Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 is not our most lucky year till now.

Goodmorning everybody!

Heavens, what a week it was, specially the start of it.
Remember I told you about a leak last week? Okay, it first stopped more or less but in the weekend we had some considerable rain and I think it was Saturday evening or Sunday(gosh, cannot even remember it anymore) as I noticed there was again a leak at about the same point. longer as it lasted the more water came done and we had to find all buckets we could and use about all our big towels to keep a kind of dry. At some time it really came in jets of water down.
So Jan went up the ladder again to look at our little roof. We first thought it was the cause of it but after some time Jan came to the conclusion it was due to our neighbours above us.(again).
Okay, things can happen, but nobody was there.(as you may remember I told you it is kind of special house they have). Well, I had a phonenumber from the owner, tried it, no answer. We tried several times, no luck. But in the mean time the water kept coming down, a bit less, but still in a steady and quite quick dripping tempo.
Finally Monday we put a little notepaper in their mailbox and kept our ears open for any sound from above!
You can imagine we didn;t sleep very much at night.
Good, Tuesday morning finally somebody rang at our door. Not the owner, but never mind, he could do something about it. Which he did. He thought it was hthe hot tube they have there, so closed of the water. But later he said it was due to a clogged rain at one of the balcony's. Whatever it was, it stopped leaking after ab out a day. Snd the guy promised us to come by next week to paint the walls and ceiling of the room where the leaking was. You can imagine it all (floor as well as wall and wood ) has to drie first well. Now I just hope this time the promise will be kept.
It is really hopeless that in case of emergency you cannot reach anybody.
Now we can claim it perhaps with our insurance, but that is again such a lot of trouble to go through, and I don;t know if it will bring much. Let's first see if the guy will come for the painting, that already would be wonderful.

So not a good start of the week, hey?
No, really, this year hasn't been all too prosperous for us till now. With the oprations of Jan, my hospital holiday, some other things that didn;t work out the way we hoped for, gosh, really hope the last part of this year will be better for us.
I think it is Murphy's Law we are talking about. Once something is going bad it seems to attrack another thing and so on and so on LOL.

Still there is a bit of good news to tell too. Yesterday I went to the hospital appointment with the lung doctor to hear about the lung function test. Well, as I thought, of course my lungs aren;t in the best condition anymore, but for now I don;t have to come for yearly check-ups with her anymore.
If there is an issue, I can go to my doctor, as for prescriptions and such. She adviced me to keep using the Spiriva inhailer, for more protection and ease in breathing. Well, I am okay with that, Only have to take it once a day, wonderful.

The weather is getting better again. already yesterday it was nice weather, so after my early hospital visit I decided to make a quick visit to town centre. It was aweful quiet there, I did visit a few stores, had a nice time and then was home still rather early. and in the afternoon I did sleep a lot! Yeah, suddenly I felt soooo tired, I just had to lie down for a moment. Well, that moment took longer than I thought, but I think I just needed the rest after all the excitement earlier in the week!
Today is somewhat cloudy at the moment but temperature is okay, think about 22/24 C.
And the next couple of days it will get warmer and sunnier. Good news for the backroom, we can have windows and doors open, so that all can dry as quick as possible there!

We had a try of our tomatoes yesterday, yeah! Two of them were ripe and I just mixed them with a bit of cucumber I had in a salad. Okay, the tomatoes weren't yet very big, but the taste was okay. Now only hope that all the others will ripen too in time. If so, we will have a good little harvest from them.
Fun to have it, only takes such a long time untill you actually can harvest LOL.

That's about it for this week, not leaving without a freebie. I have some lovely clusters and great quickpage for you made by Arlene, with the Nostalgia of Summer kit.
May be you noticed I have changed the bloglayout. Okay, that's one of the few things I did at the computer this week. It will do for now, for autumn I should come up with something new again.
So only have one more thing to do:
Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

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Edna B said...

I have to agree with you that it has not been such a great year so far. Especially for you with all the water leaks. Kyra, you might want to have someone check for mold beneath those wet walls and ceiling before you have them painted. Mold can make you very sick, (or worse) especially if you already have lung problems.

I'm jealous of you already able to eat from your garden. Ours did not do so well this summer. Between the heat and lack of rain, plus the dwarfs did not keep up with taking care of the veggie garden, it's no wonder that it did not do so well.

Today is not too hot (low 80's) but we have rain with some thunder. It will be like this for about five days. It's sort of like feast or famine with the weather. haha.

Well now I must go to post my own blog. You have a super weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

Stacey said...

thanks so much to you and Arlene, for the beautiful clusters & quickpages. I hope the guy does keep his promises. this year has been bad all around I think. It certainly hasn't been good to us either. hopefully 2016 will be better. I'm glad you got to enjoy your tomatoes! how fun! I hope the others ripen in the warmer weather.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What an adventure! I do wish you luck with that leak and I hope your upstairs neighbor keeps his word about the painting. I also hope not much real damage was done. Bless your heart! You and Jan have a great weekend and thank you for the freebies!!

Love and Prayers,

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download Kyra. Your new background is very pretty.
You have certainly had a lot of problems with leaks from your upstairs neighbour's property. Hopefully your room will get a chance to dry out and the man will come back to paint for you.
Try to enjoy your weekend...

Corrine Corbin said...

I'm thinking that maybe the people up stairs need to be a little more responsible. But glad you got it taken care of.
Thanks to Arlene for the lovely pretties.
Hugs frm Corrine

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello Kyra and Jan! Hope your weekend has been a nice lovely one! I so hope your wall dries so it can be painted and repaired. Good news from your doctor too! Lovely background with the water beads on the roses and cute little hummingbird too! Thanks for visiting me and leaving such sweet comments too! Thanks to Arlene for her lovely gifts. Will chat more with you later, got to watch the NASCAR races now...LOL! Many hugs sent your way! Mat

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Kyra:)

So sorry you have had trouble with the leaking again. I know that has to be very frustrating..and even more so with all you and Jan have been through this year.:( Sure hope your insurance will cover the cost of the damage done!

Your tomatoes sound yummy! Nothing like freshly picked ones you have grown yourselves.:)

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on Jan and your progress. Huge hugs my friend!