Monday, July 07, 2008

Is it coffee time already?

Goodmorning everybody?

This morning I read a funny things on tv text. I will share it with you.

It happened in Italy. There a happy occasion was taking place. A wedding. Should be on of the best days in your life. Well, this bride also thought so. All was fine arranged and everything was okay, till she was in church. During the service suddenly she was standing almost naked in front of the priest and all the guests!!! What happened? The seams of her wedding dress gave up and gave up holding the fabric together and the dress fell of her body! I can understand she got a shock and felt terribly embarressed. Imagine this should happen to you!! Now she is making a claim to the store where she bought the dress of 23.000 euro ( I think this is very reasonable) because of emotional damage and a bit more. For example, she has not a picture series of her happiest day, as you normally have. I can imagine that, you do not let people take your happy pictures, standing there in your underwear only!

Next month a daughter of Linda, from Bon Scrapatit Designs is going to be married. I hope they all check double on the dress!!!!

I hope to get Jan a bit more active this week. I want to buy a new tv and video recorder. The old ones are showing signs of falling apart lately. Well, they are not of the youngest dat anymore(just like us, LOL) but do yo also have that strange things, that when an item is breaking down, giving up, suddenly more are giving up at the same time. It almost seems that machines can communicate in some way with eachother and agree about the time of letting you down.!

TV is still working, only at timesl there is an awful cracking in the sound, then you touch some wires, or shuffle a bit the tv and it is gone for a while. Very irritating. And the videao suddenly works half on the remote control. It is time they are having their retiring.

And now the kit for today. As you know I LOVE coffee so why not another kit about that subject? Here it is, my "Coffee Break". Hope you will enjoy it.

Oh, just an annoucement: Soon I will remove all the pages with the freebies on my wordpress blog, so if you want still some, get them quick. I will not upload all of them to this blog, because new ones are added all the time. But perhaps I will upload a few of the old ones, don't know yet.

Well, all said for today I like to wish you a good start of the week, have a nice day!



Edna B said...

Thank you, Kyra, these colors are beautiful. Very soothing, justlike the coffee break.

JuLaender said...

Hello, from Brazil. Thank you very much for this freebie. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coffee kit. I agree that electronics and appliances communicate with each other. Dave Barry actually wrote about this in one of his books. He had an example of dialog between them, talking about all the people coming over, the below zero temperatures outside, and finished with "We break tonight!" I'm pretty sure that's accurate!

Elizabeth said...

thank you, kyra, I like my coffee break also! I am looking forward to looking at your papers with the cups on them, they look really cute!