Monday, July 14, 2008

Great dinner yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

So the dinner was very tasteful! Especially the mushrooms were a good idea. We liked them very much, so it is repeatable!

Not very much else happened yesterday. It took some time to prepare the food, so I spent quit some time in the kitchen. I think I am not a particular organized cook in my kitchen. I like to use a lot of stuff, and Jan gets crazy, he says, if he should be there with me preparing a dinner. Well, I must say, I rather be on my own. Then I can do all in my own way and speed, may be for somebody else it looks chaotic, but it works well for me, hahahahaha. But what I always try to do, is already washing up some of the used stuff in between the preparing. You always have moments, you'll have to wait a bit before something is ready and that is a good time to clean already some things. Then, when you are all ready preparing, there is not so much mess.

I finished the kit I was working on, I think it will be on the blog tomorrow. But today I have again something for the motor lovers. It is a small kit, but not too bad. Look well at one of the papers, it is rather a funny one!

Girls, that's all for today, not much hey, but it cannot be always a long post.

Hope you will like this little kit, and I wish you a fine start of the week. May it be a happy one!



Edna B said...

This is adorable. That paper is too cute. That could be me some days!! Thank you Kyra.

upto53 said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

I knew those mushrooms sounded good!!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Kyra,
ich mag deine Freebies sehr, besonders die Bike-Kits.
*D*A*N*K*E dafür!
Auch deinen neuen Blog finde ich toll und übersichtlicher als der alte, pink wie meiner :-))
Lieben Gruß von Doro