Sunday, September 16, 2018

A bit of Holland to America!

Goodafternoon everybody!

The weather here is okay and large part of next week it will only get better and warmer, kind of second summer. Well, you know i don;t mind a bit of nice temperatures of around 25 C.
 don;t think it will last for very long, but every day like that is better than one with ice and snow!

Jan is still suffering from his cold, not couching as much as he did, he only suffers from it in periods, it seems. Worst is when he wants to lie down to sleep, then it gets to him. But.... perhaps mending is around the corner. He slept this night for quite a long time, without having to cough. let's hope it will go upwards from now.

I am a bit angry with myself, perhaps silly, but true. I should have made a few phonecalls this week, but i didn;t make them. I did feel rather tired and tried to sleep some extra in the mornings, so that kind of "disturbed" my normal "schedule". Still I could have made those calls. Now I must make them next week. I really hope I can live up to that promise to myself LOL!

Apart from that, all went rather well I can say. I did finish a new kit, so that is a good thing, and i even started another one(well, I chose the color scheme and made 1 or two papers, haha).
And yes, we have a Dutch lady singer who entered America;s got talent and she is in the finals now! I have to say she is a really good singer and on top of that she also is a very nice women. I have for you two links, so if you want you can look and listen to her.
First if a video with her audition song and second is with a video of her semi final song plus a newspaper article.
Wouldn;t it be fantastic if she actually would win this contest?
Well, here are the links for those interested and if by any chance you think our Glennis deserves to win, well, America, you can vote for her!
If you want to know more about the contest and the other finalists, you surely would be able to find that on Google.

The finals will be broadcast on America's Got Talent network NBC at 8pm ET on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 18-19. 

Okay, I did my bit of promotion here, I think LOL!

So now it is about time to have a sandwich and also to look at my pan with a stew of lamsmeat, with some paprika, onion and mushrooms in it, to see if it is ready. Then I only will have to boil some potatoes later.
Today I have clusters from Arlene, made with the Stories told without words kit.
Have a great week and I hope everybody stays safe, (with all those hurricanes around!).

Download    HERE

Sunday, September 09, 2018

We cleared a bit the garden.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Hmmmm, I am kind of late today. But I had some late winks this morning, I was up rather early, but after a while my shutters fell down again, so  took some extra sleep. Probably needed some.
Jan also slept late today, but that more because he didn;t sleep a lot last night. Probably caused by some caughing he did almost all the time.
It started yesterday late afternoon, and it didn;t stop. we took his temperature, but that was normal(I already was glad about that). I think he caught a cold or so which is playing those tricks with him.
Well, he just has to "sit"it out, I suppose. You know how he is about going to our doctor with things( very difficult, must be very bad before he makes an appointment, sigh!).
May be the weather in the cming days will help somewhat, next few days, at least till Wednesday, temps will rise again to around 22C, sometimes with some clouds, but also lots of sunshine and probably no rain. Then they say on the weather channel that the temperatures will drop again somewhat to around 19C. Okay, I can live with that, although the 22-23C sounds better , hahaha.

Last week and start of this one, we filled a lot of big plastic sacks with lots of pruning stuff, weeds and mostly dried pine needles that comes of the huge fir tree of the neighbour. Alltogether I think we filled  around 10 big sacks. So I called the city council to have those sacks picked up by the "garden-garbage"truck. We had to put the stuff outside on Thursday evening and yeah, oh miracle, they did pick it up on Friday!

What happened the rest of the week? I cannot remember much so it must have been a rather quiet week. Funny thing though happened.
During the week I was thinking about Jan's sister, who lives in Belgium now. They don;t have a lot of contact but the last couple of years a bit more. So I though I should send her a little email this weekend, just to say we were more or less okay and such. And what happened? before I did so, she was on the phone yesterday. Strange things sometimes happen.

I also did some designing on the computer, I am busy with one kit, but it is only progressing slowly. So that one I couldn;t finish for this weekend. I already had that feeling midweek or so, which made me decide to make a smaller one, so that I had at least something for you to download. Pffff, I just finished it yesterday afternoon and got it uploaded this morning. Near escape ROFL!

Oh, sometimes there are happy things that happen! There was a huge problem about deporting two children from the Netherlands back to Armenia. Those children came here as they were 2/3 years old, so they lived all their life here in the Netherlands, folowed dutch school, talk Dutch as native language etc. First it has to nbe said that of course lots of refugees that come here cannot stay here, at least, they have to go back to their country when that is safe for them. And there are also lots of "economical"refugees trying to get asylum here, which is a different category, so to speak. But sometimes there are circumstances that you just cannot strickly follow the law only.
I have two newspaper articles for you(if you want to know more about this case). Those children were in suspence till almost the last minute(they must have almost a trauma about it now, they certainly need peace and quiet now and some stability), but then suddenly the minister who decided they had to go, changed his mind(well, perhaps he didn;t completely by heart, but he used his right of discretion) and the children can stay in the Netherlands. And I am very happy about it.
Those children would have had a very uncertain future in Armenia, whcih no one could want for them.
No, I am not saying that it should happen for everybody, but one thing that is causing this "problem"is that the procedures are taking much too long time(sometimes 5 to 10 years, like with these children), and that is no good at all.
And there are still some cases like this one, also with children that are already here from very young age and don;t get a permit to stay after 8 or 10 years. That isn;t right. They are brought up herespeak Dutch, are Dutch as we, followed school etc. You cannot be serious to send them back to their native country, with which they have no connection at all.
I know, it is a tricky subject to discuss and very difficult to handle, but in a certain number of cases government should give children a "pardon", meaning they can stay here as Dutch citizen and live and built their their life here.
Okay, enough said, here are the two links to the articles, that explain not all, but a bit about the case.

Enough rambling now, time to say goodbye and give you the download for the small kit, named Autumn is Close.
Have a fantastic week ahead and if all is well, I will be there again next Sunday.

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Sunday, September 02, 2018

Sometimes I really accomplish something, hahah!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Today we seem to have a lovely day. Better weather started around Thursday, and it will even get better. Next few days we will have temperatures around 21-23C, perhaps later in the week a chance of a rainshower here and there. So that is good weather for Semptember.

My tomatoe crop is almost over. The few that are on the plant might get ripe next twoo weeks or so. Then we will have to remove all of them from the pots, get the soil out of the pots(may be we will safe half of it to mix with the garden soil or so) and clean the pots so they can be used fresh again next year.
We still have some flowering going on ion the garden. The clematis is giving it's last shot, the smaller rose bushes still produce some flowers, a larger one is getting into a third flowering!
Still on th corn flowers( but they are getting at their end too now), of course the dahlia's start now, and I am happy that some of the bulbs sutvived and flower again. We lost a few of them, probably because we didn;t store them properly.But never mind, that is gardening: you win some and you loose some.

Last Monday  got a shot of extra energy I suppose, I cleaned my fridge of the inside(and it was about time, hahah). So I did it in a quiet tempo, and it had gone well and I am happy with a fridge that is "freshened up"again.
The rest of the week I did some ordinairy stuff in the house, and even spent a bit of time at the computer, so  have a new kit for you today.

Happy to say that not much disturbing happened this week. I think I am really getting a bit old when I am glad to be able to say that, am I?????

Okidoki, it is about all I can tell you about this week(although I am almost sure that I am forgetting something, I should takes little notes during the week to remember, ROFL). Time to post the kit and then i will sit down for a moment at the couch with a sandwich and watch an episode or two perhaps of Bargain Hunt on the BBC.

Have a great week and stay safe!

Download    HERE

 It looked as if last post on last Sunday didn;t post, so I "updated it and now it is on my blog. Very strange. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hopefully summer isn;t over yet!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We had all kinds of weather this week. We started off with still good temps and sunshine, then midweek it started to change and we had lower temperatures and rain, and even thinder and lightning at some point. Today it is calmer again, we started the day with sunshine, but probably to the end of the day clouds will cover the sun and we might have new rainb again.
It is a bit hard to get used suddenly to the new temperatures at the moment. Not much more than 17-18C, a bit too cool to my liking.
May be ina couple of days the temperatures will rise somewhat to around 22C, but then end of the week it might coll down again.
But who knows, may be September has still some fine days for us in store. We always can hope.

I finally saw my friend Heidi this week. We didn;t meet for quite some time and it was great to talk face to face. She only didn;t have such good news. (She always waits telling me not too good news, because she doesn;t want me too worry, silly girl) She should have an operation on and bloodvain around her heart(seems she has an extra one that isnt functioning good anymore). As she has that pneumonial disease she cannot have totally narcotics, only partial, so already that isn;t too great. Could be it will only take a day in hospital, because they want to do the trick via a bloodvain high in her leg and then travel to the one around her heart. It isn;t yet completely sure she will have that surgery, but she better might let it do now. It will be necessary anyhow, because the vain we are talking about is causing trouble with her heartrate, she can have suddenly a heartbeat of over 200 a minute and that isn;t a good thing, as you can understand.
Poor thing, she first had that trouble with the new dispenser for her medicin, which is now working again good and now she has to undergo this again. She has an appointment with the specialist beginning october and then we will know more.
But apart from that we had a nice chat about all kinds of "girl"stuff.

Our garden is happy with the rain that had fallen and still will come,
but sometimes it seems that it is all or nothing here. The last few of the rainshowers last week were real heavy ones, not a nice light rainshower of an hour or two. No, a complete curtain of rain, and so much that in parts of the country they had floods, because the sewer pipes couldn;t handle the amount of water!
However, it still isn;t enough water to compensate the dry months we had.

What else has happened this week? Not much really, I believe. I did some designing on a new kit(still have to do a lot on it, hopefully I will have it ready next Sunday), did some knitting on the pillows, I think I will finish this week the cover for the second couch(putting the large rows together, pfffff).
We are having our last of our own grown tomatoes about this week I think. Pity but there comes an end to it. Still I was happy with the harvest this year.

Of course, how can I forget! Last Friday Jan and I had a tiny little party between ourselves(LOL) because we were married already for 11 years. Oh my God, time really flies at time! We didn;t do something very special but i bought us some yummie cake (caled eclair) to ahave with our coffee in the evening.
Imagine 11 years married and already 26 years together! Is that some kind of achievement or not? hahahaha.

Good, this is all I can think of to tell you, so I will post now some wonderful clusters Arlene made with the Dance through Time kit and wish you all a lovely weekend and week to come.

Download   HERE

Sunday, August 19, 2018

No "turbulence"again this week LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather report: this week started still with rather warm temperatures and sunshine, then we had a bit of rain, some drop of temperature, and leaving us with second part of the week with mostly some clouds and some sunshine, temps around 22C.
Not bad still, I could do with a little higher temps and some more sunshine, but we still cannoot complain.

We had another "batch"of tomatoes and there is still a harvest to come, may be two. But next year we will keep perhaps 3 or 4 tomatoe plants, not so much as this year. I would like to try also some other veggies.
I watch frequently (well, about every week) on BBC the program Gardener's World and it gives lots of good info, And I saw they had some potatoes growing in a simple container and I would love to try it next year. And perhaps some beans, although they take rather some space. We'll see about that.

I was busy the last few months with knitting a cover/blanket for our couches and one is finished now, it is in grey and white( it makes the room a bit brighter), one is already over one couch, now I have to put together the next one for couch two. I do that when I feel like it(and that isn;t too often I must admit), But it is a kind of boring job in fact and still have to pay attention to do it nice, so I only do it during daytime. In the evening I started now knitting some covers for the pillows. I make them on a light ocher color, it brightens up the covers.

I make them in the same stitch as I used for the covers, very easy stitch but it gives a nice effect, specially if you don;t use too thick yarn.
I use needles of 3 or 3,5 European( in English  10 or 11?, American 2,5 or 4).
I can give you the pattern of it, had to translate it myself from Dutch to English, could find it in english. So here we go:

Multiple of 2
Row 1: knit all
Row 2: * knit 1, slip 1 stitch purlwise with yarn back*, repeat between * till end till last 2 stitches, knit those
Row 3: knit all
Row 4: knit 2,  * slip 1 stitch purlwise with yarn back, knit 1, * and repeat between * till end.
( I do make an edge stitch on each side, so count with that when you cast on the stitches)
That's all.

Good, I really don;t have much more for now, I am happy to say I just finished yesterday a little new kit for you, so I come not comppletely empty-handed, hahahaha.
Wishing you a great week!
Download   HERE

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Slowly harvesting tomatoes.

Goodafternoon everybody!

I was a bit late this morning, but after waking up rather early, I went back for another snooze, because I didn;t sleep very well this night.
I suddenly had some stomach trouble coming up yesterday afternoon and it lasted during the evening and the night. It happens every now and then, not too often, but when it does, it isn;t a pleasant feeling at all.
Well, it is already much better today, so hoping it calms down further and will be gone this evening completely.

We had all kinds of different weather this week. beginning of the week two days of very hot weather, than another day with some drop of temperature, but also rainshowers and even hard wind(lucky not as stormy as they said it would be!), then next day even more rain (plants were dancing in the rain, you know LOL)and then it got dry again and partly sunny, partly cloudy with lower temperatures but still nice of around 22C average.
It will stay that kind of weather all week. a bit clouds, a bit sunshine, perhaps here or there a little rainshower. It can stay that way still for months if you ask me.

Nothing happened here, life is just happening, and I can dig that!!
We did watch a lot of the European chamionships and we witnessed some great achivements and even did win a few medals again, even some golden!
Pity that today is the last day, still some great finals to see later and then we will have to do with the "normal"programming on tv again.
It is sometimes hard to find something nice and interesting the whole evening, it still is summer-season in tv land, and that measn a lot of poor programmiing. Oh,well, there are always a few things that catch our interest and we do register a few things so we can watch that when there isn;t anything great at a certain time.

My tomatoes are baring fruit now, and we can harvest some every 2 or 3 days. Here I have a photo of one little harvest.
As you can see we have all kind of different sorts. And they do taste fantastic!

We will have a tomatoe sald this evening (again) at dinner. And we will have fried trout and fried potatoes with them. The trout I bought yesterday at the market, so it is all fresh.
I lovve this fish, and i prepare it real simple.  Just some salt and pepperand a bit of garlic and just fry it in some oil.
Oh, and we have some strawberries with cream as dessert.
Not too bad for a Sunday hey?
Most of the week I just have a quick dinner, not too complicated and so, but it is nice to have something a little bit special every now and then.
I am not very keen on boiled potatoes(as for Jan he loves them and then mash them on his plate with some gravy), I am more from the fried potatoes, or sometimes pasta. I do have to say I have a very easy husband who eates about all I prepare. But I know of course his preferences and  I try to make a mix of his and mine. Sometimes it is so hard to come up with something for dinner, I do try to have something different every day, if possible with some fresh veggies. But every now and then I run out of ideas LOL.
Not a big deal, but challenging at times.
(and i don;t want to spend too much time on it every day, yeah, I have become a bit lazy on this point, is that a bad thing?)

Anyway, today we will have a tasty meal and then tomorrow is another day.
I have a kit for you today, named Dance thtough Time.
Have fun with it.
Take care, "see" you next week.
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Sunday, August 05, 2018

Love to watch European Championships

Goodmorning everybody!

Still very warm here, although it might be today a little bit less, but then next two days we will have very hot weather, temperatures even here at the coast around 30-32 C!
Then later on in the week temperatures will drop qujite a bit, to may be around 22-24C and we even might get some rain towwards wend of the week. We'll see about that. It isn't bad that temperatures will drop some, because lately it has been too much, I think. Then it might be nice if we could stay on temperatures of about 22 till late November or so????? Probably I am wishing too much, but who knows?

With those warm /even hot/ days we have had, you can imagine that I didn;t do a lot and tried not to move too much. I am in a position I can do that now, but I really pity the ones that have to work in those temperatures. That isn;t always very easy, although people working inside most of the times have airco, so it isn;t all too straining, but there are people who have their jobs outside and that should be hard!

Just before the weekend there started a combined event: European Chamionships in both Glasgow and Berlin. In Glasgow they have cycling(insideon track and outside on the road), swimming and rowing and gymnastics(hope I didnlt forget anything there) and in Berline there are athletics.
Love to watch almost all events, and there is coeverage almost all day till around 10.00 in the evening. Well, we don;t watch ALL day but we spent quite some time inside(just as good with the real warm weather, our living room is quite cool), picking out the events we like best.
I really like the gymnastics, yestrday there was the team event of the ladies and our team got bronze medal, which was more or less out of expectation. Our girls can be very proud of themselves.

Yesterday we had a scrumptious meal of boiled mussels, It was really yummie, and together with some french bread and garlic/herbs butter Jan and I had a well-filled stomach with it!
Have to think of something for dinner for the next two days, when temperatures will be really hot! I might make a potatoe salad and then we can have some cold meat with it, or perhaps some boiled eggs cold or warm. Nice thing about such a salad is, that you can put in almost everything, also good to use left-overs of vegetables and such.

Okay, this is about it for now, I have a cluster and quick-page for you from Arlene, which she made with the Close to the Seaside kit.
Have a lovely week, stay safe!
Download HERE

Sunday, July 29, 2018

It was VERY hot, and it still is dry!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Well, we surely had some tropical weather for a few days, and that even in our area close to the sea and such.
A few days temps were up to 30-32 C already here, so it was very warm, yes! We don;t have airco in our house,normally we don;t need it (and I don;t like it either, doesn;t become me very well), but I think we could have done with a little one those days LOL.
The big heat however is gone already, we are having two days of a bit of change, and some lower temperatures, but the weather still stays warm, temperatures will stay around 25-26 overhere.
We even had some short rainshowers, quite heavy ones, but only lasting a few minutes each, so it was nice for the garden, a bit, but no-way enough water to really have an effect. So we still have a very dry period.
We could do with some steady rainshowers that last for several hours(no those heavy bursts out of a cloud, but just a normal shower if you know what I mean) and best would be during the night.
It would be very nice for a lot of farmers, they really need some serious watering here and there!

As it was really very warm this last week you can imagine that I didn;t do a lot of things. Just the most necessary(and that in a slower speed), and for the rest I did stay a lot in the house(it was still much cooler there than in the garden at some point!!), watched some tv, or did read a book, and if I had to go out for some grocery shopping or something needed, I tried to do it in the earlier morning, when it still wasn;t all too hot.
I also did't do a lot of designing, not ebough to finish a new kit, so I really have to do something about it this week.

We did taste a few of our own tomatoes, for now only the Tiny Tim. and they taste real good. Pity is that on another species of tomatoe there seems to be an illness, the tomatoes do grow, but in the heart at the bottom there is a black spot, that becomes slowly bigger and when you pick it and cut it open it is almoast all nasty black inside. So, our harvest will be a little smaller I guess. Not all of the tomatoes have it, thank God, we also have some plants with rather big tomatoes and they seem to do well.
Something strange too I have with my Cosmos plants. they still don;t bloom. We did grow them from seed, they did grow well, they are huge by now, all with leaf, but i still don;t see any buds. Just one, smaller one, did bloom with two flowers. May be I am not patient enough and they still will give some flower next month??

I did go to the market yesterdday, it was much less warm, so in the mornbing good time to do so. I needed some fruit and veggies(and it is much cheaper there than in the supermarket and in a vegetable shop(which we dont have near), some cheese and close to the market is a very nice butcher, where I buy some larger portions and then I put it in the freezer.
So i did, but during my walk over the market there were two or three real heavy rainshowers, wow! Lucky that the stalls have some little roofs, so we could take shelter. It wasn;t bad, the showers only lasted for a couple of minutes and by the time I had to take the walk home, it was dry and sunny again.

Not a very interesting post, I know, but that's how it is at the moment. And I hope it will last for much longer, this more or less eventless life LOL.(always something is happening that needs attention, mostly it are not the nice things, e.g. financial business, bills you need to make phonecalls about, or things like that. Best to try to handle them quickly and in the best way you can and then you can go on with life as it should be ROFL.
End of this week my friend Heidi will return from her holiday. And hopefully the week after we will be able to meet and have a liltte chat again to catch up.

Can you believe it that mid-next week we already have the month of August arriving? Gosh, the year is passing so quickly now. Before you know it we will already have to think about sending parcels for Christmas etc., I don;t want to think about that yet too much. let's first enjoy summer time, even if we have some days that are too warm, we still need the sunshine and warmth for our ├Âld"bones, hahaha.
I only have some clusters from Arlene for you this time, but they are lovely. They are made with the Unexpected kit.
Have a lovely week, stay cool(and some of you warm LOL)and safe.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tropical days arriving in Holland!

 Somehow this post seems not to be published on the blog.
So, two days later I am publishing again and hoping all goes well.

Goodafternoon everybody!

I am a bit late today, but I did try to catch a bit of extra sleep this morning and then I first prepared the dinner for this evening and started the washing machine.
That will about all I do today, LOL!
The weather has been fantastic, only minus on it is that we didn;t have any rain and there isn;t some to come either in the next week. May be here and there a little shower in the south or east part, but even that isn;t sure.
And next week they say we will have even much warmer weather, unto 30-32C! And that is tropical weather overhere!
Now i do like summer weather but perhaps that will even be a bit too much for me. However, I will not complain, never know how quick it can be over with again.
Still it is a good thing for the people who have their vacation now, specially the ones that stay into this country.

I wasn;t all too busy this week, I tend to get rather lazy lately. I wonder if that has to do something with the warmer weather for longer time?? Perhaps, or it just could be me, not willing to spend too much energy at the moment, or something like that.

The garden is still doing well, despite the shortage on water. We do water the garden, but only 2-3 times a week with the hose and yes, we have to water the pots by hand every day, but it isn;t a bad job.
Tomatoes are growing, we have already ONE tomatoe, a small one, that is almost ready to be picked, yeah!!! And I saw that on another plant(a different species) there is a rather big one starting to get some color. WOW! Never mind how many we will have, as long as we can harvest some it will be nice, it is all about the fun to succeed in growing some food.

Last week I went to center of town, just to look around and had one or two things I had to buy there. Walking in one of the streets I suddenly heard a lovely sound.............. and it was a street musician, a younger girl, playing a ..... harp! That isn;t an instrument you see often with street musicians. I stopped for a moment to listen to her and she played very well and with lots of feeling. It really brightened my day!

Time for me now to see about the laundry and then have a sandwich or something and then sit down in the garden for a while.
I have a new kit for you, named  Close to the Seaside
Have a wonderful week!
Download  HERE

Monday, July 16, 2018

Still real summer around here

Goodmorning everybody!

yes, I am a day late, sorry for that. yesterday I started already late, took a longer sleep, then only got into moveing around very slowly.
After I had a little breakfast, I first took care of the dinner. I wanted to make a kind of stew, so that needed time on the stove.
Well, I did that, then there was a laundry waiting for me to be hanged out, and then I thought it might be good to take a break with a cup of coffee in the garden.
with all the good weather we have now, we should take advantage of it, even if we could do with some rain every now and then. But okay, let's not complain, in winter we long for warmer weather and now that we finally have some real summer we should take it as it comes.
After the coffee break I first did some other little jobs and then it was a bit late in the afternoon and to be honest I had no energy to start up the computer.
So here i am a day later.

it is no big deal, and there isn;t much to tell, we have a rather quiet life at the moment, which I am thankful for!
I do my things around the house, and try to make an outing every day. We have to keep moving and taking a walk is good for your health and muscles too.

All is growing as it should do in the garden(well, more or less) and I am trying to get an idea what we will plant next year. As I said last week, we certainly will sow lots of cornflowers for one, also have some poppies around and I like them too. And I think I will try some more cottage garden like flowers, so we will have more blooms and colour in the garden. That's only the idea, now the execution, LOL!

I have managed to finish a kit for you, now  will have to do some designing this week, because I don;t have any kits in stock anymore!
Perhaps I will make a few smaller ones, and then in between I can be busy on some larger ones, We'll see how the week will devellop.

P.S. I wanted to post the preview of the kit and what did I notice! I uploaded the kit to Mediafire, but I didn;t make a preview of the kit ! Oh, what a dombo. So now i am going to make quicky a preview,

For now I wish everyone a wonderful week.

Download   HERE

Sunday, July 08, 2018

I am counting my tomatoes, LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Wow, you really can say we have summer at the moment. Every day nice temperatures of around 22-24C, with sometimes a little high cloud, that's all. No rain, and that isn;t too good. Would be nice if in the evenings or nights some rain would fall, but this week there isn;t a big chance to it. Well, we will have to be a little careful with the water, if everybody does so, there shouldn't be a problem.
I try to water the garden twice, may be 3 times a week, not more and I only do the pots almost every day. The birdies are happy with a little bird bath I created of a not to deep bowl, the tits really take their bath in it, so funny and other birds come to drink of it too.

I am afraid there isn;t really much news to tell, time just passes by in wonderful weather and it is such a joy to be able to open in the morning the garden doors and leave them open till somewhere in the evening.
We still are watching the football and the Belgian team reached the semi-finals!  They had a fantastic match against Brazil!
Now they only have to manage to win the match from France and they will have reached the final! It will be a difficult match against the French,but I give them a good chance.

During the week I did a little bit of normal household stuff, nothing to bragg about, spend quite some time in the garden, sitting or just doing little jobs there. Yesterday I went to buy some birdseed,  I still give them some, although they can find their own food rather easily now. t still is nice for them to have some extra and it is good for the mother birds who still have to feed the youngsters.
On the way to that shop I came along a kind of 'recycle"shop, you can find there sometimes real nice things for little money, and I found two flowerpots for inside, in a dark red color frok which we have already a few. I took them with me, they only were  € 0,50 a piece!
And looking around in some other shops on the way I found a really nice Christmaspresent. Cannot say anything about it, for obvious reasons.
The best buys are most of the time the ones you stumble upon, and not the ones you are going to buy intentionally!

This morning I took the bother to count my tomatoes LOL! I came to 63 smaller and bigger ones already and there are much more flowers on the plants that could become also tomatoes. best is to have about 3 or may four groups of flowers on them and if there are coming more you better pich them out. Otherwise they will not get enough time to ripen. I have 2 links  for you where you can see how to handle tomatoes, if you may have them. If not, perhaps nice to try out for next year?
Here one photo I took from one of my tomatoe plants, with one of the biggest tomatoe till thus far
And I have a few more photos of the garden.
 This is the second clamtis I have on the rosebow, at the moment it is full of blossoms, fantastic.

This isn´t the best photo of my conrflowers, but oh wow, i do love them. They have such a wonderful blue color and I will try to get seed of them later, and if no enough I will buy some for next year. They grow rather easily, so not too much work for lots of result! ove to have two or three large groups of them next year and you can mix them great with other flowers.
I have too 2 photos of a parakeet having a yummie meal of the seeds in the bowl hanging on the rosebow.

Well, that is about it all. I must confess I didn´t do much of designing again this week, a little excuse is that the weather is far too nice to be inside a lot and in the evening I watch tv and do a bit of knitting at the same time.
So I should finish a kit I started long ago, otherwise I will not have something for you next week. They said on the weather program that next week we will have one or may be two days of lesser weather with lower temperatures of only 19 or 20C and cloudy, so may be that will be a good time to spend an hour or so on the designing.
For now I have the clusters from Arlene, she made with the Dreaming of Summer kit.
Have a wonderful week and stay safe!
Download   HERE

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Summer has come to visit us!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, we do have summer now! All week long we had lovely weather, starting at around 20-22C beginning this week and from about wednesday on temps only got higher and we reached around 25-27C.
Only a bit disappointing that there is a LOT of wind today, but .... you cannot have it all. Tomorrow there will be already less hard wind, and temps will still be high. One thing that is less good is that it is very dry lately. I cannot remember when we had some rain. And when it did it was(in our area) very light. Not enough for the ground and plnats to have a good drink.
So we have to water our graden every other day or so and the pots every day, of course. We are not quick in watershortage, but they already ask and advise us on tv to be careful with wateruse.
Lots of farmers now have some trouble with the shortage of rain now so for them already it would be good if at night there was some rainfall.
But I am afraid this week there is no sign of it.

I cannot really remember everything i did this week, cannot be all too much, LOL or interesting. I know i didn;t do anything on the computer, it was far too warm for it and a pity to stay inside if not really necessary. Yes, we watched the football games, but they were most of the time late afternoon and then one again in the evening(yes, 2 a day, otherwise the tournement would last far too long).
Naturally there are the ordinary household jobs, but aside of that.............hmmmmmm, shortage of memory I guess.
I do know I did some jobgs in the garden, like the other day, when I made two bigger pots with a fern and some other plant that do well in the shade. And I have a hortensia("made"myself by taking a cutting couple of years ago) it placed with it and two little pots with some groundcover plants. And this little arrangement I placed in front of the shed wall at the back of the garden. It was such a sad spot there, and it is hard to grow there anything, because of the big, big tree that is giving the shade(tree is from the nieghbour, it is the one that had the big treebranch broken by a stork, earlier this year) .
But I think that the ferns should do well there, giving some extra attention every now and then.
And it looks already much happier, that spot.
so yesterday, believe it or not, I tackled the shed a bit. First I washed the window there, in and outside!!!, took along the door too, and all looks suddenly a lot better already.
Then I tackled some of the inside. We have lots of things inthere, but large part of it is taken in by a pretty big table. On it there are all the
mini greenhouses and pots we use in winter and spring to grow our seeds. lots of pots of all sizes, all kind of stuff you might need for the plants(like binding thread, and such), but it all was a big mess. So it took it all from the table, cleaned that first and organized it all. Oh my , how proud I was of myself, LOL! But it really looks good again  and you can find all you need very easy now.
At the same time I tackled a bit the potting table we have in the garden near the kitchen, that has more room on it again too, so hoorray, we can work on it again.

As usual we have the visits of our parakeets. At the moment I am awake very early morning, around 6.00, (much too early to my liking, but i take another snooze at around 7.oo again till may be 09.00), but I take a cup of tea then and of course peep out of the kitchen window and yes, there is ALWAYS waiting one parakeet at least, most of the time two(and always the two same ones< yes i can recognise them) waiting for their morning piece of apple, hahaha. And yes, I am so good to go outside and hand two or three little pieces of apple for them on the rosebow. Well, now it isn't too bad to do, with the good weather, but it will be different when the weather turns a lot colder again. Although I remember, that also in winter I got outside, with my winterjacket on, may be a bit later in the morning, but still, I was there to give them some food. I am such a sucker and too tender hearted in those cases I think. ROFL.

Well, time now to finish this post, may be I will have a few photos next week again, I'll try to make them.
For now I have a kit for you, named........ Dreaming of Summer!
Have a wonderful week.

Download    HERE

Sunday, June 24, 2018

No more Hinkie to look after

Goodafternoon everybody!

Last week it was a few days not too nice weather, suddenly a temperature drop, but yesterday it crept up already a little bit, today about the same, but next week we will have real summer temperatures again, if the weathermen are right!
Only thing is, that there is falling almost no rain, and when there is, here it only is a few drops, so we must water the garden every few days.
Beginning this week I still saw Hinkie but me and Jan already thought that he wouldn;t survive much longer. I think it was Tuesdaymorening i saw Hinkie the last time. I tried to feed him some apple, but he almost didn't eat something(and normally he was very keen on that).
And I think Hinkie is now in bird heaven, where he can fly and hop around and has plenty of food and friends.
Nature's ways aren't always nice, but we have to accept that.

Most of the time this week we spent watching a lot of football, and in between I did some of the house chores and such.
One of the good things of the football is that in the evening on another tv channel they give a detective. So we register that and watch it later.
Bit pity though is, that they give not all the time new ones, but okay, some older ones are great to watch again.
You always seen to forget the little details and sometimes even the solution of it. a human brains can hold a lot of things but also can forget easily LOL!

I noticed that i forgot to post some clusters from Arlene, made with the All about family kit, so I will do that today. Poor Arlene hadn't had her best weeks lately, she hurt her shoulder, so had to wear a sling for about two weeks and then fell on her knee, ouch! I know how that feels. Hopefully all will mend good and quick!

Now I think my washing machine finished the laundry program so I can hang it out to dry, then is is about time to have a sandwich, probably doing that in the garden sitting in some sunshine and then later there already is a football match to watch.
Today I will make for dinner a stew with fresh endive(that is mashed potatoes with fresh green endive and some fried bacon dices in it), and I will fry some lamb meat sausages to it. Yummie.
And we will have some melon as dessert.

So I wish you all a lovely day and week ahead, take care of yourself!
Download   HERE

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Still taking a bit care of Hinkie

Goodafternoon everybody!

Our weather is a bit in a little dip. Not really cold, but we miss a bit of sunshine. However things should change midweek. Then temps will go up to around 25C for a day or two, then it will drop again somewaht to 21C. still nice and it is very dry, so this evening Jan will have to water the garden to keep everything alive.

Hinkie is coming around every day. And often when  whistle he knows he can fly in and he gets something to eat. He eats breadcrumbs, but he is very keen on apple, so i cut him some slices in little dices.
Poor thing has a bit of hard times I think. And it looked as if he is hurt slightly as I noticed this morning. Perhaps he had a fight. It isn't really bad but I hope he finds some safe places where he can rest and recover.

This week was a quiet week, I did the usual things and last Thursday the World Championship Football in Russia started and we already saw some interesting matches. Tomorrow the Belgian team will play its first match and we are supporting them from our couch LOL. Yeah, as we don;t have our own team playing there, it is fun to support another and then it should be Belgium. And they have a quite good team too, so i hope they will come very far.

I am not very creative at the moment, I spend time of course with the usual things we have to do, then if possible, I spend some time in the garden, just sitting a bit or keeping the borders and pots in order, then have to take care of Hinkie and also the parakeets and some other birds that visit our garden, and at the moment we watch the football(there are around 3 matches a day, yes that is a lot so not much other time is left over.
Must say that the cut on computering isn;t feeling bad at all.! I think that towards autumn and winter I will do more again.
Hmmm, still have to keep up the stock a bit, so must persuade myself to do something next week. I have already half a kit ready, so that should be done rather quickly.

On the other hand you could say I am acting a bit lazy, talking computer and designing and probably you are right about that LOL.
But it just feels so good at the moment, specially after the rather hectic times we had.

Now i see that the sun is coming through the clouds  a little bit, so perhaps a good time to take a walk in the garden and do some small things(I must look into my tomatoe plants, they are all starting to produce flowers now and I have to remove all the side shoots with leaves so that all energy can go to forming the fruit).

I have for you the clusters Arlene made with the Believe in the Magic kit.
Have a fantastic week and till next week.
Download   HERE

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Some photos of the garden, at last!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Things were actually rather nice this week, not too bad weather, healthway things are improving every couple of days(too slow to my liking though LOL), so not much too complain.
Not much news to share either. Oh how boring this post will be, I am afraid.

But...... too eventless weeks isn't always great, but I still like it much more than all we had over our heads the last half year or so!
And there is always(almost always)something to see at tv, of course.
At the moment we have some footbal matches of our women team, for placement for the next World Championship and they are doing very well!! Lots and lots better than the men's team, that will NOT compete in Russia this summer for the WC(starting in about one week).
and we are also following a bit the volleyball Nations League, also with our women's team as best and doing okay too!
yes, you know we both like sport watching and different too, like athlethics and even cycling(although we not always follow each dayrace in the Tour de France or the Giro. But parts of it is still interesting to see.

Our garden is really starting to come to life and yes, I finally made a few photos. First a few of about two months ago:

Not much to see, all just starting here, lots of seedlings have to grow yet!
And here some of two days ago!

 And i even managed to take one of Hinkie! If you look well, you can see his right paw is not good. he comes still every day a few times and even was in my kitchen two days ago! Yeah, stupid bird. I was vacuum cleaning and heard a strange noise. So turned off the vacuum and looked around and saw Hinkie, trying to fly outside but every time hit the little window above the door. I never would be able to catch him, so I went just outside the door and whistled and oh, what a miracle, he reated to it and found the doorway and got out safely!

It's about all i can think off to write down now. I think i better go outside for a little while and sniff up the sun, because the next few days temperatures will go down several degrees, but if all goes well according forcasts, by the end of the week they will go up again to around 21C.
So all that lasts for me to do is now posting a new kit for you to download, named Believe in the Magic. And I think we all can do with a bit of magic every now and then.
Have a great week and stay safe!
Download HERE

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Lots of sunshine hoorray!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Jan's laryngitis is going better, not yet completely gone I guess, but improving.
My back is getting better too, although very slowly. Never mind, as long as it will be completely okay again one day in near future.
We've had about two days of lesser good weather, with lower temperatures and almst no sun. But further on last week it was great weather and it is coming back again. Already today we can open the garden doors again and sit in the garden.

I have a little "friend"in the garden, it is a younger bird, a thrush(hope  have the right name for this bird). It's a bit a pityful one, because he(or she) broke one paw and it didn;t heal properly. So the bird can use it a bit when hopping around, but still it is a handicap. Poor little thing. So  I give it some bradcrums and sometimes some tiny pieces of apple when it shows up and the bird isn;t shy at all. Comes at about just 50 cms. of distance of me, so nice.
I also have a little dish with some water for it. I call the bird Hinkie("hinken"in Dutch means "to limp") LOL.
It shbows up almost every day  2 or 3 times. I hope Hinkie will be able to survive the summer and perhaps also survive to next year.
We;ll see how it will go.

Yesterday Jan and I went to a little fair nearby, it wasn't too great weather but it was dry at least. we had a nice walk and took a yummie sandwich with a herring on it. Along the way there was a stand with some music and when we passed there was a young fellow playing guitar and sung some lovely songs. He did quite well and we stayd for a little while to listen and have some fun. As we went again I applauded for him and gave him a thumbs up. And it brought a big smile on his face. It is always nice for someone whoe is entertaining, to get some appreciation, isn't it?

Our garden is thriving, and every few days there are more blooms to see. I really must kick myself and get some photos, so that i can post them next time.

For now you will have to do with a preview and download from a new kit, named All about Family.
Take care and have a wonderful week!
Download   HERE

Sunday, May 27, 2018

We have awesome weather at the moment.

Goodmorning everybody!

Little update on my back. Every day slowly a tiny little bit better, will still take some time to get rid of all of its misery.
Jan went to his specialist in hospital for a control appointment and she was rather pleased with his condition. So next appointment is in half a year, and that is I think, a good sign.
Remember I told you Jan had a cold? Well, it didn;t get any better with the couching, so  finally managed to get him to our doctor.
Doctor told him he had a nice laryngitis, he gave him some kind of antibiotics cure and it should get better in a few days and hopefully completely gone in a week or may be even two.
There are times he just cannot stop couching, and it wears him out, he feels sooo tired and of course not happy.
Let's hope the cure will do its job soon!

Luckily we have good weather here for a few days already and it will stay that way for longer. Temperatures are around 25-28C, today there are some more clouds every now and then, but oh, how wonderful it is to open the garden doors and leave them open till in the evening!
Slowly the garden is awakening too. Every few days there are flower buds opening, like now the clamtis is starting, my climbing rose, some nasturtium, the tomatoe plants are growing steadily, so there is life enough in the garden. Plus the different birds we have around, that is ever so nice.

I have for you the clusters from Arlene from the Lifetime Moments kit.
I hope that  can do some work at the computer this week, because sitting longer time in about the same position is still not the best way for my back, LOL.

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!

Download   HERE

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Quick post, to say I am still alive LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

yeah, it's been a long time after my last posting, I know. But i wasn;t in the shape to sit for longer time at the computer. In fact first week after the fall it was hard to do anything, also sitting lying down, walking, no, not nice at all.
Sweet hubby of mine took over the cooking the first week, and did things that were necessary. I felt sooo guilty, you know, because he also has to be a bit carefull with his back and health all over.
But slowly I am getting better, although I fear it will be a longer process, to get rid it all and be in the same shape as before.
I felt also awefully tired the first week or so, because I couldn;t get a good night sleep.
Still like to take some naps every now and then.
But with some care i can do a bit of shopping again, in slow motion, but never mind that.
I think longer walks is still the most difficult for now, after a while I really feel the back again at some places.
Still I cannot complain too much, all considered I was very lucky not having broken or severely bruised anything.
Now that i am getting slowly in a better shape again, Jan has catched a cold in the last few days, poor soul. He is coughing a lot, which is the most tyring of it all. I hope it will pass in a couple of days, he could do with a stressless period too!
Lucky for us from today we are having real nice weather again and if all forecasts wuill come true it will last at least till next weekend, or may be it could stay on for even longer. I am talking about temperatures here at the coast of around 21 to 25 C which is very nice.
We can do with some real spring and starting summer weather, good for all kind of healing, good for a good mood, etc. LOL.
For now you know anyway that I am doing okay, but I have to close the post now, same position at the computer is doping no good.
I have a kit for you, one in two downloads, hope you can do something nice with it.
Thanks to all for the uplifting comments and good wishes.
Now i still have to read some blogs, which I left alone also for about 14 days. But that will have to wait till perhaps tomorrow.
Have a great day and week ahead.
Download    part 1 HERE

Download    part 2 HERE

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Sorry, no post today

Hello everybody

Just logged in to say I will not be posting today. two days ago I took a fall from a little stool, on my back. It was all my own fault, shouldn't have used that stool.
But in general I am okay, I still can walk and move(although that is a bit difficult LOL), but sitting at the computer isn't really possible. Already am glad I can sit off and on on the couch.
Well, as soon as I am feeling better I will post.
So sorry i have to disappoint you, all by my own stupidity!

Till soon I hope.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Oh, that easily sidetracked mind!!!

Goodafternoon everybody!

First things first, which is the weather. Well, not much to tell about it, about the whole week not more then 12-14 C(with difficulty)(53-57F), with sometimes, although rather rare, a bit of sun, then also some rain, mostly clouded. All together not the very best spring weather.

Talking about the mind that gets so easily sidetracked. It happened to me again this week. I knew I put on the stove a little pan with some potatoes to boil, then got sidetracked by something on tv if I remember well. Then Jan came into the room with the message: "You can forget about the potatoes and may be even about the pan."
Oh my God. I took a look and yes, nothing to do about the potatoes and the pan.................hopeless.  I quickly put both in the bin and bought a new little pan. I was so very angry with myself, how could I forget about it. But... it happens sometimes. I usually don;t watch tv when cooking and certainly don;t do anything at the computer, because I know I forget about time. Still it sometimes happens.
Better make a reminder about it in my mind, so that I'll be even more careful in future.

This friday we had our King's day and it is already for 5 years we have our King, how fast time passes.
The Royal family visited a city in the north of the Netherlands, Groningen(we have a provincew called that way but also the capital of the province is called Groningen.) It is a place where for many years now they extract nautral gas out of the ground, and it has consequences! I have a link for you where you can read about it, because it has a very big impact on the inhabitants and their homes!

But most of the time it was a happy visit of the Royals there, to celibrate the 51st birthday of our King. I have a few photos from the net from that day of the Royals, but also a link to some  official portraits
Here from King's day itself:
The 3 princesses

 The whole family:
Jan and I went out on that day for a moment, we were even a bit lucky with the weather. It was dry(as we left home!)and even a little bit of sun. We went to town centre, visited the flower market. So many beautiful plants, although not too cheap, so we managed to leave them there, LOL. We also visited the fair, just to see what new attractions there were. Oh gosh, a lot and a lot of them were those things of great speed, altitude, quick movements and so, nothing for me!
But it always is fun to look at the people. We even played a little bit on a casino machine, just for a few bucks. We do that every year, just for the fun of it and Jan was a bit lucky, he got enough points to pick out a asmall price and we went home with a soooo cute little bear and a blue smurf ROFL!!!!
They have a lovely place now in our room, with the other bears.
By the end of our walk it suddenly started to rain, but it didn;t last very long. Then we took the tram home and it was good we went out for a while and sniffed up some fresh air.

I think you have enough to read and watch, so better i finish this post now, with a little download of clusters of Arlene, made with the Sparks of Memory kit.
Have a wonderful day and week to come, take care of yourselves.
Download   HERE

Sunday, April 22, 2018

We had some awesome summery days.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, in the middle of this week we suddenly had summer here. Temperatures of around 23-25C or something like that here on the coast.
It started all on wednesday and it felt soooooooooo good!!!!
With some of those days, you really see the garden spring into life.
It is a pity though that today is the last of those wonderful days.
From tomorrow on temperatures will suddenly drop for about 10C, to just 13 or 14C.For time of year it is rather normal, but now that we are spoiled some days with that awesome weather it is hard to swallow, LOL!
But at least we had some good moments in the garden, had even take out the parasol to have a bit of shade.

We did go to my friend Heidi on Wednesday and it was a nice visit. She is doing more or less allright, but it seems that now she might have some trouble with her thyroid. So she will have some examinations, but it seems difficult to get an early appointment. I will phone her tomorrow or so to hear about it.
We planned to may be take a little walk after our visit, but just that day Jan had trouble with his back so we just go home and he could take a tablet for it an lie down for a moment.
Never mind, we will do that on another day(hopefully also with some temperatures in the twenties!).

Rest of the week was rather quiet, which is good.
I must say, that my energy level isn't at the highest lately, so  don;t get as many things done as I sometimes want. But on the other hand, it is good to be able to take some easy time now, after all the stress there was in the past half year or so.
And there is always tomorrow to do a little job, that I didn;t do today(or am I acting like an ostrich now, hmmmm????????)

I better make this a shorter post now and sit a little while in the garden, because i can see that weather already is changing, and we might get some rain later, perhaps even with some thunderstorm.
It could pass us and just happen more in the south and east of the country. I rather have that kind of weather passing by, that thunderstorms with rain and who knows some hail and hard gusts of wind suddenly coming over).

Yes time to put on the coffe for Jan and me and put a new kit on for download. It is named Sparks of Memory, and hopefully you can use it for some lovely layouts.
Have a fantastic week and stay safe!

Download   HERE

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring is creeping in!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, slowly spring is getting here. Today we don;t have yet too high temperatures, but it is not bad. Specially when the sun is coming through, it is good to work in the garden(for a little while).
But... if all will come true this week we could have some great temperatures by Wednesday, meaning from 20-22C daytime! Now that would be fantastic. I am sure all the plants and seedlings would love it, because by now I think they almost develloped some swimming membranes in between their little roots LOL!
still some of the seedlings do come up, specially the different species of tomatoes. They are still very small,  okay, but they grow! And if they all become adult plants, we could have a fine harvest of them in summer.
As by now the garden still looks very bare, with large areas of just soil and nothing else, but hopefully in about a month time we will have some growing plants there. They are in the soil, but now have to start to grow and come above the soil with their new leaves and later lots of buds and flowers.

I don;t think I achieved a lot of things this week, apart from a few of the ususal house things, like vacuum cleaning, some dusting, the laundry and so, plus of course cooking our dinners and some shopping. Also took some me-time at the computer LOL, and I have a few still unfinished kits, but next week they should be ready to be uploaded.

I phoned Heidi, just to inform how she was doing. She seems to be doing okay, but I urged her to be careful and not do too much too soon. Somewhere this week I think Jan and I will pay her a little visit, and  we can take a little present too, I have two smaller pots with some tomatoe seedlings for her. If they will grow well, she will have to replant them in some bigger pots, but she can place them on her balcony.

It feels good to be able to spend, although little time, some time in the garden. For now Jan is doing the most of the work, well, I let him, although keeping an eye on it at times hahaha. 
Sometimes he is so enthousiastic with cleaning up the soil, making it look nice again that I fear he removed some little plants(without really noticing it). At the moment I am missing a few smaller ones, anyway.
Oh, it is a pity but on the other hand it gives opportunity to put something new there, isn;t it? In about two weeks we will have our King's day and I hope it will be good weather, so we can go out to visit one or two fairs, where they also have a kind of carbootsales. And there is a little plantmarket in town centre also that day. Which of course if kind of dangerous, but also so lovely to see and it might be we find one or two little plants for the garden then. 

Well, I rambled enough now, about time for me to post the clusters for the Cosy at Home kit and then wish you a very good week ahead.
Till next week!

Download    HERE

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Spring is finally here.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh yes, the last two days we have nice weather, with temperatures around 17-19 even 20C(if the sun is shining. What a miracle!
It is good weather to be in the garden, and Jan is doing that as much as he can. I am still not the biggest help for him, still have to be careful with the knee.
But.... we have the start of tomatoes, if they all will grow well we might have several different sorts of tomatoes in summer. That would be fantastic. Some other seeds already come up now, and with the suddenly rather warm temperatures it helps a lot.
Now I am crossing fingers that the seeds Jan threw out in the garden in full soil, will come up too. If only half of it will do weel, we already will have lots of flowers and color this summer.

We had a very quiet week, which is a very good thing.
The operation of my friend Heidi went well, she came home the same day she went to hospital for it. She had to be there real early morning and could go home early evening. Now she has to take a lot of rest, to give all the wounds opportunity to heal well. I hope she will have the patience to give it enough time.

We will have about the whole week those nice temperatures, may be later it will drop to 16C, but that is still nice for now. Not tyoo much rain is expected, which is a good thing too, soil needs to dry a bit.
Oh, I really hope this kind of weather will stay on for some longer time, and if possible that we will have such nice temperatures on the 27th of April, when we will have our Kingsday. On that day the king will visit one or two twons in the Netherlands, together with the whole family, and in the whole country there will be fairs and all kind of activities. And good weather helps a lot to have a fun day.

I have a new kit for you today, named it Cozy at Home. Next week I will have the clusters for you, hope that is okay.
About time now I take a sandwich and perhaps take a look around the garden)only if the sun is shining LOL).
Take care, and till next week.
Download   HERE

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Happy Easter to you all!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Easter wseather isn;t completly cooperating. Yesterday started rather good, with some sunshine, but later on we got rain and the temps dropped. Today it is rainy weather too and not all too nice temperature.
May be later in the afternoon it will get dry and then later this week we seem to be getting at least two days of around 15-16C!!! Awesome.
Then they say temperature will drop again, but okay, that still can change.
We really do need some warmer days with sunshine, so that all plants can really start growing and will have a good start .
Jan has sown a lot fo seeds( yeah he is turning into a real gardener LOL) and if all comes up well and do it's job, we should have a lot of lovely flowers and lots of tomatoes(all different species) this year.
He also planted some bulbs, so it will be always a surprise what is growing in our garden(Jan often forgets to place plantlabels).

That knee of mine is bothering me when I want to do something in the garden, still needs more time to heal completely. But every few days it is going a whee bit better so we don;t loose hope.

Next week my friend Heidi has to undergo an operation, to replace the central venous infusion catheter for the medicin she needs . She has a form of Pulmonary hypertension, but don;t ask me exactly which form, cause I don;t know(she explained it once but it was so complicated I just cannot remember and she doesn;t like to talk too much about it.) But she has a heavy form of it and it cannot be healed and normally people who have this disease don;t tend to have a very long life.So she walks around with a little pump that is connected to the catheter in her chest, that administers her medicin directly into a vien.
She had not long ago a replacement of the catheter, but it wasn;t done too well, as it seems. So now they need to place a new one and take out the older. The older is now in her right chest and the new one will be place in her left side. She cannot undergo complete anesthesia, because there is great risc she doesn;t comes out of it, her heartbeat will go too low. So she will have local anesthesia, which isnt the happiest of things! Hope all will go well and that she will be home soon. If operation goes well it might be she will be send home the same day again, which I find really too soon, but nowadays it is done this way. 
There is onely one hospital in The Netherlands where they do and treat this disease and it is in Amsterdam. Lucky for her it isnt too far away, but still every time she has a control of whatever she has to take that trip and it takes quite some time.
Let's cross fingers for her that all goes well and smooth.

Well, let's move on to something happier. We have to, because if we linger too long in all that heavy stuff, it makes us depressed and that isn't doing any good for anybody. Life just isn;t always very fair to people, and some have it more difficult than others. we just have to accept that and make the best of it.

I did do a bit of designing this week again. It is fun and distracting.
 have a kit for you today and I will give you Arlene's clusters at the same time. Hope you will like this one, it is named A World away.
I think I will finish this post now. I have a stew on the stove that should be ready by now, time to check it and then I might spend a bit of time on a new kit I started this week.
Have an awesome and blessed Easter and wonderful week ahead.!

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Download   HERE