Friday, August 08, 2008

Just quick

Hello everybody,
You may have missed me the last two days. But I had no internet. Today I called my brother in law, who is rather good in these things, and he came right over. After a lot of research, it was my network card which gave up!!! So we bought another one and Rob installed everything for me. Pffff, that sort of thing is nothing for me.I get all nervous with it. But I am glad, all works again. Sorry you had to miss the freebielists and downloads, but it was out of my hand. Tomorrow I will be back and I'll have again a kit for you. Just now I must get rid of the stress of that d........d computer thing!!!
To all a good evening and hope to see you tomorrow!

Lots of greetings,


Elizabeth said...

Glad it's all okay now, nice you have someone who helps with that! See you tomorrow, Kyra!

Dana said...

Thank goodness, I was worried about you and Jan.

snowraven's cave said...

Hello -thanks for the award !!! It's so nice to know that my designs are liked by so many.
PS: Your designs are beautiful as well !
Hugs Snowraven