Sunday, July 06, 2008

A visit from a stranger

Goodmorning everybody!!

You already know we had some visits from a strange cat to our house. I believe it is over now, since we have the new hatch. Be grateful for that. But earlier this week we had a real strange visit.

One morning I was at the computer (where else???) and wanted a cup of coffee. So I stood up, walked almost through the door and somehow my eye catched something "strange" on the floor. Something a bit yellow/brownish, and I thought may be one of the cats vomitted a little bit. It happens, now and then. Nothing too bad, take it up with a kitchen paper, clean it up (we have a wooden floor) and it's okay. But then I looked again an what did I see??????? A little frog(or perhaps a young toad) was sitting there. We have some of them in the garden, I don't know where they are coming from, we have no pond in the garden and as far as I know the gardens around us aot either. But they are there. I don't mind, they don't bother you. Sometimes the cats are very interested when they see one hopping around in the plants. But to have one in th house is a bit too much. In the evening the doors to the graden were closed, and through the hatch is impossible. So I think, one of the cats caught one and brought it in the house as a ind of "present". All by all it is a funny sight, having a frog in the house! Well, I took a wet cloth and picked it up ( it sat still all the time, I think the poor thing was in a shock) and put it back in the garden.

This week I also hurt my left foot rather badly. Wanted to put a wooden block on it's place, but ended up to touch it on the corner just above the edge of my shoe. Whooooo, that really hirt. Okay, it can happen, I thought I would have a nice blue spot on the foot, that will pass. But in the evening I even could not put my foot on the ground, so much it hurt!!!! What to do?? Try out the old recepy from my mother: take a piece of wet cloth, put on that a lot of vinager, lay it on the bruised spot, than take a piece of plastic, put it on that and then cover it all with a bandage. And in this case put even a sock on. Leave it there for a couple of hours, refresh it once or twice and you will see that the next day you will not have a big swelling. It even doesn't hurt so much anymore. So I did and the next day I almost could walk normal again.

Those little accidents happen to me all the time.

Okay, on to the freebie. This one is again in fresh and sweet colours, grasping back to our childhood when we listened to little nursery rhymes, from which we almost don;t know the words anymore. But they come back if you have your grandchildren around or children from your friends. I think, you can find a lot of pictures to go with this kit. Title is simple: "Back to our Childhood" (how do I invent all those titles, good hmmmm ???? LOL)

Have a lot of fun with it and may I wish you a splendid Sunday?


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Elizabeth said...

Thank you Kyra! Glad you are okay to walk, now. I copied your idea, I'll give it a try sometimes, too. My cat brought a very large frog up to the door in his mouth one time, he used to fish in the creek, I'd seen him wade in. Most cats wouldn't do that, he was an "outdoorsman". I had to tap his head until he dropped it and take it back to the creek. Mine have been indoor cats for many years, I don't miss the little gifts. Funny your cat didn't boast about it, though!