Tuesday, July 07, 2015

We both were busy yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

I first wanted to do a blogpost yesterday, but didn;t get to it. I just checked email, looked up some things on internet and then already got busy.
It was nice but not too warm weather so I thought it was a good time to have a walk to the market. Why? I had some bills for payment to deposit at the bank, and that's  on the way to the market.
Because I was earlier at the market as I usual am, it wasn't over-crowded yet. Not much I needed, but found some fruit and bought us some cheese and little bit of veggies. I took my time there, didn't rush over it and came hme with a good feeling.
Coming home I saw Jan busy with washing the windows at the front. He washed the curtain also and then went on to the back and did the windows there to, inside and outside and also washed the big curtains too. Wow, my hubby sometimes is fantastic!!
In the meantime, I did some ironing and thought it was time to right away put the finished stuff into the closet and looking at some shelves I thought they might do with some re-arranging. So took out most of the towels, bedsheets, someclothes too(like t-shirts and such) and folded almost all over and put it back. It looks s much better now(just wondering for how long it will last? LOL).
So all together we were busy and time was well-spend.
Of course we both took some breaks, we are no young puppies anymore who can go on almost endlessly, grin-grin.
But it's wonderful already that we have back some of our energy and such. Part of it due to my gaining weight and feeling better wevery week, I think I am back to about 85-90% again, so still some work to do there, but hey, I am happy with it already.

Oh, last weekend Jan and I watched the final of the worldchampionship women-soccer, it was between USA and Japan and I have to congratulate all my American followers. Your team won and I can say you have a wonderful women soccer team!
I really hope women soccer will be watched more more, and the women-fotballers could also do with a bit better payment than the men's teams. And why? Because the women still play the game as it's meant to be,  with lots more of enthusiasm, dedication, will-power, energy, and much less fouls.

Think today will be another day of doing things in and around the house. Jan said he wanted to do the last bit of the windows today(outside at the front,) and he also wants to sand down one window frame at the front, so that he can finally paint it one of these days.
Now I will have to find something for me to do too!!Just kidding, there are enough things I can do here, only have to decide what.

In about two weeks Heidi and family will go on their vacation, so Jan and I will look after the fish and house then again. We will have to go there only every other day for the fish. And sometimes we will have to water the garden, if we will have more summerdays like lately.
But that's what friends do for eachother, no big deal.
School-days are about over for Séverine now, and she just did her 1st year at highschool, and did very well. We have here different "grades"of highschool, difficult to explain, but Heidi told me Séverine will follow a higher level next schoolyear, because this one appears to be too easy. she almost doesn;t do any homework at home, picks up everything so easily and her notes prove she can do more difficult. We have a system of notes that goes from 1 to 10. All Séverine's figures on the schoolreport are an 8 and even one 9! So she is doing extremely well.
Her parents can be proud of her! (and I am too, can you tell????).

Think I rambled enough again for this time, so I say "bye-bye", wishing you all a fantastic day and rest of the week.


Edna B said...

Good morning. Good to see you back. My goodness, you and Jan are so energetic!! Maybe you could box up some of that energy and send it to me. I wash the dishes and bag up the trash, and I'm exhausted. It is very warm here this week, in the high 80's F.

It's even warm at night. Around 70F all last night. Not so comfortable for sleeping. Even Pogo was restless all night. He just couldn't get comfy. Finally, around 4 a.m., we both managed to get to sleep.

It's time now for me to post on my blog. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I love reading you blog. It's fascinating to read about you and Jan and sometimes Heidi. You have a full and happy life-minus a glitch or two in the "health department" but then we all do. My cat would love to go outside but I'm afraid for her since she has no front claws. And I see your cat really enjoys your garden.

I got her as a baby kitten 13 years ago and knew I was going to be renting apartments so I had her claws removed when she was 6 months old. She was spayed at the same time and shes been an indoor cat ever since. We are moving to a larger apartment in a few weeks but it isn't fenced in so I still can't let her out. She can't defend herself in a normal cat fight.

Meanwhile enjoy your summer and stay healthy.

Stacey said...

Kyra, so glad to here you are back to feeling better and almost back to normal. how nice that is. I'm happy for our soccer team to. it was nice to see them win!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning my friend, so happy you and Jan are feeling my like yourselves and gaining strength every day! You have a sweet hubby to do the windows and wash the curtains, better keep him around, those are far and few to find....LMBO! Glad you feel up to walking to the market and are finally gaining back some of your weight....I have some extra I can share with you...ROFL!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet words for me..I always enjoy your visits. I thought I would get my visiting done early, the sun is not even up yet...but I have all my fur babies fed, bathed, fresh litter and fresh water for both the inside and the outside babies. The bird food is ready to put out when they wake up too! Think I will now fix me some scrambled eggs and toast...so, will chat more with you later, have a FANTASTIC day! Hugs! Mat