Sunday, May 20, 2018

Quick post, to say I am still alive LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

yeah, it's been a long time after my last posting, I know. But i wasn;t in the shape to sit for longer time at the computer. In fact first week after the fall it was hard to do anything, also sitting lying down, walking, no, not nice at all.
Sweet hubby of mine took over the cooking the first week, and did things that were necessary. I felt sooo guilty, you know, because he also has to be a bit carefull with his back and health all over.
But slowly I am getting better, although I fear it will be a longer process, to get rid it all and be in the same shape as before.
I felt also awefully tired the first week or so, because I couldn;t get a good night sleep.
Still like to take some naps every now and then.
But with some care i can do a bit of shopping again, in slow motion, but never mind that.
I think longer walks is still the most difficult for now, after a while I really feel the back again at some places.
Still I cannot complain too much, all considered I was very lucky not having broken or severely bruised anything.
Now that i am getting slowly in a better shape again, Jan has catched a cold in the last few days, poor soul. He is coughing a lot, which is the most tyring of it all. I hope it will pass in a couple of days, he could do with a stressless period too!
Lucky for us from today we are having real nice weather again and if all forecasts wuill come true it will last at least till next weekend, or may be it could stay on for even longer. I am talking about temperatures here at the coast of around 21 to 25 C which is very nice.
We can do with some real spring and starting summer weather, good for all kind of healing, good for a good mood, etc. LOL.
For now you know anyway that I am doing okay, but I have to close the post now, same position at the computer is doping no good.
I have a kit for you, one in two downloads, hope you can do something nice with it.
Thanks to all for the uplifting comments and good wishes.
Now i still have to read some blogs, which I left alone also for about 14 days. But that will have to wait till perhaps tomorrow.
Have a great day and week ahead.
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Download    part 2 HERE

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Sorry, no post today

Hello everybody

Just logged in to say I will not be posting today. two days ago I took a fall from a little stool, on my back. It was all my own fault, shouldn't have used that stool.
But in general I am okay, I still can walk and move(although that is a bit difficult LOL), but sitting at the computer isn't really possible. Already am glad I can sit off and on on the couch.
Well, as soon as I am feeling better I will post.
So sorry i have to disappoint you, all by my own stupidity!

Till soon I hope.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Oh, that easily sidetracked mind!!!

Goodafternoon everybody!

First things first, which is the weather. Well, not much to tell about it, about the whole week not more then 12-14 C(with difficulty)(53-57F), with sometimes, although rather rare, a bit of sun, then also some rain, mostly clouded. All together not the very best spring weather.

Talking about the mind that gets so easily sidetracked. It happened to me again this week. I knew I put on the stove a little pan with some potatoes to boil, then got sidetracked by something on tv if I remember well. Then Jan came into the room with the message: "You can forget about the potatoes and may be even about the pan."
Oh my God. I took a look and yes, nothing to do about the potatoes and the pan.................hopeless.  I quickly put both in the bin and bought a new little pan. I was so very angry with myself, how could I forget about it. But... it happens sometimes. I usually don;t watch tv when cooking and certainly don;t do anything at the computer, because I know I forget about time. Still it sometimes happens.
Better make a reminder about it in my mind, so that I'll be even more careful in future.

This friday we had our King's day and it is already for 5 years we have our King, how fast time passes.
The Royal family visited a city in the north of the Netherlands, Groningen(we have a provincew called that way but also the capital of the province is called Groningen.) It is a place where for many years now they extract nautral gas out of the ground, and it has consequences! I have a link for you where you can read about it, because it has a very big impact on the inhabitants and their homes!

But most of the time it was a happy visit of the Royals there, to celibrate the 51st birthday of our King. I have a few photos from the net from that day of the Royals, but also a link to some  official portraits
Here from King's day itself:
The 3 princesses

 The whole family:
Jan and I went out on that day for a moment, we were even a bit lucky with the weather. It was dry(as we left home!)and even a little bit of sun. We went to town centre, visited the flower market. So many beautiful plants, although not too cheap, so we managed to leave them there, LOL. We also visited the fair, just to see what new attractions there were. Oh gosh, a lot and a lot of them were those things of great speed, altitude, quick movements and so, nothing for me!
But it always is fun to look at the people. We even played a little bit on a casino machine, just for a few bucks. We do that every year, just for the fun of it and Jan was a bit lucky, he got enough points to pick out a asmall price and we went home with a soooo cute little bear and a blue smurf ROFL!!!!
They have a lovely place now in our room, with the other bears.
By the end of our walk it suddenly started to rain, but it didn;t last very long. Then we took the tram home and it was good we went out for a while and sniffed up some fresh air.

I think you have enough to read and watch, so better i finish this post now, with a little download of clusters of Arlene, made with the Sparks of Memory kit.
Have a wonderful day and week to come, take care of yourselves.
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Sunday, April 22, 2018

We had some awesome summery days.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, in the middle of this week we suddenly had summer here. Temperatures of around 23-25C or something like that here on the coast.
It started all on wednesday and it felt soooooooooo good!!!!
With some of those days, you really see the garden spring into life.
It is a pity though that today is the last of those wonderful days.
From tomorrow on temperatures will suddenly drop for about 10C, to just 13 or 14C.For time of year it is rather normal, but now that we are spoiled some days with that awesome weather it is hard to swallow, LOL!
But at least we had some good moments in the garden, had even take out the parasol to have a bit of shade.

We did go to my friend Heidi on Wednesday and it was a nice visit. She is doing more or less allright, but it seems that now she might have some trouble with her thyroid. So she will have some examinations, but it seems difficult to get an early appointment. I will phone her tomorrow or so to hear about it.
We planned to may be take a little walk after our visit, but just that day Jan had trouble with his back so we just go home and he could take a tablet for it an lie down for a moment.
Never mind, we will do that on another day(hopefully also with some temperatures in the twenties!).

Rest of the week was rather quiet, which is good.
I must say, that my energy level isn't at the highest lately, so  don;t get as many things done as I sometimes want. But on the other hand, it is good to be able to take some easy time now, after all the stress there was in the past half year or so.
And there is always tomorrow to do a little job, that I didn;t do today(or am I acting like an ostrich now, hmmmm????????)

I better make this a shorter post now and sit a little while in the garden, because i can see that weather already is changing, and we might get some rain later, perhaps even with some thunderstorm.
It could pass us and just happen more in the south and east of the country. I rather have that kind of weather passing by, that thunderstorms with rain and who knows some hail and hard gusts of wind suddenly coming over).

Yes time to put on the coffe for Jan and me and put a new kit on for download. It is named Sparks of Memory, and hopefully you can use it for some lovely layouts.
Have a fantastic week and stay safe!

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring is creeping in!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, slowly spring is getting here. Today we don;t have yet too high temperatures, but it is not bad. Specially when the sun is coming through, it is good to work in the garden(for a little while).
But... if all will come true this week we could have some great temperatures by Wednesday, meaning from 20-22C daytime! Now that would be fantastic. I am sure all the plants and seedlings would love it, because by now I think they almost develloped some swimming membranes in between their little roots LOL!
still some of the seedlings do come up, specially the different species of tomatoes. They are still very small,  okay, but they grow! And if they all become adult plants, we could have a fine harvest of them in summer.
As by now the garden still looks very bare, with large areas of just soil and nothing else, but hopefully in about a month time we will have some growing plants there. They are in the soil, but now have to start to grow and come above the soil with their new leaves and later lots of buds and flowers.

I don;t think I achieved a lot of things this week, apart from a few of the ususal house things, like vacuum cleaning, some dusting, the laundry and so, plus of course cooking our dinners and some shopping. Also took some me-time at the computer LOL, and I have a few still unfinished kits, but next week they should be ready to be uploaded.

I phoned Heidi, just to inform how she was doing. She seems to be doing okay, but I urged her to be careful and not do too much too soon. Somewhere this week I think Jan and I will pay her a little visit, and  we can take a little present too, I have two smaller pots with some tomatoe seedlings for her. If they will grow well, she will have to replant them in some bigger pots, but she can place them on her balcony.

It feels good to be able to spend, although little time, some time in the garden. For now Jan is doing the most of the work, well, I let him, although keeping an eye on it at times hahaha. 
Sometimes he is so enthousiastic with cleaning up the soil, making it look nice again that I fear he removed some little plants(without really noticing it). At the moment I am missing a few smaller ones, anyway.
Oh, it is a pity but on the other hand it gives opportunity to put something new there, isn;t it? In about two weeks we will have our King's day and I hope it will be good weather, so we can go out to visit one or two fairs, where they also have a kind of carbootsales. And there is a little plantmarket in town centre also that day. Which of course if kind of dangerous, but also so lovely to see and it might be we find one or two little plants for the garden then. 

Well, I rambled enough now, about time for me to post the clusters for the Cosy at Home kit and then wish you a very good week ahead.
Till next week!

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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Spring is finally here.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh yes, the last two days we have nice weather, with temperatures around 17-19 even 20C(if the sun is shining. What a miracle!
It is good weather to be in the garden, and Jan is doing that as much as he can. I am still not the biggest help for him, still have to be careful with the knee.
But.... we have the start of tomatoes, if they all will grow well we might have several different sorts of tomatoes in summer. That would be fantastic. Some other seeds already come up now, and with the suddenly rather warm temperatures it helps a lot.
Now I am crossing fingers that the seeds Jan threw out in the garden in full soil, will come up too. If only half of it will do weel, we already will have lots of flowers and color this summer.

We had a very quiet week, which is a very good thing.
The operation of my friend Heidi went well, she came home the same day she went to hospital for it. She had to be there real early morning and could go home early evening. Now she has to take a lot of rest, to give all the wounds opportunity to heal well. I hope she will have the patience to give it enough time.

We will have about the whole week those nice temperatures, may be later it will drop to 16C, but that is still nice for now. Not tyoo much rain is expected, which is a good thing too, soil needs to dry a bit.
Oh, I really hope this kind of weather will stay on for some longer time, and if possible that we will have such nice temperatures on the 27th of April, when we will have our Kingsday. On that day the king will visit one or two twons in the Netherlands, together with the whole family, and in the whole country there will be fairs and all kind of activities. And good weather helps a lot to have a fun day.

I have a new kit for you today, named it Cozy at Home. Next week I will have the clusters for you, hope that is okay.
About time now I take a sandwich and perhaps take a look around the garden)only if the sun is shining LOL).
Take care, and till next week.
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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Happy Easter to you all!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Easter wseather isn;t completly cooperating. Yesterday started rather good, with some sunshine, but later on we got rain and the temps dropped. Today it is rainy weather too and not all too nice temperature.
May be later in the afternoon it will get dry and then later this week we seem to be getting at least two days of around 15-16C!!! Awesome.
Then they say temperature will drop again, but okay, that still can change.
We really do need some warmer days with sunshine, so that all plants can really start growing and will have a good start .
Jan has sown a lot fo seeds( yeah he is turning into a real gardener LOL) and if all comes up well and do it's job, we should have a lot of lovely flowers and lots of tomatoes(all different species) this year.
He also planted some bulbs, so it will be always a surprise what is growing in our garden(Jan often forgets to place plantlabels).

That knee of mine is bothering me when I want to do something in the garden, still needs more time to heal completely. But every few days it is going a whee bit better so we don;t loose hope.

Next week my friend Heidi has to undergo an operation, to replace the central venous infusion catheter for the medicin she needs . She has a form of Pulmonary hypertension, but don;t ask me exactly which form, cause I don;t know(she explained it once but it was so complicated I just cannot remember and she doesn;t like to talk too much about it.) But she has a heavy form of it and it cannot be healed and normally people who have this disease don;t tend to have a very long life.So she walks around with a little pump that is connected to the catheter in her chest, that administers her medicin directly into a vien.
She had not long ago a replacement of the catheter, but it wasn;t done too well, as it seems. So now they need to place a new one and take out the older. The older is now in her right chest and the new one will be place in her left side. She cannot undergo complete anesthesia, because there is great risc she doesn;t comes out of it, her heartbeat will go too low. So she will have local anesthesia, which isnt the happiest of things! Hope all will go well and that she will be home soon. If operation goes well it might be she will be send home the same day again, which I find really too soon, but nowadays it is done this way. 
There is onely one hospital in The Netherlands where they do and treat this disease and it is in Amsterdam. Lucky for her it isnt too far away, but still every time she has a control of whatever she has to take that trip and it takes quite some time.
Let's cross fingers for her that all goes well and smooth.

Well, let's move on to something happier. We have to, because if we linger too long in all that heavy stuff, it makes us depressed and that isn't doing any good for anybody. Life just isn;t always very fair to people, and some have it more difficult than others. we just have to accept that and make the best of it.

I did do a bit of designing this week again. It is fun and distracting.
 have a kit for you today and I will give you Arlene's clusters at the same time. Hope you will like this one, it is named A World away.
I think I will finish this post now. I have a stew on the stove that should be ready by now, time to check it and then I might spend a bit of time on a new kit I started this week.
Have an awesome and blessed Easter and wonderful week ahead.!

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Download   HERE

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sometimes a bit like spring, then wintery again.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, I am very late today. First I took a longer sleep in the morning( sometimes I don;t yet sleep too well at night) and then I did a laundry and also helped Jan a little bit in the garden. I cannot do too much yet, because of my knee, although it is going better. But still will need some weeks I guess, to get in the usual shape. It was a bad fall, taking it has been 4 weeks ago now. Oh well, I suppose it also has to do with getting a bit older, healing goes not as fast anymore.

We had some strange kind of weather here this week, it looked quite nice outside but once outside, it didn;t feel so good, mostly because of some nasty, colder wind.
Now the last two days temperatures went up again, and it was not too nad ouside today. There is some sunshine every now and then and less wind.
Jan already has been busy in short "shifts"in the garden to clean it up, arrange some things, cleaning out some of the pots and containers, even planting some bulbs for summer flowering.
He also bought a climbing rose this week at the markent, it is a yellow flowering one, we planted it in a bigger container, so it will not grow too big. I only know it is a climber and with a yellow flower. On the package it didn;t say a name, or what kind of climber it was. So it will be a surprise to discover what it is.

For one reason or another i didn;t get to the computer much this week.
I did make one kit again, have to upload that one still, but okay, there is time for that.
And Arlene pointed out to me that I forgot to post the clusters for the
Delight in Everything kit. And yeah, she was right and I just don;t know how I could forget to post those. Well, I'll make it up to you today. You will have those clusters and also the ones of the Nocturnal Poem kit.

Oh, Jan was at his doctor this week and she was really pleased with his medical condition. He now has his next appointment in two months, which is a lot better. It feels that way, at the least.
Now crossing fingers nothing will happen in the two months to come, and that it all will go steady and well.

Almost time for me now to prepare our dinner, which is easy today. I had some left overs from a stew for Jan and yesterday I made a potato salad and had some fried fish with it. There is some left over from that too, so I will have that. Easy, peasy!!!!! I LOVE that, LOL.

So, that's it, folks. Let us all hope that nasty winter weather will disappear as ever so fast and that we will have some real Spring weather instead(with perhaps tempes around 15C or even some more?????? We always can dream, hahaha).
Have a wonderful week and stay safe and healthy!
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Download   HERE

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Recovering, slowly, but steady.

Goodafternoon everybody!

We have a wicked cold weekend here! We suffer from eastern winds and it brings us freezing weather, specially at night. At the coast we are kind of the lucky ones, with about -4C night and around zero day, but with the wind added, it feels much colder.
It seems however that later this week wind will change direction and then you see that the temperatures rise, somewhat, which is a good thing.

Jan has a bit of Spring feeling over him and has started to sow some seeds(indoors). We both are very curious to see if any of them will bring us some plants, LOL.
Jan's health is about steady at the moment, so we are already happy with that. Next week he will have another control and appointment at his doctor, yeah, she is still keeping a close eye on him!

And how am I doing with my knee. Well, it is a slow process. Last Tuesday I went again to my doctor, he took a look at it and prescribed me another batch of the same medicins and I have another appointment with him in two weeks.
It is going better, size almost to normal, still having bit of trouble with the muscles at the side and the knee cap. doctor said that it was heavily bruised. He asked if I had fysiotherapy in my health insurance, and I don;t have any(I just have basic, additional assurance is too expensive at the moment for us). It doesn;t matter too much, I just have to move around regularly and I can do some exercise myself.
I did went shopping last Friday and it was going already better, and I could walk for a bit longer. So I must be patient and give it time and walk slowly and it will be okay in some time.

Today is the closing of the Olympic Paralympics, and it seems that we have won several medals there. But that is about all I know, because it was in the news, and there is very little on tv about it. Late in the evening like half an hour coverage and that's about it. I find it very humiliating and a bad thing. Why don;t they mix it with the "valid"Olympic sporters? I think abled and disabled athletes do as much each for their sport, may be it is even sometimes harder for the disabled and we should be more proud of them.
There was once, I think, a woldchampionship atlethics and there they mixed the races and it was a large succes. People should grow on it, and it is as exciting as "normal" matches and races.
I hope that in nearby future the people of the Olympic comitees come to their senses and do the right thing.

Okay, I don't have any more things to tell, I believe, so time to give you the scrapbook kit! It is a rather "heavy"one, so I splitted it into two downloads. I named it Nocturnal Poem, and it is in one colorscheme, in blue. Next time you will have Arlene's clusters.
Have a awesome week and stay safe and healthy!

Download part 1 HERE
Download part 2 HERE

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Knee is healing but slowly.

Goodafternoon everybody!

a short update for now.
Weather is rather good at the moment, temperatures are around 10-15C at daytime, some rain, some sunshine, well, at least much better then two weeks ago.

The knee is healing. I went to the doctor last Monday, he gave me some anti-inflammatory drugs, and slowly they are working. The knee isn;t as thick anymore as it was, but still has some fluid in it I think.
The inside of my thigh is looking aeweful! it has a dark purple color with some yellow going through it and such.! I have there an immense effusion of blood! It will go away some day, LOL.
I tried to do some shopping on Friday, had to walk very, very slowly, and oh my God, I was so happy when I came home again. Guess it was a bit too far. But I have to stay moving around, otherwise the muscles will get so stiff, and some movement is good.
On Tuesday I will see the doctor again, we'll see what he says about it.
I just think it will need it's time and I was lucky that nothing was broken.

Jan is doing okay, also going slowly but as long as he doesn;t get another infection or so, well, then we should already be happy the way it goes now.

Sorry I haven;t a kit for you today. I will try to do some designing this week, but it was too difficult for me to sit for a longer time at the computer at the moment.

Let's stay optimistic and just let the healing do it's work, slow or not.
One thing is good though. Spring is coming nearer and nearer. I am looking forward to it.
Till next time, thank you for all your support and lovely words!
You are awesome people.

have a wonderful week and stay safe!

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Does Murphy's law exist in triple????

Goodafternoon everybody!

A quick post, because i cannot sit too long at the computer.
Well, last Tuesday I went out to do some shopping at the nearby supermarket. Almost ready, had to take just one more thing, and returning to my shopping cart somebody took a step backwards as I passed and .... wham....... there I was lying on the floor!
I took a bad fall, most of it on my right knee, it did really hurt.
But okay, took a little pause and then stumbled back home. Glad I still could walk.
As soon as I was home I cooled the knee and put on a bandage.
Of course just this week my doctor was on holiday!
Never mind, I could wait for a while and see how it went with the healing.
I think I got possibly some strapped knee straps and some muscles took a good stretch. I can walk, but must be very careful, because at times my knee doesn+t completely cooperate.
Anyway, it is something I could do without!!!!
It is getting better slowly, but I will try to get an appointment at my doctor tomorrow and let him check, and see what he says. It will be very busy there  I think, also because of the long lasting flu!
It will probably be something that will take time to recover, damn!!
Lucky i just did some shopping. So we could live on for some days, LOL.
Still later on we needed some milk, bread and some other things.
So Jan went out for it. It was a hard journey for him, walking to the supermarket, look around for the things I wrote down and come back again. He was totally exhausted by it.( I was afraid for it in advance, that it would be a bit too much for him and said, that I also could ask Heidi to bring us some stuff, but he didn;t want that. Oh, stubborn men!!!!!)

Well, let's hope that my knee soon will be good enough to walk some distance with it.
One good thing is that the weather slowly is getting somewhat better.
At least the hard frost is almost gone, temperatures will be around zero at night and at daytime we might reach 6-8C. Best will be that the winddirection changes to south, or south east.

 So, that is the news of last week. Will there come finaly a period of total boredom and quietness, so that we first can sort out all the small or bigger problems and then enjoy some time without any startling events? I surely hope so, because this all is getting very depressing.
Hard sometimes to keep some optimism, but we must!
So to end this aweful post with some cheer, here is a new kit for you and then I must sit down on the couch and give the knee some rest.
Have a great week!
Download   HERE

Sunday, February 25, 2018

My hubby is home again.

Goodmorning everybody.

Yes, Friday afternoon Jan was released from hospital. The infection was gone and they couldn;t do much more for him at the moment.
Let's hope he will be out of trouble for a really long time now.
Of course he is still rather tired, takes several naps during the day, but I don;t mind that. His body will be in need of it. after fighting the infection.
He will have control appointment with his doctor in 14 days now.

We have cold weather here at the moment. Nights we have frost and during the day it only gets to about 3C above zero. Worst of it is that there is a little wind coming from the east, all the way from Russia and that makes it so cold. And they predicted it will even get a bit colder the next few days. But if you just look through the windows, it looks fantastic. Blue sky and sunshine. You just must not put your head out of the door or window LOL.
Also it takes a bit more heating, which isn't so good for the gas and electricity bill. So I just cross fingers the cold will disappear soon and that we will have some Spring weather and temperatures.
Would be better for Jan too, so he could go out and have some walks and build on his condition.

Well, you can imagine I didn;t do much last week. For first I was tired and had to get some rest and then in the afternoons I went to hospital, and to be honest, I just hadn;t too much energy left to do anything.
We need some quiet times now, if possible, without any stressing events, and that for a longer period, if possible!

I was happy that we had the Winter Olympics, it was a good distraction. Our Dutch team didn;t do too bad, I think we won 20 medals total, most in speedskating and some in shorttrack.
Today is the last day, in about half an hour there will the closing ceremony, that I will watch for a bit.

And here is a kit for you, named it All our yesterdays.
I will give you also Arlene's clusters.
Hope you can make some nice memories with them.
Thank you all for your support and prayers!

Have a wonderful week and stay safe!

Download HERE

Download   HERE

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Unhappy news.

Goodmorning all!

Very unhappy news to tell in this short post. Want here on Sunday, when I usually update my blog, because Jan got ill. Already on some days earlier I noticed a change in him, as in not being too concentrated and sleeping very very much. But, okay, it can happen.
But Friday evening already he started to be less interested in tv, wanted only to lie down, slept lots, and the days after it went to worse. Concentration gone, coordination too, I had trouble to get through to him. I toook temperature and he had a bit high, so I though at first he may be caught a cold or so.
Sunday it was worse so I called the doctor in and he came at about lunchtime. Quick check and he called for an ambulance.
After a few hours in fist aid departement of the hospital a doctor told me he most probably had an urinanary infection. So they would keep him for some days and he gets antibiotics and now hoping that will cure the thing.
How he got the infection? No idea.
Well, now you know what I am doing these days.
I was completely done yesterday evening. Didn't had much sleep Saturday and Sunday night, (say, practically not) because I had to keep an eye on Jan. If he stood up I had to be there, otherwise he could have fallen, or have done some strange things.
So Last night I did sleep deep and feel a bit better now already, but still need some proper rest.
On top of all last week also my oven died, which is very akward. I used to do a lot of recipees in the oven. But as my finance isn;t the brightest at the moment(there are some bills to pay from health security and more), bying another oven  probably has to wait for a while.
No, this year certainly didn;t start all too well for us, let us hope we got it all in one package and that the rest of the year will be easier!
At least you know what is going on, I will keep in touch, and you will have a kit or so next time I will post okay?
Keep safe and healthy, till next time.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Winter Olympics started.

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather report LOL! We had some rather cold days, but now temperature is going up a tiny bit. Still possible to have some frost during the night( in our part it will be just 0 or-1C) and at daytime around 5-7C. Not too bad, and it is good to have some sunshine every now and then, evenif it is cold outside.

We had a rather good week, tried to keep it boring and I managed to accomplish that more or less, ROFL.
Jan was at his doctor's and she still seemed to be moderately pleased. He had a little augmentation of the fluid regulation tablets, she wanted to see how that worked on him. He cannot take however too much, because that works a bit on his concentration and such. So it is a delicate balance to find. Still in general it is going not bad, just will need it's time. Pity he had a kind of off-day on Friday, probavly caught a little cold or so, he slept a lot that day and next day already felt a lot better. On top of that we had a telephonecall on Friday from his younger brother that another brother passed away. He was ill already for a long time so probably for him a good thing he passed away.
Jan didn;t had contact with that brother for a long time, too much seemed to have happened in the past. Still it isn;t a nice message to receive.
It makes you realize again, that life plays it's tricks and also that we are getting older. Oh well, we cannot change that, just have to deal with it.

yesterday I went to Heidi for a quick birthday visit. Her daughter SĂ©verine reached the sweet 16 age! Gosh, how fast time goes. I still see her as little girl, you know!

And this week the Winter Olympics started. I watched the opening and I must say it was fantastic!
and wow, the Games started well for us, we have gold, silver and bronze on speedskating for women on the 3000 mtrs, we have silver in shorttrack 1500 mtr. for men and gold on speedskating 5000 mtr for men! Not bad for a little country. Also great to see our king present at those events, he is a huge fan of speedskating and he was just sitting in between the public and cheering and jumping as everybody else.

So now I think I will finish this post, I'd like to sit down on the couch for a while, have a sandwich and a coffee and watch some more Olympics, I think. Later today I will spend a bit of time in the kitchen, preparing our dinner. I think I will make some leek in the oven, I will make a bechamel sauce, with some cheese and ham, put it over the cooked leeks and put it in the oven later, to let the cheese melt. Yummie. A piece of chicken filet and may be some potato croquettes.

I have a kit for you, named Vraiment Chic, and I think you could use it also for some Valentine layouts. I feel generous today(hahaha) and will give you the clusters from Arlene as well.
Have a good day and week ahead, stay safe and healthy!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Sunday, February 04, 2018

A little bit of winter

Goodafternoon everybody!

I am somewhat later today, just because I want to take it real easy today,LOL.
After that hectic period last year, which is putting it's mark until now, I really like to at least have one day where I don;t  HAVE to do anything, you know what I mean? Just let the day flow a bit, not rushing into anything, hoping it will be a quiet day, without anything that interrupts with it, hahaha.

This week, in fact, was a rather quiet week. No doctor's visit, Jan only had to make an echo, we will hear the result next week, when we go to his doctor again.
I filled my time with the usual things, and it is nice to be able to do so again.
This week on the 31th of January, our former queen, now Princess Beatrix, had her 80th birthday! Quite an achievement. She celebrated it the day itself at her home with family and yesterday evening there was a big party for friends and such.

We are heading for a colder week now, here at the coast i think we will have nice with some frost up to perhaps -3C. At daytime we will just be one or two degrees above the zero. Mostly due to anwind coming from the north and north-east. But.... may be end of the week the wind will turn and then temperatures could go up again. I truly hope so!

And then next week is the start of the Winter Olympics in South Korea! we really hope to take away a few medals in the speed ice skating, may be also a couple in the shorttrack. It will be no long sleep for us then during the Olympics! We will have live coverage from 08.00 in the morning, perhaps even earlier. Hmmmm,  that will be hard for me, LOL.
Okay, I will pick out the days that our sporters will performe, and the rest I probably can see in a resume in some sportsprogram during the day or evening.

So there is not too much to ramble about, best I give you the clusters Arlene made with the Looking Forward kit. Next week there will be a new kit for you.
Wishing you a wonderful week and till next time
Download    HERE

Sunday, January 28, 2018

For a moment some better temperatures.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, today there seems to be a "heatwave"coming over LOL. No, don;t get excited, we only have around 9 C but that is feeling warmer than the last couple of days. Even there is a b it of sunshine, that however will disappear soon again and later we will have some rain, again.
And later this week temperatures will drop to "normal" of around 5C.
It is about time temperatures will stay warmer for a longer while and certainly we need some sunshine. It is good for people and certainly good for the soil in our garden, which is soaked!

We had a rather quiet week this time. One visit to the doctor for check up. he doctor is more or less satisfied for now, but still will keep a close eye on Jan for some time.
However she made another appointment in two weeks now, just to see how that will go and then she will have also a better view on how the medicins act. Next week Jan will have to do an echo of the belly, just for control and then the week after he will have to go to the doctor again.

Only thing is that Jan still has now a really good condition yet, although I suspected that to take a much longer time than he thinks for now!
It is only on two check-up visits ago that Jan really realized how bad he was and how tricky his situation has been. At that moment in november it didn't really came through to him.
Never mind that now, I am already happy with the situation as it is now, he is in steady condition, only has to loose a little bit moore fluid still, mostly in the legs. But that will go better and easier when he goes more for walks. A shame that most of the time weather is not great, he really needs spring to arrive soon so that it will be much nicer to go out.

Oh tomorrow Jan will have his birthday and he will have again the same age as me LOL!! Now we will have to hold on till next year May and then we will have our retirement with the pension money from the state and a bit we saved ourselves over the years when working. And then we will be free from the social benefit stuff. How wonderful that should feel!
Strange that in mind we still don;t feel the age we have. Only the body sometimes is protesting when we want to do too much LOL.

And soming to the end of this post I have a kit for you. 
named it Looking forward. Hope you can have some fun with it.
Have a fantastic week!

Download    HERE

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Two rather busy days!

Goodafternoon everybody!

It is already late afternoon and finally  can sit down for a while.

Before I come to the reason of that, fist a bit general update. all still going okay with Jan. Still a bit switching with the medicins, but I think soon there will be a good balance found for him.
Tomorrow another appointment with the specialist in hospital.

Rest of the week I spent wsith doing the usual things like shopping, cleaning a bit, etc. And had to deal with some financial stuff, will be more important next year when we will have finally our pension and pension of the government, but it had to be dealt with. Oh, if only there was a good soul who could take all that stuff out of my hands...............would be sooooo wonderful. But...........some things we have to do ourselves, so okay, it is done with for the moment. Pfew.

Next thing is assembling all papers needed for my accountant for the tax stuff. That isn;t so hard, only needs sometimes somes phonecalls to companies or city council or something to ask for the papers in a bit of quicker pace.

Last two days Jan and I were busy re-arranging the place where we have our stock for the kitchen and such. You could call it the pantry, I suppose?
and why did we do that? simple, but not all too nice reason. We had..........MICE. Oh yes, they enjoyed some of the stuff we had there, like rice, or macaroni and so on. Well, I like animals, and the little house mice don;t scare me, but they have to keep away from OUR food!! On day I had to get something out of the pantry in the evening and I saw two or three mice sitting on the shelves, looking at me, and for sure enjoying a nice meal. Okay, that was enough!!!! Of course we have an old house, so there is always a chance on it, but there had to be a hole in the floor or so from where they came in. I couldn´t find it so probably it had to be behind a big cupboard(which is an old bookcase we don;t use anymore, and is very handy to put the stock in).
So I told Jan and yesterday we moved the re- used bookcase and  voilĂ . there it was the damned hole! We had some stuff we could put into it and as we were  busy anyway, we tried to close all the gaps we could find!
As we had to remove all the stuff from the pantry, we also put in some new floor covering(there was some really old lino and about time to get changed!). So that was done and it was also a good moment to go through the stuff in the pantry. We cleared away quite some stuff(like old pans I never use anymore, other "handy"things, that only caught dust) so good clearing away too.
Now it all looks bright and well organized again and hopefully it will be mouse-proof LOL.
Normally we would do a job like that perhaps in one day, but not at the moment!(we do feel we get somewhat older ROFL) Never mind, it took a bit longer, still it has been done now. And GLAD to be able to sit down now.

Weather isn't all too good. Last week I think it was Thursday, we had a really severe and dangerous storm, force of the wind at times 10 or 11 beaufort, which is really a fierce storm. There was no train traffic, almost no plain traffic at Schiphol, and there was a warning code red! It was adviced to stay at home if possible. Lots of people had damage of the wind, some really bad, like roofs that blew of their house or big trees that landed on their house or car.
We were lucky, no damage of the storm!
Now weather has clamed down, temperatures around 5C, but later this week we will have two or three days with 10-12C! Wow, that is nice in January. However, let's not cheer too much, it can change again into winterweather with snow and ice(hopefully NOT).

That was more or less the week. Last thing to do is showing you the preview of Arlene's clusters she made with the last kit and give you a download link.
Have a great week, stay safe and healthy!

 Download   HERE

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Short update message


Some people have a bit difficulty in reading my blog, because english isn;t their native language. So I added a Google translate gadget in the sidebar(top of it) and hope it will help people to read and understand my ramblings a bit better.
Google translate isn;t always very good, but it can help for certain.
Bye for now again.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sorry for being somewhat late.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh I was so busy last week Sunday when I posted, because we wanted to get rid of all the Christmas decoration that  forgot to mention that just a few days earlier I finally received the Christmasbox of Edna.
Yeah, it did take a very long time to be delivered. All due to our post office.
But never mind now, Jan and I had a belated extra Christmasday unwrapping all the presents. And we had such fun doing so and Santa has been very nice to use.

Then the Sunday Jan and I got ALL the Christmas decorations away! Yeah, it was a big job, but we managed. And it always is the same.
It is great when the decoarion is there, but it is also nice when it is gone again after about a month or so. Although...... to be honest... I do miss a bit the little warm lights. LOL.
Being late with posting just has to do with me not feeling all 100% yesterday. Nothing to worry about, I think I had a bit of a cold or so, making me feel a bit under the weather. Already okay today again.

Today Jan and I were at another appointment in the hospital, for control. It still is going okay with Jan, but the doctor is still trying to find the best balance in medication and loosing fluid(but this not too quick either).Well, next Monday he will have another appointment to see how the little change he got in milligrams of a medicine is having inlfuence. I think, this will need some more weeks.
But.... he is doing already some more walks, it only would be better if the weather was nicer.
We had a few days of rather nice weather, but now we have rain and wind again and temperatures of only around 5C. And it will stay like this probably all week.

I only did a little bit of designing last week, and I totally forgot to change the header of my blog. I will try to have another one next week.
But..... finally I have a kit for you. It is named A Step Back. Not a really big kit, but okay, I think.
Arlene has made some clusters from the kit, I will try to make a preview and downloadlink for next time I  post.
Now I think i will take a small sandwich and then sit down for a while on the couch, watching something nice on tv. I already prepared the stuff for our dinner, only have to put it in the oven and fry a little bit of chicken filet(in the oven I have chinks of pumpking and onion and parboiled potatoes which will have a nice crust.
Here is the recipe for it(i cut a bit the roasting time by parboiling the potatoes a bit longer)
Try them out, it takes a bit of time, but oh, they are delicious this way!

Have a wonderful week.

Download   HERE

Sunday, January 07, 2018

At last we have some sunshine.

Goodmorning everybody.

Yes, sun is shining after days of grey weather. Curious to see how long there will be some sunshine. We had lots of cloudy days, quite some rain, and now temps are dropping again. It will not last for very long, In a few days temperatures will be up again to 5-7 C. and i am happy about it. Still not warm, but already better then snow and ice and frost.
Yeah, the older i get, the less I am charmed about the winter.LOL.

Last Monday Jan was at the appointment with his doctor(I was there too, of course) and in all she was quite satisfied with his condition. But there has to be found still a good balance between medication and loosing fluid and such. She gave him a raise of the urine tablets, to get rid of some fluid more rapidly. But we will have to keep an eye on the weight, that is doen'st drop too fast.
we had a good and rather long talk with the doctor,she is a wonderful women.! Oh and I felt so sorry for her, when we were at the appointment. The poor women had the flu!.Well, not hazardus for the patients anymore, but she still felt quite sick, but didn;t want to reschedule the appointment again.

Today Jan and I will be busy clearing all the Christmas decoration. I wonder if we will manage to do all in one day. It doesn;t matter, if not done today, there is always tomorrow.
And tomorrow Jan has another appointment with the doctor. She wants to keep a close eye on him for now, he may have an appointment each week or every two weeks for now.
First she wants him to be on a good balance and then the appointments can be less.

I am back into designing a bit. It will be on a much slower pace, but it is good that I am back to some creativity again. Now I will finish, because jan already started with the clearing and I don;t want him to do too much (and I have to keep an eye on it too, so that I can find back the stuff in the boxes next year LOL).
Wishing you all a great week to come.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Yes, New Year.

Goodafternoon everybody!

First of all I want to wish ALL of you a happy 2018!
And above all things I may wish you I wish we all keep good health, because having that we can cope with other things!
Let's all cross fingers and send up a little prayer for having a much easier year!

Jan and I spent New Years Eve at home. There were some nice things to watch on tv, I had a tasty but also easy dinner for us, and then we did watch a lot of nice things on tv. Midnight lots of neighbours went out to soot their fireworks, and we did stand fo a little while in the door to have a better view on the street.
There were some folks who did spent a lot of money on the fireworks!
But I love to see the fire arrows, they are beautiful with all the colors and different shapes!

After a few minutes we went back in and sat quietly on the couch and watched a great detective. So it was rather late until we went to bed. Oh well, for once a year it doesn't hurt.

Tomorrow we will see Jan's doctor. (We should have gone there already last week, but got a phonecall from the secretary, that the doctor had a funeral to attend abroad).
Hopefully with good results from the bloodtest.

Well, this is about it at the moment. We have rather good weather, at least temperatures are around 8 C daytime, at night around 5C, so not too bad. A bit too much wind to my liking and every now and then it is raining. I really wish there would come some more sunshine and dryer weather. The soil everywhere is truly soaked, much too wet do be able to do anything.
One good thing already there, we passed the shortest day of the year and are heading towards Spring! And let that come real early, I cannot wait LOL!

Have a great New Years day and week ahead!