Monday, November 13, 2017

Difficult to come into a daily rythm

goodmorning everybody!

rather long time ago since my last post but it had a reason.
You know Jan came home again the 1st of November. Well, we had some hope all would go slowly better, but ..................
sunday a week ago I noticed again the same symptomes with Jan as before.
For one his belly was blown again and feeling kind of hard, meaning there was again too much fluid and he started to have the mind absences and dis coordination again.
We struggled through the Monday but by the evening and night it was nothing at all so Tuesday morning I called the doctor. He was so very busy he couldn;t come to our house early, he only came at about 16.00 a.m. Gosh, we had a difficult day waiting for the doctor.
It didn;t take long though before our doctor called for an ambulance.
It was a so called "care-ambulance", a bit less equiped than the hospital ambulance, but used for not life threatening cases. like this time for Jan.
t took however still two hours before an ambulance came(and it was a hospital ambulance). Gosh, then to ER, again the whole circus of blood taking, urine, photos etc. so before Jan was really taken in on a ward it was around 23.30 in the evening!
I was completely pooped out(and Jan too).
He stayed in hospital till Friday afternoon and is home again. They really don;t exactly know what to do with him. They know the probable cause, but it isn;t operable(or at the least very dangerous). so they try to fight the little tromoboses causing problems with bl;oodthinners.
They also drained him again, this time 11 liters of fluid!
He is now on a different sort of bloodthinner, this time he has to inject himself with the medication. And he is given a medicin that helps also fight the absence and bad coordination that is caused by the bad stuff that isn;t transported well enough out of the body.
Difficult to explain for me in English, already difficult to understand all in proper Dutch LOL.
Well, let us hope this time Jan will make it till his next control appointment, which will be next Monday.
It is all more or less a case of finding a good balance again of medication.  But very strange that for years all went really well and that in several weeks it has become so bad.
It is eating on the nerves for sure, at both of us as you may understand.
Jan also lost a lot of weight, so has no condition or strength whatso ever, he is given extra protein food in drinks to help to build up some muscle tissue and fat again.
Well, there are some minor of perhaps also important issues playing in his body, caused by the medication, but I will not bother you with it.
I pains my heart to see him sit on the couch, in that bad shape and knowing he is worrying too. still we have to make the best of it and hope for the bst, otherwise there is no point in going on.
I just hope that for now, the fluid will stay away from his belly, because that also is makes it more difficult for him to move around and stand up.
For now, the belly looks good, but if can change in a day.
We have to keep track of his weight, of course, he also is on a regime of fluid control, he can take in around 1,5 ltr a day. So we have a little notebook where we write all things down.

In between all that and all hospital visits in the afternoon and such, I find some time to do a little shopping dor the things that are really needed, and I even dug up my dahlia bulbs in the garden and placed them in the shed to wait for next year.
The weather is not really bad, but not all too good either, temps are low, just around 8-11 C with sometimes some rain, at times windy, so real autumn weather you could say.
Every day though we have visits of our parakeets!
So I am kept busy too by them, hanging up some food for them every day. They are so funny and less and less afraid.
well, this is about all news I have for you today, I have to get moving, time is passing by fast. Have to take care of Jan, making breakfast, lunch and dinner for him, keeping track of his medicins, that he takes them on time, etc. etc. So my days are filled enough.
That's why I am not much on the blog, the time that I can sit down for a while I like to spend on watching tv and knitting a little bit. it is good to keep the hands busy(and then my eyes don;t shut so easily during a detective LOL).
Let's hope next time I will have some good news, I for one hope Jan can stay out of hospital noow for a while. He has been there 5 times now in 2 1/2 months? That is  a bit much.
Wishing you all a good day and happy week ahead, stay healthy.


Keryn Suthers said...

Hi Kyra, so sorry to hear about Jan's continuing problems. My dad is on blood thinners because he has an artificial heart valve and I know about the balancing act to keep the levels correct as some foods make a difference (like cabbage & broccoli). I hope everything settles down soon so you can have a lovely relaxing Christmas break.

Edna B said...

My goodness, you folks have your hands full. I can't imaging what the problem would be that is causing Jan's medical issues, but I surely do hope that it can be cleared up soon. Gosh, I feel so bad for him.

I understand how difficult it is for you too. I'm praying that Jan gets better soon so that life can go back to normal for both of you. At least you have the parakeets to cheer you up a bit.

Does Jan have any hobbies or something to keep his mind busy while he recuperates? If I can help, just let me know. Meanwhile, you take care of yourself my friend. Drop us a line whenever you can. I'm sending big hugs for you and Jan, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the update Kyra. You and Jan have certainly had a very difficult time of it lately. Some medications seem to cause more problems than they solve. Hopefully this latest one that Jan has been given helps him.
It is OK that you have not been on the computer much - it sounds like your days are very full looking after Jan. Please make sure you take time to take care of you as well. Best Wishes to you both...

Garla Reed said...

Oh Kyra, I am so very sorry to hear that Jan is still having such serious problems. I am hoping for some good news for you both. I know how worried you must be and I understand the need to do other things than be at the computer. Especially right now. I really hope that you get as much rest as you possibly can as I know that your so busy taking care of things and of Jan and it can put a strain on you, but try not to get run down or you will be sick too. Praying for you both in my heart and over the distance. Hugs, xoxoxxo Beth xxxx