Friday, July 18, 2008

BIG, in brown, black, grey, white

Goodmorning eveyrbody!

How are you today? Planning to do some nice things? I better not plan to much, with me it always turns out to go different. But I hope to get on with a new, HUGE kit, every day I try to make something for it. Still a long way to go.

Today I have a bear kit for you. Not a TEDDY bear but REAL bears. I am a bit in awe for those animals. You have to admire them for their size and force and how they manage to walk around and take care of their living. Not that I am eager to encounter one in a close range! Bears always remain very unpredictable animals. But you also must admire them and fear at the same time. So I made a kit with some bear papers, not used all the species of bears, e.g. I didn't make a paper with a polar bear. But you have brwon, black and a grizzly in it. (and yes, you have to cute bear clipart in it)I think you can use this kit in different ways, perhaps for hunting pics, or camping or even a visit to the zoo. I hope you will like it. I kept it in brown colours, somehow it felt good for this subject. I named it: "To Admire and Fear"

Nothing left to be said (short post hey?) I wish you a good and happy Friday.Take care!



Anonymous said...

Magnifique !!!
Un grand merci pour ce site merveilleux !

Cathy de France

Edna B said...

Kyra, your bear papers are gorgeous. Thank you so much.

Andrea said...

Awesome kit! Thanks so much! I have the perfect pictures to use in this kit- pics of a Grizzly we saw outside of yellowstone-

Peekerdo said...

Thank you for the freebie "To Admire and Fear!" It is awesome to use in masculine layouts!