Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is love in the air?

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, the dvd is installed!! What a trouble! It took already a few days before Jan started with it, but he likes to prepare it in his head first, before starting pulling on all the wires and connections etc. But yesterday it was the day. Connections made, took some time, but okay, finally done. We hopefully on the couch and started it. The first time there has to appear an installation menu on the screen of the tv, just walk it through and all is set. But.........no installation menu. Oh boy, we started already. Jan in unbelieve, I took all the books and manuals and started to figure them out. "Are yo sure you did all the connections at the right place, did you do this, or perhaps you could try that? I asked, trying to be patient. Yes, he did all as written, he didn't understand it. Bla bla bla. Try it in a different way, I said. BOOOOOHH. Wrong words. Well, I tried again, he did again, no installation menu. I was pretty sure it had to be in the connection. Perhaps change one or two and it could help. After a long while, Jan sneeky seemed to have done that and in triumph shouted: I have the installation menu!!! (I already crept at the computer, to save a bit peace in the house). So trying to put on a happy face I came to the couch, shouting out words like: Oh how swell, how did you do that? Was it perhaps the connction here or there??????? He answered : "yes, I changed one, but I think it is all in the wrong place, not as they described it in the manual". (hahaha, do you believe that???). But, surprise, the menu for installation was in Italian!!! How odd. I know, you can easily (???????????????????????????????) change the language, but here came the problem. We didn;t manage somehow, to get it in Dutch. Well, to make it a bit short, finally I managed to get it(don;t ask me how) and then it was quickly done.Now we only have to study at it how everything works. Next chapter, that will be also something, it is like having an extra computer almost.

So it was a kind of stressing day, yesterday!!! And in between I even managed to wash the curtains and clean the windows at the front of the house! WOW!

More interesting to you will be the new kit. I think somehow it really is the season with love int the air, because I made another wedding kit! But you can use a lot of it also easily for other projects. I think, I am rather happy with it, I really love the two colour combination. Well, you have papers, elemens and even a quickpage. I used this quickpage for a picture of our wedding to give you an idea how it looks. Here it is:

Here is the kit, I named it :"Love Match". Hope you will enjoy it. And today I MUST finish a kit, otherwise there will be no download tomorrow! Yeah I am already out of stock again. And I have something else in mind too, but I think it will take some time to make it. I probably make some smaller kits and in between I will try to work on the larger one. Poor me, where do I borrow the time?????

Sweeties, I wish you all a very nice day and have fun with no matter what!!



Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 15 Jul [LA 02:55am, NY 04:55am, UK 09:55am, OZ 07:55pm]).

Edna B said...

What a beautiful layout of your wedding. I love this kit. The colors are very romantic. Thanks so much.

upto53 said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you and I enjoyed your picture, how sweet! You look very happy, must not have been installing a dvd player on that day! No matter what language you speak, those manuals never make sense, do they?

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Kyra love, you are a BUSY lady!!! LOL! What a BEATIFUL and MOST romantic kit you have created and I LOVE the photo of you and Jan!!! PRICELESS!!!

Stopping by in my chaos to leave you some SWEET love and THANKFULNESS for ALL that you do. Thank you for listing my goodies and for sharing yours!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day sweetheart!

Linda :)