have time to read the menu's which appear in doing the different things. But I hope we get all the necessary done tomorrow and then I will have to get used using all the possibilities. So there is an upcoming learning process waiting for me the next months!

What about a new kit? Do you perhaps remember some old children songs, or nursery rhymes? I have a kit about it, with some old songs. I still have a few left, so perhaps in some time I will make another one with different songs in it. I took these because I liked the look of the pictures, the song pages are illustrated by Walter Crane. Yes again, I think I have a kind of crush on him, hahahha. Anyway, I hope you like the set up for this kit and the colours I chose. And if you play any music instrument or have somebody around who does, you could even print some out and try to sing the little songs with the grandchildren. I made two quickpages in the kit also and use one of the embellishments(again from Delicious Scraps) as picture frame in it, to give an example how you could use these embellishments also in a different way. I named the kit: "Sing Along".

Have fun with it, I hope.

Oh, one of these days I will have (at last!!!) another US state kit for you. May be in a year or two I will have done them all, HAHAHA, regarding the tempo in which I am making them. I have also laying in the back of my mind the idea for another serie of perhaps one big kit, which will have as subject the world. Very illuminating, isn't it? "The world" can mean soooo much, you can do it in sooo many different ways, that's why I am still thinking it over. But who knows, some day I will have it done???

Okay, all said again, (always ending up with more rambling than I planned to) I wish you all a fine Friday, be happy, the week-end is almost starting!

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 22 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Becky Jo said...

Kyra - Hello!

Glad all went well with the town council. You make me laugh with your stories. Love reading about your life events.

Oh, this kit!!!! I am loving it - beautiful hearts and papers! Thanks so much for sharing.

Hope all goes well with the computer transfer.

Hugs, Becky Jo

Edna B said...

My favorite is "Three Little Kittens." Thank you so much again for a beautiful kit. Kyra, I just love the colors you picked.
Hugs, Edna B.

p.s. Good luck with transferring your files to your new PC.

upto53 said...

Thank you so much for sharing!