Thursday, July 17, 2008

A little fight, I WON!!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a little fight yesterday for the drops for the cats! Specially with Micky, the smallest one! I took her on my knees, slowly grabbed her tight and Jan tried to give the drops. NO WAY! I think they smell it, or so, but she began to wriggle and snarl at me and cried her heart out and then it is impossible to hold her. So we let her go, without drops. Because one of the tiny tubes was open, I looked around for another cat. Found one, Dikkie Dik. With him, the very friendly and bit dombo cat, no problem. But still two to go. Some time later all three fine in the garden in a bit of sunshine. The little one one a chair, so I went over to her, hiding one hand(!), and first cuddled her a bit. And suddenly let the drops fall into her neck and moved very quick away. She already started again, but I DID WIN! HAHAHAHAHA. Now only Brodski to do. A little bit of trouble with him, you cannot hold him, he doesn't like that, but cuddled a bit and in two sessions I gave him the drops. It is almost a military operation, with attack plans and all! Now let's hope the drops will do their work. Perhaps after a few days I can try to use the flee comb again. The little one has too many littls scratches and wonds on her skin to use it. I can imagine it hurts combing her.

Then I also went out for a little shopping. It was nice weather for it. And I passed the famous cheap shop for clothes!! You can already guess what I did??????????? Yes, I did! They had sale and had a discount of 60% to a lot of clothes. I came home with two shirts for Jan, one with long and one with short sleeves. Long sleevs only 3,25 euro and short sleeves..... 1,75 euro. Do you believe that? If only he wears them for one season it is allright. And I bought a few things for Séverine, 2 t-shirts and one vest, I think together voor about 5 euro. And I bought a t-shirt with lond sleevs for myself, with a cute print of cats on it and the words: I love cute cats. So I came home all happy.

Oh, I have to show you a LO I received from Maud, a scrapper enthousiastic from Holland, who uses my Bee Happy kit to make a Thank You card for somebody. I think she did a nice job.

Today I have a small kit for you, it's all about Grandparents. So it will be nice to scrap some pcitures for or with Grandparents, or grandparents with grandchildren etc. I think you can always use that, at least, I hope so.

Now have all a fabulous day!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute grandparents kit. I've been lazy about scrapping lately, I need to get back to actually *using* these kits instead of just snagging them. (I'm a magpie kind of gal.)

I love cats, but I don't envy anyone having to give them medicine. My parents and my sister are dog owners, and the dogs aren't all that cooperative about taking their medicine, but at least they're not likely to bite or claw the person trying to give it to them!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on getting the cats done, it's hard with them to do anything that isn't THEIR idea. Mine are mad at me tonight because we caught a mouse in the house, in a box type trap with peanut butter, and I put the trap in a room without them and closed the door. Imagine, they thought it was their mouse. Don't worry, the mouse really likes the peanut butter and in the morning he will go to live in the nearby woods (instead of my kitchen drawer!) I guess I won my fight too, only with the mouse!