Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quite busy, today.

Goodmorning all of you!!

I will be quite busy today, is must say. irst the blogging thing, of course. Then posting the freebie on different forums, okay, that is the dialy routine. But then I have to go out, to find a little present for the daughter of a friend. The daughter is turning 18 years. Important age!! I have already something in mind, so it should not take too long. Then there are ALWAYS things to do in the house. I want to take a looong shower today, to poodle myself a bit. We'll have to have something a bit substantial before we go and already at about 15.30 o'clock we must leave here to go to the party. So the dya to do things, is shortened a bit. It may even be so, that I shall not have a large freebielist, I think time is to short, but I can already find some and put them on the blog.

Today I have an Orieantal looking kit for you. Not too big, but I think I like the colours. I made some bows in it, but they are a little bit special. If you look well, it aren't "just" bows, they are made like an "obi". That is the name of the belt that e.g. geishas wear on their kimono.

The title is simple but nice: "Oriental Trip". Gave it that name, because it is a bit a mixture of Chinese and Japanese papers and content.

Hope that you will enjoy it.

Make it a nice day, this Saturday and till tomorrow!



aquascrap said...

I do like the papers of this kit....Thanks Kyra.I haven't been around much.....I have done some damage to my knee and find it painful to sit too long at the computer or to sit anywhere for that matter. It's the getting up ans sitting down in a chair that hurts the most...but today the pain has eased a fair bit and I can sit longer. Just have to be careful when I move and remember my knee has to come with me.

Edna B said...

I love these colors. thank you so much for the lovely kit.