Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nice evening out yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

As I told you, we had that birthday to go to. Wow, 18 years, what an age! She organized it with her mother in the "old"cafe, for a part. So in the afternoon I quickly went out to see if I could find a nice present for the girl. And I did so. It was a lovely purse, piky, with little flowers on i, a nice size for going to town, or take it to the beach (she is going on a little holliday next week). Inside I put a bottle of nice shwer gel, and a glowy body lotion and a spunge(also pink). I wrapped it in a nice paper , put a card on it and inside the card we also put a little money for her to add to her holiday savings.

We arrived at the cafe at about 17.00 o'clock and she was already all nervous. Hoping everybody should come who she invited. We were the first! And was she happy with that purse. Unbelievable. Jan first thought it wasn't a good idea of me, he said: why a purse? she problably has already 50 purses! But what do men know about girls of 18????? You are right, they DON't understand them. HAHAHAHA.

It seems the purse was of a style, which is very trendy for the girls at the moment! I didn't know, just liked it, but made a good shot with it. Then slowly the guest came in, so she was all happy. Her mother was there to, of course, and she made some little snacks for the guests, she did very well, all very tasty. It was a very nice evening, I think the girl, Denise, has some nice friends of her age. But to everybody she was pointing out who was who of the "oldies", and showed her presents to everybody. So mission succeeded. And at about 22.00 o'clock she left with her friends to go to a place really for the younger ones to have a dance etc. I think she will be sleeping very long today!!!!!

But it is nice to see, that a young girl like her is still happy with little things and appreciates the thought behind it.

And today I have a kit for sport lovers. More specific the ice-hockey fans. It is all in one colour scheme, nice blue tones. Surely there are some fans of that sport. I sometimes watch some games too, I remember still the days when the Russian and specially the Czech teams were very good. If I am right, there was a very known player called Tretjak. In his time, he was like Superman. Anyhow, here is the kit: Power on Ice and I hope you will like it.

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday.



Maria said...

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Digitally Addicted said...

Love this one; I too remember Tretiak. He was a great goaltender. Gave us Canadians headaches. :)
Thanks for sharing this and all of your kits

aquascrap said...

so nice to read you had a lovely evening out.....aaaahhhh to be 18 again. The kit looks great once again. BTW thanks also for the huge freebie lists day after day....they are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kit. I've got some photos of my little guy in the small hockey setup at a children's museum.

Don't be too hard on Jan--I think most men wouldn't get why you'd buy someone a purse when she already has more than one. My dad really can't understand the different between my mom's multiple pairs of black shoes. (For that matter, I think my husband just humors me sometimes when it comes to things like this!)

Edna B said...

This is great. My son loves hockey, so this will be nice for scrapping him. Thanks so much.

Deltapdawn said...

Love your hockey kit. Hoepfully your readers might need my Stanley Cup Template!