Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cooking Sunday

Goodmorning everybody!!

I am a bit later today on the blog. I took my time and slept a little bit longer. It was necessary, because yesterday we went very late to bed! I think it was almost 02.30 o'clock at night! We started talking about, well, first the things with Jan's health and then there came stories out of the sleeve from former days, things we did etc. and then time passes quick! Those talks always start with": did you know? or did you do that too? or once there was such a funny thing etc.
Not good for my sleeping habit, but nice for the mind and feeling good being together, you know?
Now first I have to thank Efie from

She gave me another award

But I will be forgiven, if I am not making more nominations, I already did in my earlier post. Still it is nice that people like my blog enough to give me such an award. It is good for the soul and very much appreciated.

Today I think I will spend some more time in the kitchen than usual. I have to find now "easy"soft things to eat for Jan and still keep some variation in it. So for today I have two big mushroom, Portobello, that I will will with a mixture of mozarella and ham, cut in very small stripes and that has to go in the oven for a while. That's the starter. Then I will make goluptsi, a Polish and Russian dish. First you have to cook some leaves from a white cabbage, In the mean time you prepare minced beef (or half beef and half porc, which will have a bit lighter structure), then you make little rolls of the minced meat and wrap a cabbageleave around it. The rolls in a dish, pour some tomato juice (not ketchup!) over it, a bit seasoned and put that for a while in the oven to get ready. With that I will make just plain cooked potatoes, but you easily can eat it with rice too. And most of the time it is more economic to make a larger portion of the goluptsi, so I will have enough for tomorrow too. And often it tastes even better the second day. If there still last some rolls, I can put them in the freezer. Or I give some to some friends. So now and then we do that, exchainging food. Nice hmmm?

So I will be busy for a while. In the mean time I hope Jan will connect the new dvd, so that all will be in order.

The kit for today is also animal related, this time the subject is hummingbirds. So lovely, those little birds! Well, enjoy yourself today and also with the kit, I hope. Take your rest a bit, tomorrow a whole new week is waiting for you with all kinds of things necessary to do.



efie said...

hij is weer prachtig en je recepten klinken ook errrg lekker zeg(ga t eens een keertje uitproberen)
ik zit dus nog met die nominaties he ,kijk ik wil deze
site nomineren maar ik begrijp niet hoe of waar ik dat zou moeten doen.
enig idee?
(weet niet eens wat voor taal het is zeg,ik hoop eigenlijk russisch en dat jij dan precies weet wat er staat) :)
groetjes Efie

Edna B said...

This is a gorgeous little bird, the hummingbird. You've chosen such lovely colors for this kit. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I do love hummingbirds, thank you! My mom makes the cabbage rolls, just like you described. She is from Iowa, but there are many of German descent there, so some of the food influences come from them. Some people mix rice into it, also, I guess then you don't need to fix potatoes, too. I would go for the mushrooms myself, Yum!!!