Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am tagged and trip York

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, I am certainly in the picture lately.! Now I am TAGGED again! I already said the tagger(not yet reveiling who it is)) that it may take a few days before I do so myself. I must think first about some things you don't know yet about me. That is a bit hard. But I will continue the "chain".

Yesterday was a quiet day around here. I had to nurse Dikkie Dik again, the wound opened itself again and there was coming out again some dirty stuff. But after taking care of it, first cleaning and then I put some jode (Betadine) on it, today it seems not so thick anymore. May be in just a few days more, it will heal properly. Hope so. Then we have a bit problems with our other cat, Brodski. He is VERY reluctant to come into the room. With much talking I can get him into the kitchen from the garden, but then he stops and reaches out his neck as far as possible to look into the room. I have the idea he is afraid of the rabbit, you know. The COWARD!!!! To our big surprise yesterday evening he had entered the room for say 1 meter. Wow, progress, I thought. ALL WRONG> As soon as the rabbit moved.......................... VROOM................... out Brodski into the garden! I wonder how long that will take before he gets used to the fact there is another, to him, weird animal in the house! The two others don't bother too much. But they are very interested in the bird. The little lady, Micky, sometimes is sitting in front of the cage, looking up completely fixed, almost in LOVE, to the birdie. But till now she didn't do anything. As precaution we move her away from it after a few minutes. Dikkie Dik seemed to have tried to jump at the cage, Jan told me. So we have to watch that carefully. I already told Jan, that if we leave the house together, we HAVE to place the birdie in another room, where the cats cannot come!!!! Just in case.........................

Well, time to go on with the trip to York.
Thursday 8 May 2003.

We also today woke up rather early. Today Josy wanted to do some little shopping in York. First a nice breakfast, although Josy didn't had much. She still was very tired from yesterday. I can imagine it, already at age, a whole day on the move and all the excitement and coping with all the memories and emotions that came up. That's a lot to deal with.
After breakfast we first went back to the room where I packed our suitcases, while Josy could sit quietly in a comfortable chair. I gave them at the reception, because we only had to be at the bus at 15.30 o'clock. Then we went to town. The weather was much less than yesterday, but still good enoough for what we had in mind. We went to the store "Boots"where Josy found all she wanted, then walked through the Shambles to the market place and had a nice cup of coffee. Especially Josy was very glad to be able to sit down again. We took it easy, after a while we ended up in the park and on a bench in the sun we had our sandwiches. I made a round through the park, took some pictures and also walked to "her"house to make another picture to be sure I had a good one. Then it was time to go to the bus, so we took our luggage at the hotel and went to the station. Took another drink and waited. Oh boy, such a day appears to never end, if you have to wait for leaving time! But okay, bus came, we off to Hull. Had plenty of time so we could go on the ship relaxed. This time we had hut numer 10288 on deck 10. Almost the same spot as on the travel to Hull. And laugh about it, I had the same trouble with the bed!!!At about 18.30 o'clock we went to the dining room, because this time we should take the diner. It was very tasty and there was very much, also a self service buffet. We met an awefully nice waiter, who accompanied Josy to the buffet, carried her tray and put all the things she wanted on her plate and walked her to the table. We had a nice chat with the felow, all very cosy. After dinner we took a little stroll to the taxfree shops, because I wanted to take something home for Jan. But I saw Josy was so tired, that I first brought her to our cabin and then went back to the shops. I found a very nice bottle of good portwine for Jan. But I had to wait to take it with me, because she ship hadn't left the harbour yet. Had to do with the taxfree. Very annoying to wait for another hour, that seems very long when you have nothing else to do. And I got sleepy too!! But the hour passed, I quickly got my bottle and jumped into my bed. We slept very well.

Tomorrow I will have the last part of the journal and then I must see if there is still another one for you. It's a pity I didn't make journals of all the trips I made, but a human being can be lazy at times!!!.

Now the kit for today. I think it's a bit funny one, I found some ver nice drawings in the public domain and they gave me the inspiration for this kit. It is ALL about CHEESE. I think you can use it for some cooking pictures, even barbecue or picknick, or you can make recipe cards with it I know there are lots of people who make these cards! Some day I want to try it too. But first this kit"Say Cheese", and I hope you will enjoy it.

Have a nice day all, it seems today here it will be one very warm day, and already tomorrow temperature will fall down again. That's often Holland, very big differences in the weather in very short time.
Bye, bye, till tomorrow!

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 06 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Edna B said...

What a great idea for a kit. This is wonderful. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Merci, j'adore!


Anonymous said...

So, I have no CLUE what I'm going to do with this kit, but thank you! I love the variety of your kits. :)

Elizabeth said...

I have enjoyed your trip journal, it's very different than any trip I have taken, thanks for sharing it with us!

efie said...

hay kira
can you give me some links for those public domain??
ik zoek en zoek maar overal zit copyright op.
groetjes Efie